A TikTok pick up artist...

Publicado el 18 ene 2021
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  • I think the only thing I can say in his defense (obviously from the perspective of a man) is that the majority of men feel intimidated and scared about being validated by women since women are ultimately the deciders if a relationship moves forward or not initially (meaning they will decide to sleep with you or not since they are generally the selectors). So as a defense mechanism men go overboard with these ideas and manipulation tactics. Fact is, most men do not have frequent sex as much as women. Only the top 10 percentile of men sleep with "All" the women while the rest sleep with "some" women on occasion whilst "All" women sleep with the top elite alpha males... Take a course of evolutionary biology, it's interesting how these dynamics work.

  • I think dudes mistaking tips from his dog trainer for dating advice..

  • 🚨🚨🚨IMPORTANT PLS READ READYTOGLARE 🚨🚨🚨 Hey Glare, I’ve been watching your videos for a while now and recently I discovered something that’s been happening for a long time it has to do with the government and celebrities I’m sure we’ve all heard about this type of thing before but the majority roll their eyes at it because the people behind it are brainwashing us to think it’s all fake. Anyway what’s been happening and has been since the 1980s is that there are underground satanic rituals going on where they are ritualistically ab*s!ng people and especially children all for power. We’ve been conditioned since the beginning to not believe these things and think it’s just absolutely crazy but since giving my life to Christ and praying for discernment He has truly opened my eyes and I came across channels that talk about this and can explain way better than I am currently. One of the main channels I watch who talks about this is A Call For An Uprising. What I’m asking is if you can please please do research on this and spread knowledge of it on your channel because the only way we can stop what’s happening to these Poor children being ritualistically ab*sed is to contribute to a mass awakening. We need people with a platform, to tell people about this and WAKE THEM UP BC IT IS PEOPLE IN POWER (GOVCELEBSPOLITICIANS) THAT ARE WORSHIPPING THE DEVL AND SACRFISING/ABUS*NG CHILDREN TO GAIN AND SUSTAIN THEIR FAME/POWER. IN THE SATNIC BIBLE IT IS KNOWN THAT BLOOD OF CHILD IS MORE VALUABLE IN RITUALS IT IS DISGUSTIMG AND THESE PEOPLE NEED TO BE CALLED OUT AND STOPPED. PLEADE HELP SPREAD THE WORD OF WHATS GOIMG ON IN SECRET MAKE IT KNOWN SO WE CAN HELP THESE CHILDREN

  • thats alot of words for "i've never satisfied a woman"

  • That whole “flakey” part reminds me of a time a guy got mad at me cause I had to cancel our date since my car broke down on the way there. He was like “take a taxi. You can just let the tow guy take it without you.” Idk about y’all, but if my car needs to be towed I am going with my car to wherever it’s getting dropped off at and making calls for a repair ASAP. He called me a selfish bitch, said I was lying and that I was just trying to make up an excuse to not go out with him. He had been trying for a while, and I finally said yes. I like to think that my car divine intervention-ed itself to literally blow a gasket at that exact moment. If he flipped out that much over a legitimate reason to have to cancel, then lord only knows how bad it could’ve been down the road.

  • That man needs a dog which in itself is not great for the poor doggie.

  • My opinion, I think he’s trying to get clout and appeal to his demographic, which is insecure guys who can’t talk to women. Those men eat the stuff right up because it gives them the illusion that they have all the control and makes them feel more “secure”. He’s smart in a way because he knows exactly what his demographic wants to hear and is completely profiting off of the issue, weather his stuff works or not isn’t even important. My issue is that it’s making these men feel like they SHOULD talk to women when who they really should be talking to is a professional psychiatrist/therapist.

  • This guy has a youtube channel called FreshandFit and it's awful lol i've reported his channel for hate speech / misogyny and hope he can't be monetized at the very least

  • I'd rather be what this kind of guy would call a "cuck" or a "simp" than be like him lol

  • This is straight up redpill bullshit, nothing new sadly

  • he's definitely NOT just trolling, I briefly dated a pick-up artist last summer ($$$$ obvi) and it was the same entitled sentiment. Just yuck. Pick up artists make me wanna puke.

  • Why does he talk about women like we’re dogs... “punish that behavior immediately”.... excuse you, who the f are you?

  • When he said women(and even men or enby) are expendable my fight or flight kicked in and I'm ready to fight

    • Also if I found out he was talking to another woman and told me to leave I'd be like 'no bring her over this got interesting' and if on some very odd chance she did come over I'd be like 'lets get out of here sis' and take her to get some food

  • I love when you ask us "Does that make sense?" it feels so good for some reason. Like yes girly, it does! Lol 😊

  • I had a neighbor who thought like this. Tricked some blonde into a relationship by having her "compete" with me and then couldn't even talk to me (I wasn't even looking for a relationship, I was new to the building and went for coffee once with him). Mind you, she wasn't a good person either, so, don't feel too bad for her. They both now live in a cockroach infested apartment and I lived in a 5-bedroom house which I own...Guys, don't do this. Ladies, don't fall for it.

  • WTF this guy. When he says " Cool respect her boundaries." What he actually means is " DON'T rape her. Just pressure her into sex or kick her out." That's all I hear out of this tik tok. Do the men who listen to this guy really need to hear that? Frightening. You're a sad sad man if you have to pressure someone into hooking up with your sorry ass. That's why you are single and it wont change.

  • What a weak, weak man. When he says "women" or "girlfriend," he actually means "my right hand."

  • I just wanna ask him two things: WHO raised you and WHO hurt you, kid. Because you’re still a child playing adult games and you’re getting hurt the most while you try to hurt others more. #IncelsGotIssues

  • Man he must really have a low self esteem. He kicks someone out if they don't want to be sexually involved because it makes him feel undesirable. If the other person flakes it makes him feel unworthy. Sometimes people cover up their own low self esteem with a fake ego to appear confident. I believe this is the case here. "Get them before they get you" mentality.

  • It's always confused me how some people can both hate and desire an entire gender at the same time

  • I am so glad I avoided him popping up on my fyp ugh 🙄😤

  • This guy must just point out his fellow brother's so we can move the fuck on.

  • So from his perspective, he can treat women as expendable commodities and should punish/condition/manipulate them if they do something he doesn't like, and he's "enlightened" "alpha" etc etc. But flip the script, and if a women did that stuff to him, I'm willing to bet he'd call her an entitled bitch, or any other expletives you choose. Doesn't make much sense to me. Best thing I can say about it is he's basically describing the red flags women (and men) should look out for to avoid a toxic relationship. His TikTok is basically summed up with "if your partner does any of the following, run."

  • he treats girls like dogs

  • Sounds like he took dating lessons from Russell Hartley.

  • Thanks for sliding in "she could have felt depressed" with the whole flaking out thing... as a woman who's bipolar and has a TERRIBLE time scheduling plans and keeping them it can be (and HAS been) incredibly painful when people try to "punish" you (and some do) without communication......

  • The “punishment” for “undesirable” behavior. I can speak on personal experience. It falls under emotional abusive. I dated a guy that on our second date, I only but mentioned maybe “maybe” rescheduling for next week, only if he didn’t mind otherwise to just move on with having it the already planed day. And he went from sweet to taking the date of the menu all together, to saying “no ok lets cancel it and lets talk whenever”. He went on to shit like that many times, the silent treatment, taking things I was exited about aways. All “punishments” So yeah. Its complete manipulation and emotional abuse. (Had no idea at the time of course, never encountered a human beign that did those things)

  • 5:56 I agree wholeheartedly! I’m a firm believer that a guy and a girl can totally just be friends, so it’s irritating that there’s always a possibility of getting “tricked” Let’s not try to trick ppl into uncomfortable sexual situations plz

  • I wonder if pick up artists consider themselves as relationship expert?

  • I have “dated”(more like seeing each other) someone nearly exactly like this guy. He kept pressuring me about wanting to have sex. I felt like an object the whole with him. After about maybe 3 days, I ended it (to which he did not take well). The craziest thing was that he never acted like this when we were friends. I had no clue what I was getting myself into.

  • your advice is for him to communicate and say how things hurt his feelings and all that, but that's assuming he's not so toxic as to believe that he's Too Manly™ for Feelings

  • ♥️🧡♥️🧡♥️

  • He's talking about women as if you're training a dog or something. not cool

  • *OMFG NO WAY.* there was an *r/NiceGuy* who said that exact thing about "flaky girls", & it made ZERO sense, like dude, she was into rescheduling, why would you ever say no?? I guess dude was a fan of this wanker 🤣

  • I think the thing with these guys is that they know full well that there are women out there who would absolutely be down for no strings attached sex with them. But, they find that intimidating (horrifying, in fact) because they're obviously huge misogynists. That's why they don't just get on like, Adult Friend Finder or Fetlife or whatever the modern iteration of those are. Like, they want to treat women like garbage but still expect these women to need them and beg for their affection like puppies. Emotional manipulation is the point, not an oversight.

  • this guy called Kurtis Connor a soy boy ahahaha Edit: I saw it on Twitter or something, I think

  • Dude he's literally using dog training tactics I'm dead- 💀

  • Well I mean, atleast theyre giving us a warning they're a horrible person ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • I've never had or used ticktock before. I'm very fortunate.

  • Damn this was the first sponsor I'm actually interested in

  • Dated a guy like this. Still traumatised beyond understanding

  • "ghandi who?" Sent me😭✋🏽

  • I think that some men need dating advice and tips, I know I did and it can be very frightening to approach someone. The problem is that advice needs to come from a good source and not one that is just trying to make money off of someone. And that can be difficult to find out which advice is good, and which isn't.

  • He probably got flaked on cuz they just probably don’t want to deal with him🙄.

  • Sometimes I’m happy that I’m single

  • What is this guys @ on tik Tok??? Pls help

  • I actually can't even verbalize how much these sorts of men make me want to vomit, I've encountered a few of them and they are actually scary, they have the sort of mentally like "keep her dizzy" or that they just have a rotation of women, some red flags to consider 1. They check up on you randomly and seem almost overly concerned about your life every now and then with months in between sometimes whilst they are in a relationship and it seems completely platonic but then when they are lonely it becomes not platonic. 2. If you're going out with them and seeing them when you Don't respond to their message immediately they will make other plans to see someone else then the next day send you pictures of them having a great time without you. 3. They will never be clear on weather or not they are seeing you that night till shortly before, and make it seem like your fault for making plans or not making plans 4. If you meet their mum at all it's usually really really awkward and their mum doesn't seem very interested in meeting or talking to you. It's not an insult to you, she just knows what kind of person he is and that you won't be here for long.

  • Bold of you to assume this dude would be willing to have any form of conversation with a woman...

  • Am I the only one who realizes this guy is an abuser!? This is how domestic abuse starts...

  • 4:20 this man said “ respect ha boundaries “ then went on about how to manipulate a woman into having sex wit yu 🤦🏽‍♂️.

  • That first one made me happier about having valentine's day blues. That's horrible. Guys, if a lady/guy doesn't want to have sex with you just accept it and move on. Chill with her/him, get to know her/him, maybe wait. Don't do what that guy said. It's hard for some men and women to get a date cause they pull shit like this.

  • psyops

  • He has clearly always been single, and I predict, he will stay single. He's a moron.

  • I had a friend that I hung out with most days after college. We would get stoned and watch Netflix. He didn't tell me he ever wanted to have sex with me until a year after he moved away and was completely hammered.

  • He sounds like a malignant narcissist or sociopath (or both). That need to “punish” another human being for not doing what you want them to do (especially a significant other or loved one) is typical narc behavior. Terrifying...

  • Daaamn how many subscribers it take to get free mattress sponsorship cause my back is DAMAGED.

  • It's the *implication...*

  • But that pick up artist that called girls horses is still on TikTok

  • I genuinely think that what this kind of people actually look for in a relationship/date/shag is the power play more than the actual company. And in my experience (which is probably not so wide, since I've met a lot of this "fine specimens" but I also shun them almost on the spot) they usually are quite blunt in their ways, which clashes badly with the whole power play idea. Ultimately, to me at least, the general effect is kinda lame and really off putting, so they're more than welcome to go and make a fake phone call with a fake potential partner to arrange a fake hookup 😜

  • Girl: Sorry I can't hang out with you tonight, my grandmother died this morning... Guy: *I'm sOrRy BuT ı DoN't LiKe fLakY GirLs*

  • prob the reason that guy made all these tiktoks is beacuse hes been butthurt or all this shit has hapenned to him and he took it personally probably couldnt keep a relationship. but if hes trolling then kudos he got the clout haha

  • aba and preach found another pick up artist recently i recommend you watch the video

  • People might think I'm a flake, thing is I'm an agoraphobe with severe anxiety & depression- one that has also gone through recent date related trauma. I tell them that & they still get ticked. Oh well.

  • that guy is so gross

  • Usually I skip thru the sponcon part of the video and this is possibly one of the only I haven't. I haven't seen this particular brand advertised elsewhere and as someone with chronic migraines I spend a lot of time in bed..... So, just giving you feedback, this is a good sponsor :)

  • Why do these give me slight vibes of my ex The assuming sex will be there, assuming I’m ignoring or flaking (once I literally had Covid and was so depressed I could talk for a day and he thought I was ignoring him and always assuming I’d cheat~) , highkey sexist idk how I pulled through that 😬 I had to end it...lasted a long ass time which I’m still surprised (I mean I did relapse from all the stress and shit crashing down ) I told my friends and they ALL gave me the same advice : DUMP HIM My ex seemed attached but more like an infatuation with an object type...

  • Can’t get into this channel the eye make up is creepy 😳 sorry

  • Like, think about the majority age group of people who use tiktok: teens, kids, young adults. To think that some young boys looked at this and potentially thought, "well this adult is saying it, so it probably works/is okay to do" scares me. Thank god they removed him.

  • Women treat men just like this lol, he's just being the male version

  • So you're on a date with a girl, you want to have sex but she's saying no. His immediate response is to call another girl whilst you're currently dating the first chick? What the fuck, man?

  • That is the opposite of wise. He's either a troll, or an idiot who thinks he has it all figured out, not realizing he has been targetting women who wouldso easily fall for those tricks.

  • The way I see it, and please don't shit on me for this but: All these manipulative tactics are bloody horrendous and I'd rather they not exist. But on the other hand, such tactics wouldn't exist at all if honest, plain communication was more effective.

  • Men as a group put too much of their self-worth into whether they can get laid not. That’s why men who clearly hate women (but aren’t gay) do things like this - he can’t just be alone because he’d feel Like a loser. He’d be less of a loser and able to focus his energy into more meaningful things if he went monk.

  • his use of the word *punish* in dating advice is so strange. 🤮

  • Communication is fun even these days w/ the internet.

  • I think we should at least applaud this guy for being able to pronounce "expendable commodities" correctly. Those are BIG words for someone of his intelligence

  • What about the racist lady that does whiteface that turned her comments off

  • Straight into the reject bin is where he's going!

  • Oh thats gross asf id leave fast asf. He can do one tbh xxx

  • Gandhi who all the way 🥴😂😂😂😂

  • Lol let him post these if someone actually listens then the women can weed out the losers much easier

  • He’s clearly single 🤨😂

  • A REAL man is brave enough to be vulnerable. A REAL man isn’t afraid to be open bc he feels secure in himself. This dude has some deep seated insecurities.

  • I hate that when I saw the title I went "Why tf is she just now finding out about Russel Hardly-a-bitch" but no, this is someone completely different and I HATE that there's more than one of them.

  • so his ideal is conservative republican women who sees themselves as objects. got it.

  • 7:20 therapists say that rewarding good behavior is way more effective than punishing bad behavior. So why not just go on the date and treat her well because she did go... Ya know, like a normal person.

  • What he isn't telling these guys is how often he's pretending to call another girl because he doesn't actually have another girl lined up or about that one time he did call another girl and she came over and it didn't work twice in a row in one day. If you have to trick someone into having sex with you by making her feel like you'll dispose of her if she doesn't put out, you have exactly NOTHING to feel proud of when it works.

  • He’s saying women are “expendable commodities” but they get all butthurt when we call them wallets💀

  • Never trust a skinny chef or a blank skinned person.

  • big yikes dude right there

  • Women: *Judge men on what they do* Men: *Do the same* Women: MISOGYNY

  • You're so beautiful! and a good remodel for girls of all ages.

  • Worst part about watching this is the fact that recently my boyfriend started to watch these guys and actually acts on it. It’s like he’s brainwashed and I feel like the biggest failure for it. I can’t even ask him to go to sleep earlier (because he has to work the next day and doesn’t sleep enough at all) without him being like „I am my own person and I decide what is best for me. Only I know myself and I won’t let anyone tell me what to do“ like calm down, I am just caring about you? Or when we have arguments he just ends it with „I will just take the opposite of everything you said as real because you women always twist it and say the opposite of what you mean“. Can someone please tell me how to fix this??

  • I have never downloaded tik-tok but these stories literally make me so thankful for my spouse. He's wonderful thank goodness because I seriously could not be single in this world these days. 🤦🏻 Your hair is stunning. Love the lcy lavendar

  • I agree, especially with your point about the hook up advice. You wouldn't have the problem her turning you down had you been transparent about your intentions in the first place. Truth is she probably would've said no anyway, so now you just have to emotionally manipulate your way into it.

  • Have you talked about Russell Hartley yet??? His videos are similar.

  • Sounds like a narcissist!! Wacko!!

  • It's like pick up advice from somebody that's never had consensual sex.

  • The boys don't claim him😤✊👊

  • Tiktok is Twitter in video form. They’re both trash.