A satanic panic...again?

Publicado el 12 oct 2020
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  • You have a young following that you are giving the link to the satanic bible. Like wtf you should not be the person explaining Lucifer and God to teens and young adults.

  • Everything gets labeled as satanic. Especially in the fucking Bible Belt where I’m from. Honestly. I hate living in the south.

  • Please read John chapter.3:3 of the Bible.

  • Brown hair suits her so well!!!

  • ooh shit bitch went full vampire lol I'm here for it

  • Lol my religion is wicca, and In my religion the protective symbol resembles the pentagram without actually being one so many times I have been accused of being satan worshipper... 🤦‍♀️ I mean, I get why the misconception of that is there, but please educate yourself before you start saying things about other peoples religion. It can be really hurtful. I dont mean you clare, because u seem like you know what you are talking about. Illy❤️

  • Anyone notice the pewdiepie headset...just me? 👀💗

  • I googled this Canter guy and he’s actually been arrested near that same sorority years ago. And also, I found the pic of the bloody writing on the wall from the article, and the very first thing i noticed was that he wrote “heil satan” instead of “hail satan” and second thing i noticed he wrote was “HH” which is what white supremacists/neonazis use for “Heil Hitler”. So make what you want with all that info.

  • I don't usually comment on your videos, but this outfit is a vibe.

  • i really thought this was gonna be about the new q anon bullshit lol.

  • I'm a Satanist theistic at that and when will the Jesus fandom stop calling everything demonic

  • Buy my snakeoil bro

  • You should consider dyeing your hair that color, it's a good look on you!

  • Sounds like a mix of mental health and drugs (bad trip). I hope that he gets help and isn’t just given a bus ticket to another town.

  • Have to say that product line looks cool unfortunately CBD doesn't work for me... cost a lot to find this out haha but it's ace for people it does help out 😁 x

  • Nice pewdiepie headphones

  • Then there's the fact that Satanism has grown into more than just the Church of Satan. While Satanists affiliated with the CoS or Anton LaVey's satanism in general are indeed largely atheists, there are also Satanists who believe that Satan exists as an actual god. They are referred to as Traditional Satanists (or LaVeyan Satanists) and Deistic Satanists, respectfully. Even then, the deists still aren't out to actually sacrifice your children to hellfire and laugh at the idea. Largely, they're more akin to satanist flavored pagans, who want peace in the world as much as anyone involved in some aspect of paganism. Deistic satanists are just a branch willing to delve into what some consider darker sides of magick, unlike wiccans or anyone who adheres to the Rede in some fashion. (And let's not even get started on the satanists that are really just christians worshipping the only other real god in their two-man pantheon...or we'll be here all day).

  • Oh no not again!!! 😓😫😵

  • Nothing to do with the video (sorry) but I love that hair color on you!!

  • Satanists ( Satanic Temple) Do NOT even believe in satan.

  • 9:33 oof

  • Satanic Panic makes for cool movies, but isn't real. I wish it was real, things would be so much easier if the bad people in the world all had some unified ethos that could be tracked and targeted to stamp out evil itself, but it's fiction. In the real world satanists are anti-religious folks who have a religion. The people who call themselves satanists and do violence are usually suffering from mental illness.

  • I just want to say you look gorgeous!

  • Do a video on QAnon conspiracies, they definitely fall under satanic panic during these bleak times. Really embarrassing that people are falling for it.

  • Have you recieved that cute dress you ordered on twitter?

  • Satanism is real... look of Wilfred Wong he is working to fight it.

  • Have you read up on QAnon? It's pretty wild and it has reminded me a lot of the satanic panic and other references to blood libel through history. I feel like that would make an interesting video comparing the similarities.

  • Wait. He cut off both arms and hands and was carrying a machete? Am I missing something? Or am I reading/listening to this wrong?

  • Satanist don’t bug me. The amount of children that go missing every year bugs me.

  • I'll never understand why people go out of their way to dismiss Satanism. Completely overlooking Aleister Crowley (the father of Satanism) and all the things that go along with it. Just because you're pro something doesn't mean you spread false information and leave out history to support your opinions.

  • can you talk about marina abramovic spirit cooking, please . also the #Peeeza gate case ..if you know what I mean☻

  • Horror movies, Dungeons and Dragons, and heavy metal/rock music were thrown into that panic during the 80s and 90s. Most of that medium weren't even part of a cult or aligned themselves with the Satanic Temple. In fact, the panic started with law enforcement and some conservative groups that were paid to start a panic because the "youth is easily influenced." Very interesting topic for sure. Greetings from a horror fan.

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  • Great video. Great perspective. Also you look stunning.

  • I pressed like just because of your awesome outfit.

  • Bro Fist

  • i saw satanic panic and was immediately angry because as a pagan im so fucking tired of people using pagans to excuse their murderous intent. there is one rule in paganism, ONE, and it is "if it harms none, do as you will" fucking SHIT man I'm so sick of this... Satanism comes from christianity, satan wouldnt be an idea without christians. stop fucking blaming pagans jesus fucking christ. and on top of that, if you genuinely look into satanism, it is very much about loving yourself and continuing to be kind to others. So many of the satanic sins are basically "love yourself and dont be a dick" in essence. the only religion I know of that has a genuinely evil history is Christianity, especially Catholicism.

  • Circumcision is Satanic ritual abuse.

  • An upside down cross is a christian cross

  • The fit is immaculate

  • You look like a princess😍 loved the video too🥰

  • Satanism is real, satanic ritual abuse is real, the luciferians are the real deal, blood, guts rituals, there ARE people who worship satan. If you dont believe this you havent looked deep enough, i dont think this chick has done enough homework on the satanic panic either...i know personally a survivor of satanic ritual abuse, it is real and horrific

  • They would’ve been legally obligated to put him on a 72 hour psych hold

  • Most people dont get that there are 2 main types of satanism 1. The people who follow the satanic bible. Normally chill peeps 2. The generally crazy people who worship satan and sacrifice animals. Most irl satanists are the 1st one. Most people who are the 2nd are edgy teens and young adults

  • Now I know why I got an mmj ad, and its not just my fbi agent looking at my texts

  • Thank you for taking the time to point out that Satanism isn't really what people like to think it is! It's so often misrepresented in media that I usually just face-palm myself into unconsciousness.

  • Or he gave up on life I mean can we blaim him?🤠

  • Your looks are always great but this one feels so gothy-romantic, so pretty! 🖤

  • Jesus Christ I was gonna apply there

  • "There is no God" is a decidedly non-Satanic statement.

  • The only thing the bible and theism successfully does is discredit and invalidate mental illness 100% of the time and cease progress of science and honesty regarding mental health.

  • Would it be possible for you to cover Spankie Valentine/Swoop's video regarding Mykie/Glam&Gore? I think the video is really important and covers a lot of big issues and it doesn't seem to be reaching very many people.

  • I hate how this blew up with the wrong name. I actually attend "East Carolina University" and this happens any time we hit the news 🤦 also none of us here think it's satanic, Greenville is just Like That tbh

  • she said eggsorcism

  • I love your outfit :)

  • I kinda feel bad for the guy. This kinda sounds like a cry for help to me as a person who struggles with mental illness. I hope he gets help for whatever he’s going through and he gets better. :(

  • First of all, I love seeing so many fellow satanists and luciferians in the comments that are defending our people. My thoughts on the video: Definitely a case of mental health issues, not satanism. Now on to what I was going to say initially. A while ago I had prepared a lengthy comment as a response to someone on another video, but decided not to post it because I wasn't in the mood to argue. However, I saved the text because I kinda knew that I'm going to need it at another point in time and I still feel like I need to put this out there: “Let's get a few things straight. Not every satanist even worships the devil, actually none of them really do, but we'll get to that. There is theistic satanism, non-theistic satanism, luciferianism and demonology, to name a few options among those typically considered devil-worship (we're not gonna get into details about different orders and organizations). Non-theistic satanism, or atheistic satanism, as the name suggests, does not involve religion or deity worship of any kind. Even in the other traditions, no-one is really worshiping anything and certainly not 'the devil'. It is a working relationship with the deity and we do not view Satan or Lucifer as the biblical devil. None of this involves any killing, raping, cannibalism or forced transgenderism. I am not saying it doesn't happen, but doing evil, messed up things does not make you a satanist or luciferian, it makes you a sick, evil person. This is NOT a normal thing that we just do and most of us, including me, DO NOT support such acts of cruelty and are actively fighting against it, just like the majority of people. Doing those things in a ritual setting, does not make them a legitimate part of the practice. Saying that's what satanists do, is kind of like saying all muslims are terrorists or all gays have STDs. It is simply not true. Even in case of the unfortunate event of both things coinciding, being a satanist and a sicko, it has nothing to do with their faith (or lack thereof) and everything to do with their f-ed up minds. And even if such a person decides to, let's say kill someone, in a ritualistic setting, which is solely THEIR decision, I cannot stress this enough: While executing control over someone to this degree certainly gives you 'power', it is not the kind of power they are or should truly be seeking. It is ego power and does not serve them in a beneficial way, except satisfying their twisted needs. It has nothing to do with the enlightenment / self-improvement every person should be seeking, no matter their faith. You seriously need to stop watching so many movies and stop interpreting everything 'ungodly' as satanic, or some evil agenda, and get a grip on reality. Yes, I know, sounds funny coming from an occultist. Every one of us has a different spiritual teacher that assists them in their lives. For some that might be 'god', for others it might be someone else and let's not forget the people who chose not to have any spiritual connection (including most satanists). Stop being close-minded and accept that everyone is different. I stand by my beliefs and ALL the threats about going to hell aren't going to change that.” (not the full text, but most of it)

  • I was a goth kid. I get what your saying. It’s just different looking at it knowing what there is to know now.

  • Aquino is THE MKULTRA guy. Welcome to the rabbit hole.

  • Y’all need to read up about the satanic panic The mcmartin preschool, the finders cult, the cia human trafficking ops, and whistleblower accounts that put lieutenant colonel micheal Aquino (co-founder of the church of Satan) For real. Mention that stuff or.... it seems your covering for them. Cause today in 2020 thanks to massive declass efforts this stuff is a different story than what you were taught it was. There WAS a satanic cult abducting kids and messing with them. Look at EPSTEINS island. It’s laid out for occult ritual. Be for real about this stuff. Yes there are sick people. But the original panic came from a legit source and the attitude towards organized satanism you have has been manipulated into being by omission and lots of lies, and has been maintained by public discourse ever since. Including false memory theory. (A circumstance financially backed and pushed by the accused) I’d go to yt “We’ve read the documents” Or Derrick brose “The conscious resistance “ for documentaries on the subject of the finders and the mcmartin evidence within the finders file. This is the news everyone shoulda been screaming about. I think it was made as a threat to some out there cause we didn’t get much other than the fact that it’s legit and we’ve been lied too. Also look up “the franklin cover up” Use your best discernment

  • When someone does something crazy or dangerous, can we just call it what it is? Mental illness. I hate it when someone commits a crime and the news is like well they were satanists or Christians or even sometimes they’ll connect them to a political party. Billions of normal people of all religions, races and political affiliations would never commit any type of heinous crime. But a handful of people might & probably will honestly. But that doesn’t mean we should stereotype a whole belief system. And I know stereotyping a group of people is not usually what news reports are trying to do *but* in reality that’s still what happens. That’s how things like “satanic panic” get started.

  • Check out the McMartin preschool files released with the FBI “Finders” documents.

  • There are satanists who believe in it as just a philosophy and then there are theological satanists.

  • I don't know, guaranteed THC free is not a huge selling point🤣🤣

  • Hey glare. I'm really depressed about my look after having my first kid and going through post partum. Also have extreme anxiety. I've been wanting to transform myself and realize we have the same style. I'm going to buy your merch, but was wondering where you buy your other clothes like the snarky comment ones, and where you get your wigs, I'd really appreciate that. Obviously I wouldn't get the same colors but i love your style and realize it's deffinatly more 'me' because I'm sad with the way I dress. If you can help me out I'd appreciate it. I'm just sad and want to make myself feel better on the outside while I'm also doing therapy for the inside,,I just don't know where to buy more then your merch that is that style. I love your videos, and thank you for calming me at night.

  • this outfit is to die for 💗

  • Oh my, that outfit looks nice on you. It matches your aesthetic.^^

  • Thank you for posting this. Satanists are very misunderstood. By the way, you look gorgeous in that wig 😩❤

  • Jesus Christ, ECU is the closest college to me and I haven’t heard about this yet

  • Never expected for you to do a video about the university i plan on attending but from someone who has been in NC my whole life, people here are just Like That. Older generations are so quick to just slap stuff like “that’s satanic” on everything that is “wrong” in their eyes. also drug abuse is a BIG issue in NC because of the focus on incarceration and not rehabilitation in this state unfortunately.

  • I love your hair today! Real or wig? If wig, where did you get it from? :)

  • I'm live in Greenville and had no idea this happened not trying to downplay the article but this is mild for us 😂 Everyone in this town is mentally ill we also have a big homeless and opioid problem we always have crazy accidents around Halloween google ECU riot 2014

  • You look fabulous

  • Love your whole look, the outfit, the hair, everything is 💯 girl. ❤👍

  • Not sure if that’s a dress or top, either way gorgeous. Seems like this was Atheism think that guy was going for shock value.

  • I was wondering if you have ever done a video talking about wigs? I just shaved my head and i would love to buy a wig but i dont know where to start.

  • Yeah I noticed an up tick in these "satanic panic" interest even before covid-19 but during this covid pandemic it's only strength it, concerns me.

  • I saw the title and had a mini panic attack. I could feel my heart skip a couple of beats. Mostly cause i'm anti christianity. I just got out of a cult my family is in. If I'm going to be labeled, I'd rather go with satanist. My principles are to accept everyone, even those who are different, unless they mean to harm children, animals, and those who can not defend themselves.

  • that dress is perfect for your chest tat. it looks like it was made with you in mind

  • Every video your hair is different 🤔

  • I need to know where you got this wigggg

  • Yeah it sounds like mental illness to me. More like atheistic anger or legit having an existential crisis. Not dissing atheism but I was one for a week and for me personally I had an existential panic attack at least every 6 hours. I literally can not fathom nothingness so the idea that nothingness created everything or that when one dies thier consciousness becomes nothingness pretty much just messed too much with my head lol. I bother the crap out of my atheist friends about this too haha. But I can understand if he was going through that anxiety of nothingness or maybe something with the realm morality was bothering him. Eh who knows until he ever speaks out as to why.

  • Umm can I just say hello gorgeous? That outfit, with the cutout perfectly cantering your tattoo on your chest makes you look like the queen of the dead or something. You look amazing Giulia!

  • Two things can be true at once. Mental battles are tied with spiritual battles. The more you amplify bad energy the more likely you can be possessed by the emotion that comes with it. It’s very likely he may be interpreting his idea of evil.

  • Religion is just made up crap anyway

  • This happened in the town I currently live in - definitely just Bible Belt fearmongering

  • I love you

  • True Santanism is basically atheism. The whole crazy animal sacrifice, backmasking, demon hailing, satan worshipping scene is pretty much angsty teenagers trying to be dark. The ideals of anti-christianity (the opposite of organised religion) is the lack of God, therefore, satanic.

  • Are you a transr. You kinda looks like a boy. But your voice is spot on. Can you make a video of how to make a girl voice. That would help us young trans. Thank you.


  • I really recommend watching the documentary called "Hail Satan" on hulu. A very interesting and informative film. 👍🏼

  • OMG please drop the wig details that wig is stunning

  • In "the South", pretty much everything non-Christian is "the devil" lmao

  • I love the hair color and style and the outfit. Fantastic look.

  • You look like the vampire queen of the underworld. I'm so here for it~🖤🧡🖤🧡

  • ok but i need that top in my life

  • You learn something new everyday. These comments helped me understand Satanists and other beliefs a lot better. Thank you.

  • The judge in the case will most likely have him checked out for competency before the case goes forward which means he will be sent to a facility for the time while it is done. After that he will either be found competent and come back for trial or could be competent but still be not guilty with reason of insanity at time of the crime or just simply found not competent to stand trial (beyond restoration of competency.) Sorry that was a lot LOL and I'm going on how I see the court system work where I live

  • Not sure if you've seen this channel: esmain.info The OGs of exorcism

  • Can you make a video on how social media is full and I mean FULL of POC who are denouncing anyone in their racial group who has a relationship with someone white? It’s mad his “anti miscegenation” is back in fashion again!