A parrot kind of solved a case?

Publicado el 8 abr 2020
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  • The parrot: okay I'll talk but only if you give me a couple of peanuts

  • 🦜

  • poor bird is probably traumatized

  • nobody: ace attorney:

  • In conclusion: get a parrot. Parrots are alfa versions Jabberjays

  • A parrot and a psychic? Sounds an awful lot like a certain game with a parrot and a spirit medium...

  • When I saw the title all I could think about is Ace: Attorney because you had to cross examine a parrot at one point in the first game

  • birds in general are actually pretty smart, that ind of parrot specifically on the top5 i believe, he deserves legal recognition

  • Son of a bitch why in Michigan?

  • A parrot, psychics. Ace attorney ??

  • This is a fucking case from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

  • This wig tho🦋

  • Idk sounds to me like a parrot just got away with murder...

  • new subscriber. My daughter brought your video of the parrot for me to watch.. I subscribed immediately. I think what really made me like you was when you got out of the chair and came right back! Oh Man, I watched that little part about 50 times!!! I have actually done that very same thing when I am overwhelmed at something!!! As for the parrot, I raise and train Amazon parrots, have for 35 years. My one parrot has taken on my daughter's voice. He will answer questions for her, in her voice, and I think it was her who answered me. Parrots are extremely brilliant animals. What other animal can speak in a human voice and know EXACTALLY what a person said. During dinner, one time, I forgot to feed them first and one said, "Hey, where is mine?" Anyway, it is amazing too listen to them. Thank you for your funny side, even when you don't mean to be funny. I have 9 daughters, you remind me of several of them. That is a compliment, by the way!! Thank you for your hard work! Tammy

  • Give that boy/girl all the crackers/seeds it wants.

  • Everyone is just talking about the bird but this entire case is fucking wack 😭

  • Parrots are highly intelligent birds. African greys are considered to be one of the most intelligent parrot species but are also prone to being easily stressed and can even develop symptoms similar to PTSD. (There have been cases of african grey’s being adopted from chaotic homes being so stressed that they pluck their feathers until bald and even screech loudly as if having a panic attack.) Witnessing the murder of it’s beloved owner was most likely the reason why the african grey learned the phrase “don’t shoot” so quickly. It was connected to a traumatic event and so the bird repeats it when stressed, which is most likely all the time now that it most likely is experiencing PTSD-like symptoms. Luckily it’s in a new home with a loving family and this sweet bird can heal from this trauma.

  • This was a real doozy of a case. A parrrot and a psychic? Oh my!

  • What is this, a courtoom videogame? Psh.

  • You probably won’t see this now but this hair looks great on you !!!! 🧡


  • Ace attorney in real life...

  • *ace attorney music stops*

  • Twin peaks

  • “She’s an African Grey her name’s Chanel” “CHaNEEeeEeeeEeEelll”

  • I use Manila envelopes to store pattern sheets it’s useful and important to me, but unlikely to be important to anyone else

  • "pieces of eight...pieces of eight...it was Glenna..."🐦

  • She was probably trying to tee up for an insanity plea, She stated she didn't "remember" writing them, she's trying to set up a narrative that shows she is mentally unfit

  • EVERY PART OF THIS IS SO PHOENIX WRIGHT ACE ATTORNEY!! XD Psychic? Check Parrot? Check Evidence police some how missed? Check

  • Me: *looking through the comments to see all of the ace attorney references*

  • All of this sounds like something found in magical realistic literature.

  • that bird was a dirty rat

  • don't teach your parrots curse words, because if they outlive you, they could be mistreated, stuck in a shelter, or dumped because it's difficult to rehome a parrot that says "fuck" repeatedly, etc.

  • I actually watched one of the news shows on this case.., and they played a tape of the parrot.. the parrot actually said “don’t f’ing shoot” in what sounded like Marty’s voice.., and some other phrase right before it in Glenna’s voice! Marty’s first wife has custody of the bird after his death, and she was the one who went to the police with the info! It was seriously bizarre!

  • How do you like that, von karma! This man IS yanni yogi

  • Ace attorney brought me here

  • Birds are my favorite animal so I had to watch 🤣 african greys r the best!

  • African Greys are very loyal and intelligent. I was friends with one named Sugar who called me girly and stole my grapes.

  • This kind of reminds me of the song Rotary Dial.

  • Many larger parrots, especially african greys have the intelligence of a toddler, and in some cases are much smarter than them. It's not uncommon for parrots to used in legal cases, similarly to how dogs or small children are used. ie. they show fear to a certain person they never exhibited before, or they're repeating something incriminating.

  • Parrots are very social, and they can understand emotional cues very well. Yeah, normally you would have to repeat something a lot for a parrot to mimic it, but that's because they know what you're saying isn't important. Parrots learn swear words really well if you mean it when you say it. When my family first adopted our parrot, she came knowing how to say "bullshit" and "shut up"... in context. Like she knew it was a swear and only broke out those words in an angry tone when she or someone else was angry. Her previous owners neglected and possibly abused her, so she often lashed out when we first got her. But over the years she's come to swear less and less because we're not a very emotionally volatile family and she's like, no one's angry, why would I say bad things?

  • Don't worry, they are naturals, the just pick up on your swearing and repeat it :')

  • Oh no sis parrots are extremely intelligent and no joke, ESPECIALLY african greys!

  • This is reminding me of that one case from Ace Attorney

  • Martin Durham was a totally innocent victim. She should die and I don't in the death penalty

  • I would def teach my parrot to cuss

  • This is not the first time a parrot has solved a murder case before

  • They didn't put the parrot on the witness stand? My disappointment is palpable.

  • On another note you look very pretty in this video.....not that u normally aren't just saying the hair and eye colors work really well for u

  • Someone did a Reddit AMA for their parrot, which was also an African Grey. Most parrots stop learning new words after awhile. African Greys in particular continue learning throughout their lifetime and generally associate the phrases they know with something they see. The thread author said their parrot only says "Good night" when it's dark outside. Show this parrot a gun and it'll probably say "Don't fucking shoot" again. I'm no bird expert; just relaying information I learned elsewhere.

  • Phoenix Wright truly was ahead of its time.

  • Dude I love the light brown hair on you!!! I STAN your style

  • Lol @ u losing your shit after 10mins

  • Man gets shot, Parrot mimics victim."Don't shoot" How does that solve the case?

  • This video is very serious but holy shit I love your tattoos

  • Birds are the best

  • I wonder where the parrot went afterwards and if he’s happy and with no trauma 😭

  • “Idk why I’m getting up... I’m coming back but” lol my exact reaction! 😂

  • Parrots & Psychics? How did I end up on the Ace Attorney timeline?

  • My bf's parents have an African grey and she's crazy smart!!

  • African grey parrots are among the most intelligent species of birds, these impressive birds have the mental and emotional capacities of a 5-year-old human child. The bird knew exactly what happened. The bird was traumatized and remembered the last words of its owner (which they form deep emotional connections to)... I'm guessing that's why it kept repeating it.

  • This breaks my heart-African greys are incredible intelligent, about as smart as a 6 year old child. They also become extremely bonded to their people and can live for 50+ yrs, so it’s possible this bird was with the husband for decades. The poor thing was probably so incredibly distressed by watching it’s human die, and I really suspect that with its limited cognition it was either traumatically reliving the incident or actively trying to tell others that something horrible had happened to his person ☹️ In my opinion it’s feasible that the bird had some understanding of what happened, as much as any kindergarten aged child would.

  • Not to take the seriousness away from this case, but as someone who recently finished the first Ace Attorney game I can appreciate the ridiculous similarities in places, though of course I hope the poor bird is doing alright.

  • I've heard cases that PLANTS helped solve so really a bird isn't to shocking

  • again, please watch my dumbass videos

  • Not for the video: But she looks so pretty with that hair color,

  • a case straight out of black mirror literally

  • Birds firm strong bonds with their owners and that bird was probably traumatized from the experience.

  • Years ago, there was a murder case in India. A husband came home to find his dog fed outside his home, and his wife murdered inside the home. The house was also robbed. The little family had a daughter who was already grown and a pet parrot. The parrot cruelly solves the case. The nephew of the man, who came over often, suddenly got a terrible reaction from the bird. It would freak out inside its cage. So, in an experiment, they brought the nephew into the room with the bird, with a picture of the wife. When asked who killed his mom, he freaked out and started trying to get out of the cage to attack the nephew. This lead the police to investigate him. Turns out he had a history of violence and robbery, and had planned to rob their home. The nephew didn’t know the wife was home though and killed her.

  • kinda reminds me of that black mirror episode where they can scan people’s visual memories & (spoiler) the hamster witnessed one of the murders. i think it’s called crocodile.

  • You know what’s weird, I was watching a show on the ID channel on my iPad called “til death do us part”. Anyways I get a notification for your video while I was watching this and think to myself “oh that case sounds weird, I’ll have to check that out later”. A few moments later I realize the episode I’m watching is called “don’t shoot” and I read the description and here I was literally watching an episode about this case when you uploaded your video. It was so weird since this happened years ago and I just happened to be watching something about it when something else about it was uploaded to ESmain.

  • this hair is EVERYTHINGGGG

  • I met a little gala cockatoo and they are so human like it's insane. I love birds so much and I'm upset that bird saw that :(

  • Gosh, you're fucking ugly!

  • This video made no sense dude.

  • You’re absolutely rocking the natural looking haircolor! I only saw you with colored hair/wigs until now and both fits u really good x

  • How would you be able to shoot yourself in the head twice? One shot even if not killing you would be so powerful

  • Why would you kill someone else before killing yourself? You aren’t going to be around them anymore anyways, why would you do that!!?????!

  • Poor little parrot. They are such smart and sensitive creatures who love their humans so deeply. I’d never kill anyone but if I did I wouldn’t make a parrot watch.

  • You? Wearing a wig with a natural hair color? Preposterous.

  • I wonder if that was a phrase the bird heard often or if it just scared him so much he was able to remember it after just that one event. Poor thing. I hate birds generally. They freak me out. But they’re very intelligent and I’m sure he was traumatized seeing this happen to his owners.

  • damn, I love my parrots lmao

  • this year is starting to look better

  • In closing on TragicTV: all birds may NOT work for the bourgeoisie? More at 11.

  • anybody else here riding out quarentine here?

  • See, the joking about murdering a family member or significant other is still concerning even if you do have dark humor. I personally make jokes about murder and killing and stuff like that but I would NEVER make my family or friends the subject of those jokes.

  • You know, I am ok with living in the Ace Attorney timeline.

  • Angel #41 ‘Hey uhhhh God, Christ, your majesty.. Ummm, yeah there’s a pretty big pandemic happening on Earth..’ God ‘Is that the place we go golf at??’ Angel #19 ‘for now..’ God ‘You know what I was saving him for a rainy day but send them the fucking parrot! You see all the souls I gotta make today?!’ Angel 19 ‘Probably not as many as usual??’ Joe Biden voice appears over the intercom ‘Hey shush.. I’ll kick your ass!!’ Angel #41 ‘so the parrot it is, it’s like a actual living coo coo clock but fuck it I got shit to do..’

  • u look like u smell nice no homo 😳😳

  • I have this kind of bird. They’re extremely intelligent! Poor baby was probably so traumatized to see his owner get murdered 😢😢😢 Mine acted so sad and quiet when my grandmother passed away so it’s crazy how upset this one must have been after this violent situation.

  • Reminds me of ace attorney polly

  • Read The title. Ace attourney did it first 😔✌️ this got nothing on DL-6

  • RIP my family African Grey Chico 😔

    • Cassie Nicole my condolences.

  • I cannot be the only one thinking of Phoenix Wright.

  • This is some Twin Peaks type shit.

  • Haha watching you *had enough*, get up to leave, "idk where I'm going", sit back down. Me too sister, me too. The story of 2020, shelter in place.

  • OMG, I too am a nosy bitch, and also, I have literally thought through murders so much in my past, that it scares me to think of now. I literally remember thinking to myself "Ok, if this is the person I want to kill, I have to distance myself from them slowly so it just looks like we casually drifted apart (if I was even somewhat friends with them at one point) and I can't joke about this or talk about it sarcastically to ANYONE, cause that will only make me look more suspicious, and might not BE evidence but may prompt authorites to dig more for evidence connecting me to this person than they otherwise would." I also think I came up with some pretty foolproof means of hiding the bodies, but I'm afraid someone else might actually use them if I share them here 😂 I love your content! Your reactions and humor are extremely engaging to me, and I really admire how educated you are and that you ALWAYS can cite your work. Not to mention, your style is just incredible! Keep up the great work! Thank you for all that you do, and I hope you stay safe and healthy throughout this pandemic! 🖤

  • Don't forget DL-6!

  • My ex had a parrot that constantly repeated shitty things. He constantly cursed, so his bird constantly cursed