A mystic toad venom ceremony

Publicado el 17 jun 2020
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  • That eye makeup tho. dang.

  • I guess its like do you jail the gun store owner for selling the gun and bullets to the person. Or does the person that owns the gun have the responsibility for their actions. Personally the person whose commiting the action is responsible.

  • Here after 2 months.

  • that IMDB-page was one of a kind :P and I don't know if I can eat nachos anymore :/

  • Ive heard alot of people i know tell me it would help me alot to try lsd because i am 23 i have bipolar disorder and generalized anxiety disorder and they say thats what it could potentially help me with. They also tell me to be around them or someone i love and trust and make sure its not on a day i have crippling anxiety or manic lol (no duh) But i still have never tried it because im still scared of my own mind but i would love to experience it and see if it does help me. Idk but yes thats what ive heard about hallucinogens like shrooms or lsd. I do smoke weed tho every day and idk if that will help me have a better tolerance or what but i can say weed DOES help me with my bpd and gad and also with seizures so its a god sent for me

  • 5-meo-dmt and regular dmt are two separate things. 5-meo-dmt is longer lasting, less intense and has higher body load. Regular dmt, also known as n,n DMT is a different monster entirely.

  • doesnt the human body all ready make some dmt.

  • DMT is in stage two clinical trials for people with PTSD.

  • Drugs like mushrooms and ayahuasca were used for thousands of years by shamans etc. It is really something that can open your third eye. But it should be something special, not a weekly experience. It can fuck up your brain if you do it too often. It's like everything. If you are not cautious and take too much of it it can be very harmful.

  • Its true.. My friend drops acid EVERYDAY!!! ITS CRAZY! I dont talk to him much but.. Geez... he drops acid like people smoke pot!

  • Nacho? Really? Damn.. Sucks. I thought he was cool. So sad!

  • Nacho .... lol .. that alone is funny

  • I did a trip mondaytuesdaywednesdaythursdayfridaysatturdaysunday-

  • this look is really pretty

  • Yes, you can have these mystical experiences. I've done many hallucinogens, DMT I have done about 7 times. I have no history of mental illness in my family, I have a degree in Psychology. I have only left this plane of existence once, and it was the last time I did DMT. I ended up in what I would describe as the international airport for deities for going to separate dimensions. My spirit guide was a man with no face, but he had a suit and glasses and a hat on. He relayed to me that I wasn't supposed to be there yet and he apologized and told me I would most likely urinate when I returned to my body. I absolutely did pee my pants, luckily we were all outside and my buddy gave me sweatpants. I was told I was out for about 10 minutes with my eyes open, all I remember was that interaction. Deoxy dimethyltryptamine is one of the most beautiful things I've ever gotten to experience. In small doses the fractals are absolutely incredible.

  • I was sitting in my living room watching this when she said the title of the article my dad stoped and looked over at me like what are you watching

  • DMT : Joe Rogan has entered the chat.

  • Off topic but you look gorgeous as blonde! i was gonna say goth Alice but you just said your mind was already in Alice in Wonderland! As an artist, i have done goth Alice and so, that was a nice coincidence.

  • Ego death is just becoming a burden on your friends at a music festival 🤷‍♀️

  • I'm not expert on DMT and toad-rituals but in diferent parts of Latinamerica has been a part of ancient ceremonies, with the years it has become very popular among foreigners, specially europeans. Not 100% sure if this drug could also be extracted form a plant or done chemically but there are other ways of making this drug... this ritual thing is during a special ceremony, always involving someone who functions as a guide during "the journey" and also to avoid accidents; heard many things about the experiences during this thing, they're all VERY different but they all agree that, the bad trips are awful but they only happen if there is a really big issue that needs to be solved, specially if you are making bad "moral choices". I don't know about pricing or how easy it is to get, but I know for a fact that dealers aren't carrying that thing at raves at parties as it if were LSD. Then again, I'm pretty sure the possibility of someone deciding to do it with his friends after a couple of drinks and probably other substances is possible, specially someone who probably had try it only a couple of times and isn't qualified to control the dose or w.e... that's pretty much all I know about it, cause it's not that much of an "unknown" allucinogen in my country, although, like i said before, i don't think its that easy or cheap to get.

  • walking billboard for a mortician...poor toad hope it has a vomit bag...geez luckily it s on the no fly list

  • "maybe if you wanna do acid once your twice, that's normal but not Monday Tuesday Wednesday, everyday you know?". Boy oh boy, once a week every week for some of the people I know

  • Nacho Vidal. Any relation to Gore Vidal? *fingers crossed*

  • I’m a recovered opioid addict. I used for close to a decade and with that being said, I usually am against someone being held accountable for another person’s overdose because they either sold or facilitated the use of a drug. If it’s a child that ODed or if the person lied about what the drug was, then I think they should be held accountable. But as long as the person is an adult and was not lied to, then they are responsible for their own actions, in my opinion. The charge for “murder by distribution” is silly, in most circumstances, and is just a way to scare drug dealers out of dealing.

  • I was always the friend explaining drugs to new people. I remember a friend of mine being offered cocaine for the first time and I had to walk her through it and point out that there's a 90% chance that part of what she's snorting is Lydocane, baby laxatives, drain cleaner, and/or ground glass

  • I have bpd and PTSD I won't fuck with anything stronger than Shrooms. But I got really into cocaine for a while because it seems to give me an amazingly Zen clarity that's free from the emotions that heavily dictate my train of thought. Everything becomes analytical instead of emotional

  • I have bpd and PTSD I won't fuck with anything stronger than Shrooms. But I got really into cocaine for a while because it seems to give me an amazingly Zen clarity that's free from the emotions that heavily dictate my train of thought. Everything becomes analytical instead of emotional

  • Family? What does he call his family? I hope there’s no little children toad sniffing. (That’s a sentence I never thought I’d write). You’ve got some very talented fans, absolutely amazing.

  • You should have prefaced your rant about your lack of knowledge concerning hallucinogens before you opened your mouth and sounded closed minded.

  • Mfw dmt is my ultimate goal for psychedelics :(

  • As somebody who has taken DMT, don’t. It’s a hallucinogen but it’s scary. I heard my bones pop, dogs barking, and doors slamming. Also I couldn’t move. Don’t do it.

  • Ignorance and arrogance can be fatal. I studied amphibians including frogs 🐸 in tropical environments. Toxic secretion has been used by native peoples in places like the Amazon basin, South America, for centuries as a tool for hunting or for medicinal purposes. True shamans or practitioners of 'kambo' know to inform those who seek treatment using the toxin that death is a risk. I've never heard of smoking toad poison; it sounds dangerous to humans and cruel to frogs. In order to produce the poison the frog is subjected to high stress fight-or-flight response then it's removed by skimming. In this case I don't think it's murder but a tragic accident. Like those snake bite preachers who sometimes meet their maker for real. Shame we take the natural world for granted; it's not nice to fool with Mother Nature #respect

  • My best friend’s cousin got hooked on DMT while he was in Peru for a mission trip and claimed it caused him to have an “enlightenment”. What really happened was he lost his damn mind and when he came home he was still using it and then swore he was possessed so he covered all mirrors in his dad’s house with towels and put heavy blankets over the windows. A little over a year ago he had all we can figure is a bad “trip” and murdered his dad one day, stabbed him over 30 times and then called the police on himself and told them what he did. We had seen it on the news but I didn’t know her uncle had had another child that was only in his 20’s because I had not seen her uncle since in my teens and didn’t realize the name since it’s a SUPER common last name. It’s just crazy that he left to go on a mission trip and ended up thinking he was possessed, I had never heard of DMT before then but I guess that’s because I’m old and got out of the whole rave/club kid scene when I got pregnant almost 17 years ago.

  • When I read “inhaling toad venom” I just pictured them gently cradling and sniffing this toad

  • 2:24 "Wednesday has been cancelled due to a scheduling error"

  • I have had toad once..... I am confused about how much he had to take to die... The trip lasted about 15 min.. Not that big of a deal.... And not great tbh..... Did they breed 500 toads or some shit? I am really confused.

  • Dial up sound effect was so fing funny.

  • Girl I tried all this it was a bit crazy but I did it at home and safe and it helped so much with my trama

  • I fucking love dmt. Only did it once but it was the most incredible thing. I experienced ego death.

  • Wait we can't do drugs on Wednesdays? I thought we were only meant to inhale toad venom on Wednesdays...my bad sorry.

  • Tripping on toad fumes boi

  • I'm not advocating for anything here but my friends and I were heavily into psychedelics (primarily LSD) in the 90s and the social and psychological process of regular trips with a settled group of people is very different to one-off or a-few-times experiences, it develops into or allows things that might or might not be profound, depending on your point of view. Either way, it allows for things that would not come about on the first occasion, or even on the first ten occasions. And of course you are right, it is not without it's dangers but then the same can be said for crossing the road, and in one case both the journey and the destination are far more seductive.

  • I have Cyclothymia (depression/hypomania) and after a couple rehab stints, jail, gun violence and tons of AA/NA meetings I am almost 3 years off of a decade long heroin and cocaine addiction thanks to hallucinogens methadone and marijuana. But everyone is different, I leave this comment to say that there are many ways to skin a cat and if the 12 step "all or nothing" approach hasn't worked for you after honest attempts, be open to other avenues 💋

  • If your in a good mood and are happy psychedelics will give you a good trip (usually) while if your depressed or anxious or just having a shitty day you'll have a bad trip or it will increase your chances of a bad trip.

  • I did have an epiphany from acid

  • Pretty!

  • when used correctly psychedelics can be wonderful things. But, in unregulated circumstances or used irresponsibly is when terrible things happen. You do not fuck around with psychedelics without accepting the severe consequences that could come with it. But, there's also therapy sessions happening currently with mushrooms and lsd. Interesting stuff. Micro-dosing as well. Were in a psychedelic revolution currently.

    • however I can't speak much on toad poison XD

  • Your eyes 😍 freakin goddess

  • love your whole look!

  • Okay, lol...I personally know Nacho, I was a pretty active porn star (retired from the biz 6 years ago)...I've worked with him in a few times (including a scene in sexual Messiah 2! Haha I laughed so hard when you said that)...and Nacho was always one of my favorite people to work with! He is a very spiritual person in that hippy type of way...so knowing that he was doing this type of ritual for spiritual enlightenment, does not surprise me. I can assure you that he would have never given anyone he knows this type of experience maliciously, he is a nice person. Nacho is an international SUPERSTAR, by the way...easily one of the biggest male porn stars in the world. Ive personally never heard of anyone dying from DMT, but then again I don't know very much about the whole frog venom method of ingesting the drug. I've actually smoked DMT in its solid form, and although I am not a fan of hallucinogens, I will say that it DID give me a spiritual breakthrough, one I really needed at that time in my life (so I could move on from old trauma)...and that the experience was very brief (DMT highs usually only last for 10-20 minutes and then you are left feeling confident with many new ideas...you are able to let go and make peace with whatever had been in your way of progressing with your life...it's quite liberating!)...like I started earlier, I really like Nacho and I hope he is able to come out of this okay.

  • I live in a state where those toads are common during monsoon season. Lots of dogs usually die from licking them. They hallucinate, fever, seize, and etc. If you rinse thier mouth out for 20-30min (from the side so the water runs out and not swallowed) and then put them in a cold bath to cool down thier body, they will be fine. Had it happen a couple times to my mom's dog (sweetest dog not the brightest bulb). A lot of people make the mistake of taking the dog to the vet. This is one of those things you have to treat at the scene since time is of the essence.

  • DMT isn't scary it's a sacrament

  • I tought Toad Venom was his porn star name

  • I'm way too scared of hallucinogens. I don't need to see god or the universe until I'm dead. I'm the chic who researched weed for a year before I had the balls to try it.

  • Hi Giulia, I am from Mexico, the place where true chamans and fake ones live, and our medicinal plants are being even stolen for this "spiritual rituals", that are now being sold in a very general, shallow way. I have done spiritual rituals twice with chamans, mainly temazcal and ayahuasca, and trust me, they will NEVER replace therapy. There are no magical cure to internal problems. Even if they help you clear your mind, feel better or even if the psicodelic trip gives you an spiritual awakening, they will never replace the work you have to do inside if your own mind, heart and soul to feel better.

  • I probably did acid at least 3-4 times and shrooms 10 times in college. The trips depend on the person and the current state of mind. I’ve had bad trips and good ones. As others I have talked to also had both good and bad experiences.

  • A lot of people go to Kambo ceremonies and even people with very low tolerances enjoy the experiences. I wonder what the hell this guy did.

  • Theres a documentary about the Sonoran Desert frogs venom, what it is, what it does, how they get it, and it actually shows a shaman do the ritual. It's by Vice and it's an episode of Hamilton's Pharmacopeia. Very interesting stuff.

  • I wanna get my hands on dmt so bad

  • Yeah 5-meo-dmt is far more powerful than any other hallucinogen and could send you to like other dimensions

  • "Apparently Wednesday is cancelled." As an Adam's Family stan, I am offended. 🤣🖤🖤

  • yup dmt is crazy i had an ego death off of it a few months ago and since then ive awakened spiritually. i was struggling with severe anxiety and depression for years leading up to what felt like “rock bottom”. once i felt like i hit rock bottom is when i decided i would break through on dmt. i no longer feel any depression or anxiety or even negativity, let alone negative thoughts you KNOW are irrational. it is honestly miraculous and life changing

  • Nice

  • I've done dmt and it was shit honestly..

  • Lol I heard nacho Vidal and my mouth dropped

  • I have bipolar, coupled with bad axiety and depression and i have found magic mushrooms very therapeutic

  • its smokinng dmt

  • Ah yes, 2020 at it's finest

  • Hypno Toad? Lmaooo no se puede 👎

  • I'm halfway through the video and I just realized that this guy's first name is "Nacho"........like why was he named Nacho?!? ILYSM Glare!

  • Well that was a wild ride 😅

  • I've had some pretty good and eye opening experiences on psychedelics but I have severe PTSD from a dmt trip. I would advise caution when dealing with dmt and really understand what you are fucking with

  • I found out about it after my dog licked one like in '98. She lived yes but after doing some research I found people talking about it online. Thank God I wasn't a junkie when I was 8...

  • If you're interested there is a Vice vid on Extracting Toad Venom. That shit scares the shit out of me too. But just thought I'd let you know. Even though I'm sure you've done your research. BIG love 🖤

  • As someone who does psychedelics and trip sits for people; there is a serious amount of trust and responsibilities involved in it. Yes its your personal responsibility to learn about drugs if you want to do them. However when someone close to you presents this to you, whether you're novice to the substance, that then falls to your trusted party to explain to the best of their knowldge. If that person misrepresents or potentially"sells" the idea to you then lets say you have a bad trip, or the trip sitter leaves you unattended too long they are more so responsible.

  • imagine huffing a frog smh

  • I think psychedelic drugs do have their potential to offer some benefits. I've done my fair share of the traditional drugs and random research chemicals. The last time I did acid something spiritual did happen. It was like a hard reset on my outlook on life. I knew what I needed to change to improve my life, I knew what really mattered in life. It gave me a new perspective and it's been like 10 years and it still sticks with me. However, that being said, it's different these days. Fentanyl didn't exist like it does now. It's super risky these days

  • Let me explain the toad for you It contains 5meo dmt and people smoke the sonoran toad

  • Bipolar Tripping is A BAD IDEA!!!

  • DMT in a pure form is amazing. When we are born our body releases a natural DMT to help us cope with the trauma of being removed from the womb & right before we die. It's actually a very interesting and more safe hallucinogenic from everything I've ever known about it and like you said it's not addictive. I've only ever done it twice and with someone that I truly trusted in the right set of circumstances and I left my body and saw all of these sacred geometry patterns. It was life changing. I also saw The Guide,. She took me on and amazing sharing me through what I felt like was my soul. I told my then boyfriend what I had seen and he told me to look at many other DMT experiences online in to talk with other people that have used DMT & The Guide is someone who is there with nearly every single person who takes DMT. Surprisingly, I started Living a healthier life and stop doing other very dangerous drugs. I would absolutely consider doing DMT again. That's just my take on it and my experience. However, I would never ever ever take DMT with that man and never from a towed. DMA or MDMA is something that I would never consider taking again. From what I have read about those two they do a considerable amount of reprehensible damage to the brain. But crack is wack & drugs are bad MMMMMMKKAYY.

  • Hey love! Just incase you're interested, theres a lot of research and a few fairly well recieved by peers studies pointing to the fact that "magic mushrooms" might be very effective in treating depression and possible other mental illness'. It's not something i've done as i'm on a lot of medication and would need to be very very sure it wasn't going to react weirdly to any of my meds before i ever thought of trying it.

  • Just a reminder that stud is "slang" made by black lesbians during segregation, because they weren't accepted to the white lesbian community. Know your words people :)

  • I watched a video of a guy do this. He smoked it out of a vaporiser pen and immediately looked like he was having a seizure. He was twitching and just shrivelling up into himself. They had them next to a stream and just slowly let him crawl into it and kept his head above the water so he didn't drown. If any drug experience has you doing that, I truly don't think it's even fun or enlightening at that point. It looks incredibly dangerous and in no way like normal DMT trips.

  • Hey have you guys heard Connie D'Amico does toad?

  • Is it just me or does her hair change every video?

    • Wait a fucking second did I hear her say wig in another video? What happened?

  • When people talk about DMT they’re usually talking about n-n DMT which is different from the 5-MeO variety that the toad secretes. I have never tried 5-meo because it actually is widely regarded as being MORE terrifying than n-n 😂 I’ve often heard 5-meO simply be referred to as “the power”

  • oh wow, Nacho Vidal, guess I shouldn't be surprised based on his type of porn.

  • The toad ceremony is like an ayahuasca ceremony. Ayahuasca is DMT that can be ingested, the Toad venom is the far, far stronger 5-MeO-DMT. Ayahuasca last hours and hours, but smoking them last 15mins or so. It's something people could use it for spiritual or creative purposes but only once or twice in a life-time. Hallucinogenics can't be used for 3 days in a row (or the same cant - so you couldn't take LSD for 4 days) but people have to acknowledge the dangers. Also, if you're going to try this or any other drugs, buy a reagent testing kit (the Marquis Reagent is about $20) and it'll tell you what is in your pill, tab, powder or liquid. Safety first.

  • that headline sounds randomly generated. Truth really is stranger than fiction.

  • "With Power Comes Responsibility" -Spider Glare I Stan this new hero.

  • Woah anyone remember the toad licking episode of South Park I'm having flashbacks

  • Oh...my god. Nacho was my favorite porn star simply for his...abilities. Never knew he was involved in all this

    • @Easel Minch he is super nice. Very sweet.

    • Andy San Dimas omg!!! That is so crazy! I’m jealous lol I’ve always loved him he seems so nice

    • I worked with him a few times, and he was my favorite performer, ever. A nice guy too. The news likes to exaggerate certain things. #teamnacho

  • Watches Vice ONCE

  • I couldn’t find the back story one

  • I laugh because I’m on mushrooms watching this😂 but they are honestly not for everyone. I know i have a lot of mental illness and ill mircodose mushrooms. But i always tell people to stay away from lsd unless its from a healer.

  • If you are already messed up. Maybe acid MAY / knock you back into place. I’m 42 yrs old and it honestly helped me in my 20’s. I would not do it now due too to much baggage at 42. Do acid. Not mushrooms. Difference between weed and coke. Acid is allot cleaner, intense trip. Block out 2 days and be close to grass, gardens / nature one day for trip. One day to become a human again x x x one love

  • Just tuned in, but I gotta say, Nacho Vidal is one of my heroes. Lol, now I gotta hear this!

  • Never have I ever felt so proud to be spanish

  • 🐸

  • you're fucking gorgeous yo