A man waiting under her bed

Publicado el 8 jul 2020
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  • So glad I’m not the only one paranoid as hell who checks all closets and underneath beds when home alone and also sleeps w a knife when I’m alone as well lmaooo

  • As a 24 yo who STILL has to jump off my bed out of arms reach when I get creeped out, that "man under the bed" story scared the hell out of me!

  • The first one sounds kind of similiar to a movie I saw, I think it was called Wrecker

  • Omg that's so creepy... Good thing my under the bed area is full of boxes etc, no one would be able to fit there... Partially bc of this fear, partially bc it's just common sense storage space in an apartment... But still, I need more videos, I can't go to sleep right after this, holy s***...

  • Hiding under a bed is a risky gambit. You can't really shuffle out elegantly. You have to rely on peoples obliviousness. If I wasn't too terrified of the random encounter I'd just find a weapon and sit on the bed. Although one side of my bed is up against the wall so hiding under my bed means you only have one way in and out. All I would have to do is get on my be and wait for their head to pop out to just easily crown them. They would be so trapped and vulnerable. I'd love to see a story that's the reverse of this horror. Like some sick fuck hides under the bed of an even sicker fuck. Like they just chill on their bed for like 2 hours and the owner of the bed is like in a calm voice "When you going to come out buddy, I'm getting tired of waiting." Or say softly "You know I'm going stomp on your head as soon as you come out right? Are you going to kill me with anticipation or something?". The idea of Hiding under the bed just sounds like a bad idea. You don't even need a weapon at that point, you just stomp on their heads as they pop out. And if they come out backwards they might not get curb stomped but they will be pretty vulnerable.

  • Lol i had to check under my bed and closet during this.

  • I’m getting a new bed. Thank God, I’m in a house with strong men who would do anything to protect their family.

  • Hehe I work at Dunkin Donuts

  • Yay! Scary stories

  • Shit, this makes me excited to get a loft bed

  • I mean, these stories aren't too out there. I live in a small city and when I was younger I walked to a store called the bargain shop and there was this creepy ass old man following me. Let me tell y'all, as a 12 year old girl I booked it when I looked back at him and stayed in that store for a while. It was terrifying as fuck lol. I didn't see him and basically booked it past the building he was staying in to my house. Thank god I lived close to the store.

  • I have a weird story that’s sort of similar to these, and I swear on everything it’s true. If I wanted to make up a story I’d make it more scary than this. I feel most of these stored on reddit are fake so they don’t scare me but this is 100% real. I was around 12 years old and growing up it was just me and my Mum

  • Girl your whole mantra of your channel is catching and exposing pedophiles why are you not talking about pizza gate and ghislaine Maxwell !!! Stuff that’s actually happening and way more sinister !!!!!

  • When she said that the guy was waiting outside her bathroom with a knife my heart deadass fell to my feet

  • I don't think this man had the intention of killing her. I think he was just trying to find a place to rest and sleep, being exhausted with the life on streets. Then he heard her dropping the phone, thought she knew he was there and decided that murdering her was his only option. Although I guess there is some faulty logic in this type of thinking. Just want to see the better in people. I hope the lady and the man are both happier and have a better life now.

  • Anyone else mentally double take when she says SUS-pence instead of sus-PENCE like emphasizing the sus instead of the pence ....

  • Hey guys, mind helping me educate this guys on Instagram @caleb.m.roper for saying reverse racism exists and saying George Floyd deserves to die bc he was gonna die anyways

  • me sleeping peacefully because my mattress is on the floor

  • Where did you find these? The nh one is weird since I live here!! Wtf?!

  • I heard this story before-and I have been paranoid of the big space under my bed ever since.

  • I am never sleeping again lol

  • I have a bunk bed with a desk under it for this reason lol

  • ok thank god she lived on the 1st floor so she could jump out the window. wtf would she have done if she was on like the 4th floor? she would've had to exit through the bathroom door where he stood waiting for her omg

  • Years ago my dad was working out of town and my mom was home alone for about a month, he always rode with his coworker so his truck was left in the driveway while he was out of town. My mom was home alone for about 3 weeks, the first night my dad was back home from the job there was a knock at the door at around 11:45pm, my mom was in bed and my dad was still up so he answered it. It was a guy who seemed surprised when my dad answered the door and said he had the wrong house and left quickly on foot, no vehicle in the driveway so he had walked there. About a week later my step dad was reading the paper and was completely freaked out to see the guys who had knocked on the doors picture in the paper saying he was a rapist who had broken into 5 different women's houses over the last few months in our town. We think he might of been watching my mom and knew she was home alone, not knowing my dad had came back that day since the cars in the driveway didnt change. Thank God he came home from that job when he did. I'll never forget that, scared the crap out of me.

  • I had to lock all my doors and turn on my lights for this shit

  • I remember I read the bed story and had to check my bed for like 2 months after

  • i kinda had to go through my small apartment with a knife because i left the place unlocked for a few hours.... no monsters tho!

  • I have 2 move-able drawers under my bed so even if someone would hide under there they'd have to remove those first and EVEN if someone would come into my room i would know because i'm always there in fact theres almost never a time when theres less than 2 people at home so its pretty safe so this wont really scare me but there are also stories about people living in secret spaces or basements o , o

  • Shoulda gone Krispy Kreme's bitch.

  • Hey it's pink now

  • This ain't creepy enough to post on this website, but I had an ex-friend, that I met on vacation when I was a kid. We exchanged phone numbers and Instagram, and we had a great time while we were there. When we got to our homes, (Don't live in the same state) we would video chat every day, they started off normal, until she confessed she was raped by her cousin, which I would have taken seriously if the story wasn't blatantly fake, she'd contradicted herself many times. Me being a non-confrontational person just brushed it off, maybe she was just confused or something. Then she talked about a boy at her school, who bullied her very badly, and she'd spend hours about how much she wanted him to rape her. Keep in mind, we were both twelve. I barely even knew what that meant. Then she wouldn't stop talking about it, so I stopped talking to her, and then she'd text me saying how bad her life is, that her father hit her, and she wanted my address to send me Christmas presents and that I was the girl she loved. (She knew I was lesbian) So I blocked her. Then she contacted all of my friends, via Instagram, and phone number. (Still no idea how she got them) And would harass them, and I told my friends to block her too. It's been a while, haven't heard from her. So uh, dear ex-friend, get help please, I wish the best for your mental health, and hope you heal from such abuse, but let's definitely not meet again

  • I love watching your videos at night after the kid goes to bed, but your voice always puts me to sleep, thus making it hard to finish watching 😭😭😭

  • I’m such a paranoid ass bitch, every time I get home & im alone (at night really, my bf works night shift) I check my entire apartment with a butcher knife, armed and ready. I ain’t taking chances 😅

  • I L❤️VE you have beds only which under no one can fit!

  • Omg I used to check under my bed literally every time I went in my room...

  • I thought the sound was thunder which I thought suited the story. When I was a kid I loved to hide under my bed.

  • Oh gosh this hits really close to home. Something similar happened to me when I was about 13 years old. I came back home after a hockey tournament and thus was really tired. But I noticed that something was really off as soon as I tried to unlock the door. Just for clarification: We have two locks and my mom usually locks both if she nows that no one will be in the appartment and will lock only one if at least someone's home. I noticed that only one lock was locked so I assumed that my mom was already home. As soon as I entered the appartment, I happily called my mom to see her but received no answer. I began to check every room and when I checked the living room, I noticed that someone was hiding behind the door. It turned out to be the ex boyfriend of my mother who sexually abused me when i was 10-12 years old. I screamed at him that he had to leave RIGHT NOW and luckily he did as I demanded. This really freaked me out and we deciced to change both locks after that incident.

  • Cancel killers under beds 2020

  • Her voice goes so well with that kind of content. Great storytelling (well, 'story reading' but still)

  • So I love reading and hearing these stories but I stopped reading them on reddit because too many of them were extremely fake sounding and honestly I like the real ones. So what I’m about to say idk take my word for it I’m sure it’s just coincidence but still. That first story about the red 4 door sedan just happened to me last week in broad daylight. I live on the east coast in a really safe town and was driving to a doctors appointment there was no one in front of me or behind me and all of a sudden I look and there’s a red 4 door sedan on my ass. I drive slow so I didn’t think anything until they started flashing their lights. I thought they just wanted to pull around me and eventually they did until they sped off. Not even a min later they pass me coming the opposite direction speed up and get behind me AGAIN I’m thinking my cars on fire or some shit or it’s my sisters friend since I was in my sisters car. Get this I was so scared I couldn’t get the license plate but it was OM then a number. I pulled over at a grocery store (public place in daylight with a lot of people) to look at the car I was driving to make sure it wasn’t like on fire or no lights were out. I called my sister and asked if she had any friends who were dumb enough who drive a red car that would do that and she said absolutely not and I believe her. So I’m really scared now. Like I said it was tormenting me for a good few minutes. I hope it was just a coincidence and that story was fake but still very weird

  • I realized my bed is not a box spring type of bed but luckily I live on the third floor of my apartment and I never see anyone go outside

  • I was terrified of chuckle as a kid and used to check every corner of the shower multiple times when I was in there. I still check the corners and im 24

  • (Pause) I’ll watch the rest of this in the morning..

  • I’ve got a second pull out bed under my bed and there is no room to crawl under but shit like that freaks me the fuck out. 😖

  • And the last one is just another reason why I hate standing near anything with even just a tiny bit of room to squeeze underneath, even if it’s so small a kitten can’t even get under there. I know it’s mostly irrational, but I’m terrified of anything touching or grabbing me from underneath things to the point where even if I’m outside like sitting on a log in a park-I keep my feet up on top of whatever I’m sitting on and keep myself curled up on top of said area so nothing is protruding off. Even if there is literally nothing around and I’m just sitting on a stump, I get so much irrational anxiety that something is going to touch or grab me that I can’t sit normal without being nervous and having a harder time focusing than I already do. Also sitting with my feet up and my legs to my chest just seems natural and it’s comfortable for me to sit like that

  • Ew the last story with OM is really close to where I live. I hate it.

  • Also this sounds like a Creepypasta

  • Didn’t this happen before

  • I missed these. Please do more of them!

  • very much briefly thought that you had a shutterfly sponsor

  • Oh gosh these stories scared the heck out of me cause well...ehhh 1) I get easily paranoid 2) These stories sound so real 3) People are scary

  • I’m late.. your wig is 👌🏼 my mattress is literally on my living room floor. It’s summer, I have a compact apartment and only have one ac, which is in the living room. So yeah... this is made out of nightmares 😫

  • Serving chocolate strawberry yes b i t c g

  • Wtf? How many ads. Whats this vid about? Done lost interest. Never mind!

  • Please link the wig 🥺

  • That hair!!!!!

  • I thought you edited in those “fireworks”. Actually thought it was lightning...god I am dense

  • This is kind of related but sometimes my cats get stuck under my bed because my bed also has drawers underneath and if I forget to close one of the drawers and accidentally close it then can get stuck and whenever I go back to my room they scream to her let out the drawers

  • I'm right there with you about not having a bed that someone could crawl under. My insistence for this started when I was 10. I also wouldn't turn the lights out before I got into bed bcz i thought the aliens would get me. Now I'm just worried about rapist and murders, but I'm sure the alien fear is in there somewhere.

  • can you look into pizzagate ?

  • The last is a super common scary story. Could be real but unless this was made like ten years ago that didn't happen to this person. I've really heard this one dozens of times, some saying it's real and actually happened to them, and one from a channel that just did animation (Seon, great channel check them out) videos and didn't claim it was either

  • This gives me anxiety! I'm happy my bed frame isn't high enough off the ground but i also have a habit of keeping doors open in my house so if the laundry room or second bedroom have closed doors i'm running straight out my house.

  • Love your content, have you seen what’s going on with wayfair? Will you/can you make a video on your take on it??

  • Ok as someone from New Hampshire I can confirm that there is no WAY you would have to cross state lines or use a highway to find a Dunkin’ Donuts so I’m calling bullshit. I live in the middle of nowhere and there are 10 Dunkin’ Donuts shops within 5 miles of me

  • After watching this it made me freak out about my bed. I'm good! We got one with drawers underneath. Phew! That is TERRIFYING to think of someone hiding under the bed.

  • Hey I work for shudder! Love your channel and love the sponsor lol

  • *laughs in matress on floor* *Cries in closet*



  • You as a child before bed reminds me of when I was little and would come back from vacation, I was very extreme in checking EVERYWHERE in the house someone could possibly hide before I even remotely tried to sleep. I would sleep with my back up against the wall (My bed was in a corner.) and hide under the covers. The last one definitely got me.

  • It would be awesome if you did a podcast of true crime, the bizarre, and or unsolved mysteries. I'd listen, subscribe, share and would love it.

  • My bed is just two mattresses stacked. I refuse to have an under to my bed. Monsters don't pay rent.

  • CONGRATS on 600k subscribers! I love your energy so much!

  • Sick 4th of July intro 😂 🇺🇸

  • The om story really scared the shit out of me

  • Imma go get a low bed now..

  • good thing I have a lot of shit under my bed:)

  • This is why I told my friend/landlord to check the attic and basement and install locks on them. Those scare the shit out of me

  • please do more of these!

  • It’s all fun and games until one of the stories mentions your area

  • The second one was scarier but they’re both scary! 😳

  • This channel is losing my interest. If I wanted to an article read to me I'd download audible.

  • omg... the bed story, i also have beds you cant go under for that reason, and my closet has no doors on it lmao so nobody is hiding in here thank god

  • Me with paranoia disorder freaking out internally 😱😱😱

    • Or at least OM is fake

    • It sounds like a Creepypasta and people from NH say that there are Dunkin dounuts in every corner or something so it’s probably fake

  • Could you possibly make a video or post talking more about your panic disorder ? I randomly started getting panic attacks a year ago. I don’t have full blown panic attacks often but I’m almost always anxious/on the verge of one daily. I’m finding it really hard to cope with and I’d love to hear your experience with it.

  • Enjoyed the stories! 🙂✌️👍

  • Why call the cops because someone is going too slow on the freeway? You can always pass them. If your in the far right lane you can go slower then the flow of traffic. Would they call for someone going to fast? It just doesn’t make sense, i don’t see how that’s a reason for being drunk. If their not swerving out of their lane what’s the problem?

  • As soon as I heard New Hampshire I knew this would be good. I live in NH and so much freaky shit happens here

  • These are some of my favorite videos that you make! I missed them!

  • Oh my god i relate so much when you said you checked in your closets and stuff every night, i had bad ocd as a kid and i had to check our whole house twice before i went to bed (including under my bed and in the closets every night. And ya know lock and unlock the door a bunch to make sure it’s actually locked 😆🥴

  • I'll just pretend the fireworks are thunder :/

  • killers under beds are now cancelled 💀🤣

  • Cursed Films was originally why I tried Shudder! It was a great series!

  • Another ep please

  • “Killers under beds are canceled in my books” 🤣🤣

  • this hair is so so good on you

  • There’s so much stuff under my bed because I’m a pack rat lol no one could get under there

  • A man living under my bed was such a big fear of mine when I was younger (and still honestly) that My mom had to cut the legs of my bed, I still don’t have a bed that anybody could crawl under

  • Omg I loved when you did these videos! Still love your other content though, never feel obligated to post things other than what you want to

  • um right at the part when the man under the bed was mention i heard a noise under my bed i’m gonna cry what the FUCK. EDIT!!: my bed is like 2 inches above the ground and there’s so much shit under there why was i scared-