A man pretended to be a true crime expert

Publicado el 20 may 2020
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  • 4:08 If you google my surname theres tons of stuff about crimes my family did. Nothing on my own crimes though as i was a minor when i done them. Having such an unusual surname sucks so i try not to use my real name on the internet much

  • I only saw the thumbnail but just wanted to say, how disappointed I am that RL Stine has sunk this low. I loved goosebumps

  • Holy shit, this is the guy who did the famous Ed Kemper interview. I honestly thought he sounded like a bit of a hack in that!!

  • This man is the equivalent to that one kid who swears he has a girlfriend just in another school, but instead his “wife” was just murdered.

  • Binging this hard during quarantine. I am now basically obsessed with this channel


  • I love your wacko content! I am hooked to your channel And your pronunciations are top shelf...and...I want your dress! :-D

  • Wife dies a terrible violent death at the hands of an inhuman psychopath. XP+500!!

  • my name is paris and thinking ab her pronouncing my name is 🥺 🥺

  • Also when you put up that half marathon picture blurring out your past name did nothing because just typing Giulia Christina, it comes up

  • When you type your full name into google your tumblr comes up and it’s so cute

  • Ive seen this fucker on TV before. Omg

  • The fact that he references Gerald Stano makes it better considering there's speculation Stano didn't actually kill to the extent he confessed he did.

  • Parles-tu français ?!

  • I love your voice

  • Did noone who wrote about him/ worked with him or interviewed him ever research him. Wouldnt they be able to find iut pretty easily if he had a wife who was murdered?? X

  • I'm part French, and I can say : at least Stephane Bourgouin finally made it, he's known in US lol

  • French girl here, your accent is spot-on I'm amazed 👌 Love your content! ❤️

  • Such cute look though

  • This by far is my favorite video. You're look ( I have the same wig btw ) is stunning. What you said at the very beginning made me laugh because I too am interested in fkd up shit but you're so very comfortable talking now and I see the growth from your first videos. Now it's like you're just talking to your friends and that's refreshing. You're amazing that's all. 🖤🖤🖤

  • He could have just said that a love interest of his was murdered. The disrespect.

  • Are you okay babe? Your hands are shakey

  • Il a surtout été adoubé par une partie des médias et autorités donc. Conclusion---> il appartient à un réseau. Ça explique grandement pourquoi , beaucoup d'experts moi y compris furent surpris qu'il n'aborde jamais le point commun entre notamment : Otis tool, Marc dutroux etc.. À savoir : les réseaux pedocriminels... J'avais fait cette révélation à ma famille il y'a 4 ans. Aujourd'hui il tombe, abandonné par son réseau et donné en pâture. Quelque chose cloxhe. La vérité gagne tjs même si elle vient lentement. Mais ça semble être désiré la.

  • I don't get it. If he's interested in a subject he has every right to write about it. The making up a wife thing and the whole FBI training and pro athlete stuff is just so unnecessary. Didn't anyone find it weird that he never had any proof that the wife ever existed or no one who knew him came out to say he was never married? Wow.

  • Love it when commentary YTers take the time to say words correctly

  • Eek this top though

    • Also very impressive half marathon time - congrats!!

  • Hi, iam french and a french youtuber had work with "le 4eme oeil" after the interwiew and it seem that he never knew the second women. They had call her family and one of bourgoin's ancient friend said he was in France at this moment. He seems lying again. He probably never seen Manson either because when he say he saw him Manson was no longer in the prison he say but in an other.(Sorry i had probably make many mistakes in my sentences)

  • Story aside, really awesome fanart this episode! It always is, but I particularly loved these pieces for my own style.

  • Could've just written fiction.. No weird drama and lies and shady, disgusting crap..

  • Your shirt 😍😍😍

  • This guy is the grown up version of the "I graduated at the top of my class in the Navy seals" copypasta

  • But he probably only interviewed these 10 serial killers because of his books and his acclaim

  • Random comment but i love coming to these videos and seeing what changes you made to your hair. I’ve heard dying it can damage the hair but yours always looks so healthy and you change it up a lot. Idk if it was a recent video or I watched an old one but your hair was a slow fade from blue to green or vice versa. It was awesome looking. It kind of matched the background here.

  • I love the subtle flex about running a marathon

  • Not trying to be disrespectful, but where did you get that case???

  • I watched this video when it first came out and I just stumbled across this documentary, and you're never going to guess who makes an appearance! esmain.info/goal/v-deo/rH1rg7F-e9ybe5Y

  • The fact that she pronounces names and general information EXTREMELY GOOD in whichever language it's in, satisfies me SO MUCH thank u kind woman uwu

  • Finally, an english speaking person saying the names correctly

  • I never heard about this nut case! What a thing to lie about. People are disgusting. On another note, absolutely love that shirt. You look beautiful but that's nothing new 🖤 love all your videos hope you're having a great day 💕🖤 the oh yeah I was a football player, made me think of Al Bundy😂 saying that really shows my age 😂🤷

  • I adore your shirt or top in this video. Very unique and pretty.

  • I think you would like a story about a conman back in 1970 in Poland, called Konsul

  • This is some Gilderoy Lockhart shit

  • He might know psycho because he is psycho. Just not the killer time.

  • He looks stable 😩


  • "you know how interesting it is to me when someone tries to pass themselves off as something they're not." - the irony is palpable.

  • Things are often worse when they are done n wordly

  • The first thing I thought was "oooo killstar"

  • love this outfit, goth queen!

  • Your outfit 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Lol and I can barely speak English correctly 😂

  • Coronavirus brought me here. I stayed for the good commentary and good quality video 🤘🏼

  • not related to the topic but your makeup looks so pretty, your eyebrows look so good here

  • ok but girl you’re killing this look. what a beautiful queen😍

  • COMMENT ? Tu es sérieuse ? I’m so late on this but I’ve seen him on many French TV shows (including serious ones) and saw him as an expert. I don’t like the way he speaks (not that he can help that) so I never paid too much attention & I would never have guessed - seeing the title of your video - that this was about him. Thanks for keeping me informed on the “true crime craziness” going on in one of my home countries, Giulia 😉😄

  • COMMENT ? Tu es sérieuse ? I’m so late on this but I’ve seen him on many French TV shows (including serious ones) and saw him as an expert. I don’t like the way he speaks (not that he can help that) so I never paid too much attention & I would never have guessed - seeing the title of your video - that this was about him. Thanks for keeping me informed on the “true crime craziness” going on in one of my home countries, Giulia 😉😄

  • Can you stop looking at yourself in your monitor while you film? It takes away from the information you are sharing


  • This guy is just an uninteresting loser.

  • Lmao the football player thing is so random. I'm not a true crime expert but I don't think tossing the pigskin with the boys is a qualification for the job

  • can you do a video on cotard's delusion? it's also known as walking corpse syndrome, and it is a rare mental disorder in which the affected person holds the delusional belief that they are dead, do not exist, are putrefying, or have lost their blood or internal organs.

  • i’m 15 and i used to be a HORRIBLE serial liar and i was all the way up until i was ending age 13. i would lie and lie and lie and lie because i felt like there was nothing interesting about myself. after i made a HUGE & HORRIBLE lie of myself in the 8th grade and lost all the trust of all my friends i truly realized what i was doing was WRONG. i began to actually seek help and learn from my mistakes, now at the age of 15 i can proudly say i have learned from my mistakes and have started in the direction of the person i want to be. i still regret what i did and think about it very often. but watching this makes me very proud of myself that i got myself out of that mental state when i did because i don’t want to end up like this guy, being a grown adult and still being a serial liar. i know this was long but i really wanted to share my story on this in case anyone else who is a serial liar is seeing this, just know you don’t have to be this way and you CAN change.

  • Im french and all my respect to mister Bourgoin for fucking all french media for 50 years

  • Dude even has the serial killer glasses, come on

  • Your French accent is stunning. My college French professor told me I should consider not taking French 2 bc of how poor my pronunciation is. Lmao

  • Bro chill you don’t have to say his name like that

  • Whaaaaat ? How am I learning this just now ? I loved that guy. **cries in French dissapointement**

  • The 2nd rule to life is “Fake it till you make it” everyone knows that.

  • Okay but this OUTFIT! 🙌

  • I really wish you and That Chapter's Mike would collaborate.

  • Your french accents is amazing

  • As a French gal, I’m impressed, your pronunciation is AMAZING

  • The easiness with which you switch pronounciations amazes me. I'm comfortable in a couple of languages but if 1 word of another language (even my mother language) is in the middle of a sentence you can bet its pronounciation will be a neither-one-nor-the-other mess.

  • I was interested in hearing about this guy but now I'm more interested in hearing you speak French....

  • This is creepy!

  • Is this his "15 minutes of Fame"?

  • Okay, he wasn't a serial killer expert or footballer, but he was still an astronaut, special forces operator, spy, Olympic fencer, fashion designer, classically trained pianist, Cordon Bleu chef, photographer, sky diver, and in his youth a gang member.

  • That dress is so you, you are such a beautiful queen

  • His back story sounds like those tv shows NCIS ,law and order type shit.

  • Damn girl when did you hit 500k?? Wow your growth has been smashing recently I'm so happy for you you deserve it! ❤

  • You know when you were younger and you always felt the need to lie or over exaggerate story for no specific reason, I think some people never really grown out of that and that's the reason there's more grown up people that just constantly lie on random things. (just a theory)

  • this dude was garbage.

  • I think it's really simple to understand why people would lie about their life or who they are - they wish/wished to be something that they are not. So they start imagining this whole fake life for themselves and start saying that is the truth. It's sad and fucked up, but sometimes I think it's some of a disease. Not that is excusable to do that, but people like Trump lived doing that and achieved a fucking lot doing that - so...I can see why people do that. Also, he is a compulsive liar. He lies sometimes for no reason that we can fandom, but for him maybe there is a motive. Or sometimes one could feel that their life is SO BORING that they tell shit to make their existence look more interest, you know?! Like this dude. "Oh, my wife died BY A SERIAL KILLER", or people who fake diseases so can people feel sympathy for them and shit.

    • And just a PS: Your wig and your outfit is EVERYTHING ♥ I will campaign forever for a Wig haul ♥

    • I once had a psychologist telling me that a lie told too many times becomes the truth. So I think that this is what happened to this man. To Trump as well and others. They lie so much about who they are, that that lie become the truth in their minds.

  • I LOVE ur top ❤️❤️

  • Like the guy my Baby Sister dated who was a "Sniper" .

  • “I find deeply fucked up shit fascinating” sameee :,)

  • Lmao!🤣 I hate the word "clout" too! I feel like it's an overused buzz word.

  • Why are people talking about percentages? I'm just lost and confused like "where did you get your numbers?!?!"

  • Since he'd met the chic in FL, he shldv just stated that women was a friend

  • could you make a video on the lana controversy?

  • I'm French and I love the way you read ''Stéphane Bourgoin''

  • I am a cereal killer I drown them in milk every morning

  • how gilderoy lockhart of him :/

  • Living for the outfit! 😍 Where did you get it from?

  • He sounds like he wants to be dexter

  • Can we please please get a video on you addressing the whole Lana writing the letter to the culture thing thanks

  • I like how she nails the names in here. She is SO good at pronouncing. Omg

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  • Hi im french and i just wanted to explain one or two things . He created the scam in the 80s ( no internet back then) , no one would really trace it like nowadays and Serial Killers werent well known in France back then. Thats how he created his character . He stole others profiler's stories and claimed he solved everything himself (he did that with a South African killer , once again very hard to trace back them). Once he started to be "famous" he got the opportunity with France 3 ( a tv channel ) to interviews serial killers because he had a journalist accreditation ! France 3 thought he did it 60 times already when it was actually the first time he even put a foot in a parlor ! After the raise of internet he was already famous and invited on all the frenchs shows to talk about current investigation ( Michel Fourniret , Marc Dutroux ect ... ) and tha's how he had the opporunities to write books and promote themselves..