A "joke" that is just weird

Publicado el 26 feb 2021
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    • @Joana Aaltonen Okei, hyvä, että löytyy. :D Ja kiva bongata suomalainen kommenteista! Nää mainostetut kengät vois kieltämättä olla kätevät kesällä sillo ku on neljä vuodenaikaa saman päivän aikan.

    • @Sweetinsane Paljon kiitoksia vastauksestasi! Olin vain utelias näistä kengistä. Minulla on todella mukavat Sarva- ja Icebug-saappaat, joilla on hyvä pito! :)

    • @Joana Aaltonen Erittäin epätodennäköstä, että nää soveltuis sellaseen keliin. Lenkkarit ei ylipäätään oo hyvät talvikengät. Kannattaa hankkia vähintäänki nilkkurit joissa on kunnon pohjat niin paksuuden ku urienkin puolesta, että pysyy jalat lämpiminä ja pystyssä jäisellä kelillä. Ja tolla hinnalla saa kyllä kunnon kengät Suomestakin. Suosittelen tutustumaan Pomarin kenkiin. Täysin suomalainen yritys, joten kengät soveltuu Suomen talveen eikä niitä roudata toiselta puolelta maailmaa koska kengät valmistetaan Virossa, eikä missään orjatehtaalla esim. Kiinassa. Hyvän näkösiä kenkiä ja heiltä löytyy myös vegaanikenkiä (tosin ota huomioon, että vegaani tarkoittaa todennäköisesti muovia). ^^

    • These shoes would be amazing in Northwestern Ontario 🇨🇦 🙂👍🏻thank you for sharing!!!

    • @denisejustdenise I don't have tik tok either lol but you can see this in the vid at around 2:47 you'll see her vid description at the bottom and for her second vid it's at around 6:53 if your curious.

  • NooOOOOOoo. ✨✨

  • I know this shouldn't be a important thing, but I legit can't get over how ugly she is. I usually don't care, but still. Also going through your child's room without their knowledge is just invasive and rude.

  • Can someone give me a link to this video? I wanted to see it and I can't find it

  • can we talk about "boy mom" culture, though? because this fits right in with it. There's something incredibly off about the moms who brand themselves as "boy moms" (as this woman did in the video). It will be in their bios, and every hashtag. Like it's their whole personality. You don't see that with mothers of daughters, though, and I find that interesting.

  • The part that came off weird was her initial video making it seem like she was owed and a gift when she's not his girlfriend but also saying she's the first woman in his life in such a way that comes off in a less than platonic way.

  • It's not a joke it's a covert incest

  • I do not have a son yet. but i really hope i dont end up smothering him and turning him into a mama's boy. But omg I love my babies. I want my kids to grow up get married and have babies all under my same roof lol Just move your husband and wives in... Lol whats that saying? it takes a village to raise a child or something lol I love my parents so much if they let me i would live with them forever and grow my family and help take care of them when theyre old lol

  • Ew mothers like this make me sick

  • It's just as obnoxious as the "fathers threatening boyfriends on prom night" stereotype/meme.

  • This is why when I have a child, I won't post pictures of them to social media or post post info about them until they are old enough to consent and do consent! Teaching children consent is important, and I can't expect them to respect me if I don't respect their privacy. Not to mention how uncomfortable it can make a child.

  • I think the “joke” was weird but in my family Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love not just romantic love, any kind of love. So I can see why she might have thought she was receiving a gift for that reason but she definitely took it too far.

  • It is clearly a joke. It seems like you'll have shit mom's if you can't get it

  • 11:26 As the son the fact that she did that will make me feel like my Mom feels like what she did was right if thought it was ok to film that in anger.

  • 6:24 I'm sorry that's too weird I think there's atleast emotional invest involved.

  • I can't see the words on the tik toks well enough to read it.

  • I think this is a cultural gap issue. This kind of behavior is weirdly accepted and common with the types of people that I grew up around (and yes it is toxic) but compared to our increasingly more progressive culture, this seems ultra horrifying. It sounds like a lot of jealous/possessive teasing that I have witnessed in (no offense) lower income, more rural communities (how I was raised) I'm not saying it's okay, I'm just saying it doesn't surprise me at all. It sounds like the underlying issue is her being lonely or maybe she has been a single mom and is sad her sons are growing up etc. and is used to being their number one. Like I said, she could absolutely stand to work on it, but it is common enough where she probably thought she would get validation from other moms and not so much hate. And then of course do the classic "why are you guys so obsessed with me?" move. This is just what emotionally underdeveloped people act like basically.

  • I don’t know how I ended up on this video, but that first Tiktok was very creepy and incesty AF. It also creeps me out to no end when people are like: “A mom/dad is a child’s first love!” Like... no. That’s perverse.

  • Mothers and sisters who act like this are my biggest fear and biggest pet peeve. My partner has a sister who acts like this woman and it's so.. disgusting. Just because you were there first doesn't mean I'm suddenly not allowed to exist

  • Ahh so crazy story actually dated a guy who’s mom was legit stuck to his ass 24/7 she would constantly tell me I would never be able to live up to her expectations because she did everything perfect ☺️ we discussed moving out together one day and she said no because she loves her baby too much . There is more to the story just know it got weird and I’m no longer in that relationship. That women is just a fucking weirdo .

  • No idea what her tick tock was about because that print is way too small to read a

  • An important part of being a parent is letting your children go. It's normal for them to fall in love and shift the love and attention away from you. I know it's a great feeling to be the center of the world for your children but clinging onto that and expecting to be the number one for the rest of their lives is simply toxic and destructive.

  • tbh my dad has always got his kids valentines day gifts. Even now and im 24 with 8 other siblings. Its normally just chocolate and maybe a stuffed animal but i always thought it was sweet. and obviously my mom got the best gifts but i just thought id mention my 2cents. I never believed many parents did that but i definetly dont see it as weird?

  • this hair omg purrrrrr

  • side note, did u people see that in ny someone anonymously petitioned the court to be able to marry their child. they also didnt post genders so we dont know if it’s a mom or dad etc.

  • Am i the only one who gets the joke? My mom made this exact joke when i bought my boyfriend a gift in highschool....... almost the exact words too ‘ill always be your first love. I deserve the gifts.’ I really dont think this is a big deal- unless i missed something. I see moms overshare all the time on the internet- embarrassing photos/life updates- and I dont think thats right at all. This just didnt seem like that

  • I think oversharing is dangerous for the individual but a net positive to society because it lets the people who care for the individual know what they’re really dealing with

  • Tik tok is a sick place. Fck. Delete social media.

  • Wait, what?! And there's me worrying about money when my son decides to go to med school when the pandemic hit us. 😁

  • My initial reaction is to give benefit of the doubt, and she made it in good humor...making this comment a few minutes into the video so hopefully this doesn’t go any further lol

  • That lady is creepy af and definitely toxic

  • I always wonder with these people who over share online, aren’t they conscious about people in their lives? I’m happy to air out my cringey tumblr days but equally don’t want my sister, colleagues, peers etc to know all that about me

  • I have a son. Moms who act like this are fucking weird and toxic and are the types of moms who drive their sons away because how dare their sons love another woman other than them.

  • Yuck

  • As a youngish mom of a son, ew. Wtf?!

  • my ex’s mom was the root of all of our problems and that’s bc she was obsessed w him. it’s gross and i felt so unwelcome in the house every time i saw her. she was nice for the first 3-4 months i dated him but after that she was hell.

  • This whole thing reminds me of the song mother by Pink Floyd

  • If it was a joke , she’d have said “crazy moms be like” or whatever

  • This is some reverse oedipus complex stuff, it's ridiculous.

  • I love that wig on you it’s perfect

  • I've never ever found it funny when a parent invades their kids' privacy. That's never really BEEN funny to me, mainly because it happened to me and it lead to a huge breakdown in my own familial relationships. The only way I understand people finding that funny is just when a parent on TV gets caught mid-snooping and dragged by the child whose privacy they're invading (which I think was common on mid 2000s Disney Sitcoms?)

  • Do not have kids

  • THIS IS SO STUPID! It’s cute and u don’t understand cause you don’t have kids! Lost a sub

    • no ur just crazy asf lmao, like my aunt

  • It’s not a big deal. This is why I don’t have tic tok. I would hate to post something and get a bunch of 15 year olds attacking me for no reason. Jesus

  • I think she just overprotective, that all

  • It's not weird or toxic to the mother if she has narcissistic tendencies.

  • I think she just needs attention. And I don't think she cares about her children's safety.

  • This is partly why I never will mention anything about children, they do not need to be attached with you online

  • I'm looking forward to my 21 year old son to have a relationship. I trust him and his judgment so I imagine being friends with the lucky woman who touches his heart

  • Is her son 6 years old. I cannot read the small blurry words on my phone. I wish you could read it to us

  • Reminds me of some stuff my mom used to say to my brother... from my observations of her, I think it was due to her not having good relationships with men, and then when she finally created one on her own, she was very afraid to lose it. It did push him away... it makes the receiver of the comments/ attention feel very out of control of their own life and their own bodies (she never touched him or made inappropriate comments, he still felt controlled by her antics and really struggled to find himself after she died). Sad for all parties involved when mothers do this kinda thing... no matter what it was borne of.

  • I absolutely took it as a joke. I don’t think she should have put that online but to joke with a friend about the situation like that wouldn’t be alarming at all. I don’t think she was being serious

  • Vessi sucks. They sent our money back and never sent the shoes and said we asked them to be sent back.... I hope other people had a better experience. This was the first time I tried to buy a product that was promoted online and it was pretty disappointing. I love watching your videos though and I always get excited for your analysis of the world.

  • Must be going through a hard divorce

  • Granted, I'm female, but I gave my Mom something for Valentine's Day every year. So I don't consider giving a parent something for Valentine's at all weird. But I do agree that it's an invasion of privacy to go into the kid's room. It would be different if she had done it because she suspecr drug use or something.

  • See my mom makes jokes like that... but she doesn't post online about it. She just says to my brother "Oh I better be more important than your girl" and then laughs. She always says "I'm kidding." I think posting about it was just weird and concerning. I think if you're gonna make a joke like that just say it to your family, not the whole world.

  • She gives me (future) crazy mother-in-law vibes.

  • Extremely childish, stupid and bitter woman who clearly hates her life. Ladies; get a hobby!

  • Young people over share and say they're drunk crying over their ex while old people over share and share their bank details to some dodgy text from your 'bank' or them videoing someone else

  • wow that kind of hair suits you girl

  • My brothers always got Valentines for my mom so it does happen but my mom is never ever like this woman and I still give my mom valentines gifts

  • If only there were a day dedicated each year where you appreciate and give your mother a gift or something?🤔 I dunno...maybe that's a crazy idea? One of my biggest peeves is a parent over sharing their child. My mom is OBSESSED with her social media and her image and is CONSTANTLY posting multiple times a day. I've had to ask her not to make posts about me or share my stuff without my consent because she's gone as far as taking stuff from my personal accounts or going through my room to find stuff to post about (notably my paintings or artbook) and even still to this day I'm struggling with it. What I've posted is what I've consented to the world seeing and that's it. Because if this it's led to random people from her social media messaging or liking my stuff and it REALLY creeps me out... I quite honestly despise parents with social media and I absolutely hate everything about this.

  • This is the opposite of the mom I’m gonna be I’m excited as hell to see my son fall in love and find that happiness in life and I’m gonna be the one who taught him how to treat her right because men have been such shit to me but he’s my little baby man rn and will soon be someone else’s adult husband and it’s my job he gets there good.

  • Cant read the tik tok girl

  • I think she hoped the gift was for her and she wanted, but since she didn't got it, then I think she wanted to shame her son with that tiktok, and since she didn't got lots of comments like "oh, what a bad son. you should had something for your mom as well" she called it being a "joke" (what I can agree what's not funny). If mom would post something like that about my brother family members would think if she's ok, and wouldn't see it as normal

  • Mmm she can say she isn’t molesting her kids but has zero right to say she ain’t toxic 🤷

  • *protecting a daughters virginity* “Which is another topic I could scream about for years” SO THEN DO IT. PREACH GIRL PREACH!

  • Imma be honest, knowing the kinds of people who are on tiktok, I think what she meant by a “joke” is that I was entirely fabricated. Like a skit that she came up with. Cause that seems pretty common now, for people to make up entirely fake situations in the name of entertainment and clout

  • Is there any way you can voice over the silent parts of your video?

  • It didn't seem like a joke with how it was framed but my mom makes jokes like that all the time, sometimes worded the same way, to and about my sister's husband and brother's wife and she loves them so it could have been one, honestly. It's not a "punchline" joke, it's a "behavior"one. That doesn't make it a good joke and it doesn't make it less creepy but I don't think it's as bad as people see it as. Especially since I knew a guy with a mother who actually thought that way and she wouldn't have ever heard about the girlfriend, and it is a hilarious sentiment to think she'd give him permission to see a girl at all. Either way, it's creepy but she didn't deserve those messed up accusations.

  • Hey more adverts and sponsorship talk PLEASE that's what I love the most about your channel It's a real shame

  • My mom was overprotective. I left when I was just a few weeks shy of 18 and went WILD. I'm back to my senses now but looking back on my relationship with her an adult has changed things... A lot

  • When I can't see any of the text at all in those tik toks 😢

  • “I’m his first love” 🤢 I also hate it when people get called out and then just say lol jk

  • I don’t think she’s actually upset, it seems like a joke to me. Not a good joke, but I just don’t believe she’s actually upset. There are a lot of memes like that on Facebook. It’s kind of along the same lines as jokes with fathers posing for pictures with like guns or whatever (but that’s more extreme). The actual sentiment is bad, but I doubt she actually cares in that way about her son having a gf

  • imagine being a mother and acting this way. she's immature and probably emotionally stunted and committing, like someone else said, emotional incest. i've seen this before, where a parent will treat their child like a spouse (depending on them emotionally and imposing adult responsibilities on them). this makes me kind of sick to see this happening, i worry about her children and i hope they're able to heal eventually from what i imagine what their mother is doing to them. (all of this is an opinion, of course, based on my own experience.)

  • I love my vessi sneakers

  • As the mother of a son, this is so creepy! She's clearly got it twisted. Thats her son not a boyfriend. She should be happy he has a girlfriend. So many young men today are lonely. This is sad and messed up.

  • The T.I thing is totally different to me now that he's being investigated for sexually assaulting women and men.

  • Lmaooo wtf is that. I had to pause to comment after the tik tok. Sounds like my ex mother in law. You can have your son back btw. I have a toddler boy. I can’t imagine acting like that when he starts dating? Wow.

  • I mean I get my mom a "Valentines" day present, but it also happens to be her birthday lol

  • I can't believe the TI thing was a year ago... time died with the pandemic.

  • who in their right mind buys a VALENTINES gift for they PARENTS??

  • To the girlfriend ..... Runnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!

  • Uhhhh.... Id be embarrassed wtf lol I get where shes coming from but hun no. Mama you cant say that lol your boy needs to grow up and be a man. Not a mamas boy.

  • soo true how over protective parents end up having their kids run far away and be wild the second they’re 18 or go to college. literally saw it happen with too many people i know..my parents always knew what they were doing and never over stepped or made me feel like i can’t trust them, that’s how i want to raise my kids

  • just ew.

  • Even if it’s a joke, it’s just weird. Imagine her son or his girlfriend seeing that

  • she was way too serious and weird in the original video for it to have just been a joke

  • How have these companies and marketing teams turned "vegan" into synonymous for eco-friendly? You know vegan apparel actually means? Plastic pollution. As opposed to natural leather or wool that is biodegradable. Vegan products suck

  • Hold on Americans get their parents gifts for Valentine’s Day? In my country Valentine’s Day is when people in relationships give each other gifts etc

  • Mothers relying on their sons to shower them in gifts, love, and attention to mask their bitterness of not having a significant other or partner. I am not saying they shouldn’t be loved or have attention, but being bitter about him giving attention or gifts to his significant other is just weird. This is coming from someone who doesn’t have a good relationship with either parent so my view may differ from another.

  • As a boy mom... I'm trying to raise an independent man, who will someday be a good human, a great partner and dad. Mothers need to let their son's grow up and step aside. This is too crazy and disgusting. 😑😑😑

  • Oversharing is "a thing" these days (not positive thing though, personally, I think it's really damaging), but people over 30 should really know better.

  • The whole intact hymen = virgin thing is a bogus myth. Most of our humans are torn just with wear and tear in childhood (gymnastics, bike riding, etc.) Humans aren't constructed as they're portrayed. That's super freaking cringey and weird there, T.I.

  • Narcissistic mother... such people think that everything should be about them.

  • If I ever saw my mom posting tik toks like this, I’m taking her phone 😂

  • i don’t know, my parents have always gotten my siblings and i gifts for valentine’s day ever since we were little. like candy and all. it is so weird though how upset she is getting that her SON didn’t get HER anything.

  • I genuinely pity whichever woman marries this boy, and I feel really sad for the boy as well. I don’t think there is anything untoward going on sexually, that’s just gross people jump to that. However, women using their sons as a surrogate husband are sadly all too common. From my experience it’s usually a woman who had the son as a product of a failed relationship, so all that love and infatuation she would’ve shown to a significant other, is thrust upon the kid. She feels she sacrificed everything for the kid so no “bitch” will come between them. Like you mentioned Giulia, people saying she should be proud she raised a boy that’s sweet and thoughtful enough to want to buy his little girlfriend a present. Unfortunately, she’ll probably be like this the rest of his life, and as he gets more serious with women later in life, the level of crazy will increase. I feel so bad for men raised like this because on one hand they having a loving mother that would sacrifice anything for them and that’s wonderful, but on the other hand they literally have such fucked up relationships *because* of that intensity of “it’s us against the world” they were raised with. They either make phenomenal husbands but after they have to more or less cut the mother off, or they have a string of failed relationships because no one comes before mommy.

  • With her being as jealous as she was, I'm not saying there's some kind of incest shit going on there, but based on her reaction, it really makes me Wonder. She's acting as if they're in a bf/gf relationship and she's being cheated on. I really wonder wtf is going on here.