A grim tiktok connection

Publicado el 10 mar 2021
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    • I considered it, as one who is really into chocolate and supplements, until I saw the word "vegan" aka "d-bag superiority complex vegetarian". I was around since before that self-righteous term was normalized, my dear. No shade on you. I was just born far too early to not get repulsed by that term. I respect absolutely all versions of vegetarianism until they adopt the "vegan" label unless they are so young they are unaware of the self-righteous "I'm more special than my special brethren that I will make up a word for me and those who go as far as I do" origin. It's like they perceive vegetarianism as a religion and they made up their own denomination. That existed before in ancient Europe as an actual anti-death religion where they wore special shoes and walked a special way to not step on bugs and carefully only ate plant matter and drank only water and plant juices... that minority-embraced fad was unsustainable despite being super-idealistic back then too.

    • Probably already aware with so many comments already but pretty sure that's not❄snow🌨. Looks more like soap bubbles. Doesn't change anything but I know how important facts & correct information is 2 u personally or at least that's the way u come across. 😊

    • I'm not trying to drag, just more concerned. This video is nowhere near your usual quality. 9:30 before patrons. 3 ads. 3 minutes on sponsors. I have a hard time thinking somethings not right, and you don't seem organized. Seriously not dragging. You seem off.

    • First time I’ve watched anything on this story. Absolutely heartbreaking. 😢

    • The giraffe and Clair Miller are two different cases. I did some reasearch on tiktok and found the girl and the giraffe. It was this girls little sister just trying to scare her friends.

  • reminds me of the kid on riverdale who accidentally killed someone and then the actor who played him ACTUALLY murdered his mother.

  • I feel most bad for the father, he will have to live the rest of his life with this horrific tragedy.

  • I think it might be appropriate for a warrant to tictok data just in case. And they need to verify without a doubt that the two are the same person. They do look alike but I can't say 100 percent they are the same person without enough investigation.

  • It genuinely terrifies me how severe some people's ableism is. Disabled people are murdered too often. She, along with all of those like her, are pure evil. Disabled lives are worth living and I'm tired of abled people deciding otherwise.

  • this is actually terrible i feel so bad for the father

  • Ok but Tiktoks without music are really unnerving 🧿👄🧿

  • WON'T SOMEBODY PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN?? Fuck, I used to feel guilty as a kid(probably old enough to suck some tik-tok) when I pinched some cigarettes from the old-man. Perspective is such a telling thing. Compared to killing your disabled sibling it seems strange now that I even remember it. I had no access to 'the world' like kids today.....maybe this has shifted their boundaries. I was a big fish in a small pond, these kids are small fishes in a big pond & it must be so easy to feel insignificant. I love the internet because I remember when even mobile phones didn't exist & my access to the world is in excess of anything I dreamed of as a kid. But if we are not careful it will destroy us. It blows me away the spread of mis-information... fake news spreads five times faster on Twitter than real news.

  • Tiktok is toxic!!

    • Agree...its true every platform has dark side but some platforms are too unregulated and made for darkness.

  • The bloody glove looks like it is on a marble slab to me

  • But, what about the girl that made the video making a second one showing that it was a joke and not connected to the murder.

  • The fact that the sister was murdered during cerebral palsy awareness month...whether or not it was motivated through ableism, this is sickening

  • Families of disabled people need just as much support and help that the disabled people need. Suicides and murders are far too common among the family

  • The account was hers. It shared her same name before it was taken down (I managed to scroll through it before it was deleted). The "bloody images" were not hers. They were from an ARG type of thing that these 2 people were working on

  • My older sister has cerebral palsy, wheelchair bound for life and needs service. I could never imagine STABBING HER. I don’t understand how someone could do this, what the fuck

  • i feel like the crime was at least partially fueled by ableism, seeing as how Helen Miller, rest her soul, had cerebral palsy. for this girl to target someone who is so reliant on those around her to be compassionate and caring... it makes me so nauseous.

  • lol, why did we have to sit through the dad dancing?

  • damn I didn't think you were the type to support and promote pseudoscience. kinda sucks.

  • not sure if anyone has pointed this out (surely someone has,) but there is someone shown in a wheelchair in some of the tiktoks

  • This is sad because that part of Pennsylvania just so much like a murder in those towns it don't happen. I was raised north of that town. Its just rare unless your talk about Reading.

  • As long as the chocolate vitamins are just for adults then I 100% support! We know kids aren’t the best when it comes to candy control. I was a kid who used to eat a lot of gummy vitamins because I was stupid

  • Of course it’s her. You can even catch a glimpse of her sister (rest in piece) in the background in one of her videos.

  • i saw that bloody giraffe video late one night while was scrolling thru my fyp and it triggered really bad derealization and sent me into a panic attack. i woke up my mom to show her the video and she kept telling me it was fake and not to freak out to try and help me calm down. knowing that mightve been connected to an actual murder is fcking terrifying. i just think its so crazy that even tho it was just blood-like liquid on a toy (which very easily couldve been completely fake) it still really triggered something in me that made me feel absolutely sick. really weird. the whole thing is rlly sad, i hope she gets justice.

  • It is 100% true

  • It’s gotta be her

  • The juxtaposition of bloody glove on what appeared to be bubbles from a bubble bath was jarring

  • It sounds ĺike the type of pact spmeone makes when they have a progressive illness, that they dont want to go on living after the disability gets to a certain point.

  • im pretty sure in one of her videos you can see a girl in a wheelchair, so thats pretty telling

  • I read about this while I was in the mental hospital. I live in Lancaster County.

  • About your statement with TikTok helping with more cases, I agree. There are several people I follow that hit hard on open cases and one in particular is a male tiktoker that has had serial killers actually mail him threats and his followers have found the source! There are so many people out here in social media who have the time and patience to research and solve a lot of these crimes. Social media has its downfalls but there are also a ton of upsides. I hope the family finds justice and peace.

  • Tiktok is dumb and I miss when your channel wasn't always some attention grabbing douche from it 😒

  • It's her, I remember the pfp of Reigen. Her username was Hanazawas_wig and the sister in the video was in a wheelchair. I remember the way she looked and when I heard "TikToker who killed her sister", I knew it was her. Three things that line up. You can't tell me otherwise

  • It’s 100% her and she should definitely be tried as an adult. A 14 year old should definitely be charged as an adult for murder.

  • You can literally see the young woman in a wheel chair in the clips you posted. This is clearly the same suspect.

  • holy shat this happened in Lancaster?? i live like half an hour east of there, that’s sickening 😭

  • Yooo I’m student teaching at the school she went to!

  • Why the fake long nails 💅??

    • Maybe because she likes wearing em :)

  • I didn’t realize people were questioning whether it was her or not, yeah it’s definitely her. The pictures I thought was a skit done by people who had nothing to do with the other girl but I’m not sure.

  • The snow picture is a smoking gun. When the police came she was “washing” her hands in the snow.

  • Love the wig and makeup. Its giving me early 2000s Britney

  • Her chin and jaw is extremely distinctive

  • She got them soulless fish eyes fr tho 👀

  • She used to talk about the dark side of Tumblr so I feel like we're just moving to talk about the dark side of tik tok

  • I'd eat a whole thing of that vitamin in a day :,(

  • The glove is on soap suds Seems like she was trying to wash the evidence Only to be stupid enough to out herself--

  • I also feel like parents of disabled children tend to force the care provided to the disabled children onto siblings. Which no. You are not responsible for that unless you legally consent. Which is another issue the disabled community refuses to look into. However, it doesn’t warrant killing her.

  • Why’d she kill her sister?

  • You need to get over your problem with the daily mail. Sometimes they are the only news outlet reporting on things you are talking about or find newsworthy. Hence why you end up using them despite your problem. Maybe think about that for a bit and put your biases and preconceived notions aside 🤔 Why is daily mail the only news outlet reporting on these toxic and harmful stories?

  • I have a god sister who has cerebral palsy. Seeing this disgusts and hurts me. I can’t even begin to imagine how a person can be so cruel and horrible.

  • the whole case is so sad :'( and god, that giraffe haunts me... eugh... it looks so fleshy and ominous, and the singular black eye staring at the camera.... i didn't know i could develop a new fear but here we are-

  • Holy sh*t i live in PA she was just recently transferred to a women's prison in another town close to me (20mins). She was legit mentioned several times in my civics and government class by my teacher. I had no idea this started on ticktock.

  • No matter the crime, a minor should never be charged as an adult. Never. It is horrible what she did, but she's still a teenager??? Most likely she needs help. I kinda find it horrendous ppl are treating this with such little respect, not just for the minor but also for her sister that she allegedly killed. There are so many aspects to this case, but I just had to say that because I see only comments calling a literal child sick and twisted.

    • Most people understand from the age of like 7 that you don't attack other people, let alone slash your own disabled sister's throat with a massive ass knife. I don't care that she's a teenager, she's old enough to understand that killing people is wrong, she's mentally capable of understanding that, yet she still did it. Does she need help? Maybe, but since she thinks it's all fine and dandy to make the executive decision to end her own sister's life, I hope she gets whatever help but I also hope she's tried as an adult. The reason children are usually charged as children is because it's likely their brain's out of whack and they don't exactly fully understand what they're doing. To claim a 14 year old with enough clear understanding of how to end a human life is not intelligent or mentally capable enough to understand that killing someone isn't right is reaching even farther than the space rovers.

  • My mom and I were talking about this when the case came to light, as Lancaster is an hour from us. I'm not sure when it became about her TikTok tbh. I've seen people blame the parents, but honestly, she was old enough that you'd think you can trust her with her sister. I can't imagine how they feel.


  • I'been waching this chanel for like a year and I always though she looked familiar, I finally know why Mai from Avatar 🤯

  • Rest In Peace, Helen.

  • Those toys have been confirmed fake, the creator came out and said it wasn’t linked to the case she was trying to be “artsy”. The victim just happened to have a very similar giraffe toy.

  • oh god the fact that she has reigen, one of the kindest characters i know of, as her profile picture is... weirdly disturbing.

  • hellyeah they store that shit in servers. probably whole parks of em. if you delete it ,I suspect its not completely gone. if they find something the metadata will be a treasure. pretty sure they have the right girl tiktok has a lot of info about you. even if you close an app it still has access to your phone I'd assume (not the only one). you can also try reading the privacy agreement for a glimpse. also pretty sure with tiktoks pr team they knew at least hours before taking that action. just timeline wise thought id put it in perspective.

  • of course this happened in pennsylvania i hate it here. i’m one county over 🥴

  • okay, next time I'm listening to trigger warnings.. no matter how much horror I read and for how long, humans are the scariest.

  • Yes it's her. I also so what she posted after the death of her disabled sister. It was very bloody and gruesome.

  • I hope TikTok just made her profile un-viewable to the public & that they didn’t delete it as a whole. Potentially her page could have held a lot of evidence & if they just wiped it away completely then they screwed up big time.

  • My brother is special needs adult and I could never raise a hand to him. He depends on us for everything. I couldn't imagine anyone harming him. There poor parents must be devastated they have lost there family

  • Not really devil's advocate or anything, but hear me out. I read a little bit on it and it didn't seem like the girls had any issues previously, and it doesn't seem super violent. The way it was done and the timing with the parents being asleep....what if the older sister asked her to do it? I say that as someone with MS who is going thru a flare up right now. I'd be lying if I said not living in pain never crossed my mind. No need to worry tho, I'm not going anywhere, promise. But I would hate to find out that's what happened and now Claire's life is ruined essentially. Sad all around if that is the case. If it's not, then may the law get her to their fullest extent.

  • That is her

  • Looks like the glove was in soap bubbles. Like they were going to wash it or washed something else.

  • You can see her sister in a wheelchair in the background of the TikToks. It’s definitely her.

  • It's still so surreal that she was following me.

  • That is DEFINITELY her because in the compilation of her dad, you see a women in a wheel chair in the background of some of the clips. This is very sad, I wish you at least trigger warning ableism as well. It’s sad to see people who would hurt their own family members simply for having a disability. Those are the same people. It’s haunting to see her sister alive smiling in the background when u do get a glimpse of her in that compilation. I also feel bad for the dad, he literally lost BOTH his kids. And he seems like a really good father as well. :(

  • immediatly after it happened, I searched it up and news said she did it because of some cult on tiktok I was like wtf which cult the danganronpa fandom?

  • As a mom of two young daughters I’m just thinking about how awful this must be for the parents. Imagine losing one kid so abruptly and in such a horrific way and then having to go through court with the other one and losing them as well because they’ll ultimately spend the rest of their life in prison(hopefully). The sadness, the grief, the anger and resentment... awful.

  • Rip to the girl, hope she’s in heaven with the lord and that her father is managing. I deal with someone like this too, taking the appropriate measures to distance myself and be aware until I can move out. Jealousy is dangerous, psychopaths are dangerous.

  • why are there always girl tiktokers who kill

  • they’ve debunked all the fake blood photos

  • Really off topic, but omg your makeup is soo so pretty😍

  • Off topic but I’m jealous how pretty you are with blonde pretty in any color but idk you just pull off the blonde in ways I never could pull off 😍

  • rip to helen. fly high

  • To kill/harm someone who is already at a disadvantage is disgusting how could she do that- she didn't have a chance to escape she was defenseless 😭

  • Ok i get that blood on a toy from the murder of a human should have a trigger warning but I also find it incredibly odd how you didn't put a better trigger warning on that video where the lady literally turned a cat into a full on hat! srly I had major issues after seeing that. I didn't expect to see a full freaking cat, essentially hollowed out and used as a fashion piece. I thought maybe it would just be some fur or something. This just really got to me after seeing this video and knowing how careful you typically are with your trigger warnings. I really appreciate all the other warnings but when it was something that really affects me I didn't get that warning and honestly I can still see it in my head now even though i closed my eyes quickly and had my husband skip that part. I also really wish you had put a tldr regarding what was said in that tik tok vid. so i could have gotten a fuller picture. My husband was nice enough to read it out to me omitting some of the worst info.

  • I live in Lancaster... it’s her. I didn’t know people were debating that. I can confirm 100 percent it was her.

  • Yeah there's no way in hell they're different people

  • what is the actual length of your hair

  • This crime happened in my area. I’ve been reading about this crime for a few weeks, but I had no idea about the TikTok connection. If it’s any solace, the local news is covering the crime rather than the TikTok details. Also, props for pronouncing Lancaster correctly. You definitely do your research✨

  • pls talk about everything that’s going on w david dobrik! i’d love to hear your opinion even tho i feel like you feel the same as most of us, disgusted..

  • Communist spyware.

  • I can't even imagine what that family is going through. They must be going through hell.

  • *sees her tiktok username* nO why must she tarnish the legacy of Reigen Arataka like this!!!!!!!

  • It’s so weird seeing this story make it to channels like this because this happened in my town about 5 mins away from me. I know people who know the younger sister. This whole thing is really sad. She’s now being held in our city prison which is not a place I would want to be. I can’t imagine how her parents feel right now.

  • off-topic but I got a map's snap Giraffejackson02 he was on Omegle asking me for nudes (I said I was 13)

  • I usually dislike female content creators for lack of substance but that is not you I hope your following grows larger and I’m here for ur content!!!!

  • At 4:43 in the background there seems to be someone in a wheelchair, and again at 5:01, if that helps at all.

  • Hey so I don't know if you will even see this, it doesn't have anything to do with this video but I can't find your video I was just watching. Well I guess you have a sponsorship that ships out monthly vitamins for specific needs. So I wrote down your cold so I could get the 50% off but when I went to place my order they wouldn't accept the code and I ended up paying twice as much as I was expecting and they gave me no option to cancel it. I know that you probly don't have anything to do with that but if you could maybe talk to whoever set that up for you and tell them that it is not working and I would like my $30 back

  • That picture of the bloody toy is haunting

  • I was near manheim for work the other day holy crap

  • it is confirmed because in the background of the tiktok of her dad you can see her sister in her wheelchair, and it is the exact same as the police photos of her. There is not a coincidence that a doupleganger of her would have a sister in a wheelchair who is identical to the victim.

  • I got her vid on my fyp and didn't think anything of it until I went in the comments and everyone was saying she's a murderer, I then went through her hole page just to see what was up and I saved the vid I got on my fyp

  • Just found this channel about a week ago and I'm addicted 😅 Always got love for a commentator who is genuine and stays with the facts! 👏

  • The crazy thing is the day I saw a guy post about her in a tiktok was about 30 minutes after I saw one of her anime tiktoks come up on my fyp. I went back and was shocked... After I saw the news story tiktok, I googled the girls name and the news story came up and then went to her profile. You could see her sister in the back ground of a few of her tiktoks which was sad. Some kids claiming to be her online friends were saying her parents made her take care of the sister and she was tired of it etc. I don't know how true it is, but a lot of her tiktok "friends" were saying she wasn't sleeping because her sister was making noise all hours of the night and that made her snap... Then they took the account down. I didn't know if any of it was true or not because you don't really know if they knew this girl personally.

  • In one of those tiktoks you included, I spotted a girl in a wheelchair behind/next to her dad. That was the kicker for me, and now I am certain that indeed this girl is the one who killed her sister. What are the odds that the accused killer is someone who looks identical to the tiktoker also had a sister in a wheelchair?