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  • Unfortunately I’ve had a couple of these experiences, I was able to come out of them safely because of what my parents taught me, they never downplayed or were censored when talking about this type of stuff. I’m very grateful to them for being so uncensored, because I was able to protect myself in those situations.

  • Its sad that I've listened to so many scary stories that I know what story she was talking about in the first story lmao

  • Are these real?

  • #1 has happened to me.. I stopped an unknown woman walking towards us and faked she was my friend from childhood.. she looked at the man and was in on the "childhood friend' thing.. We are actually friends now..

  • When I was a young teenager, I was waiting for the train and saw this big guy getting really close to this girl next to me (she was probably late teens to early 20s). He was getting really pushy and was asking her to go dancing repeatedly, but when she said no he started asking why not, and started asking some really personal creepy questions. That's when she stepped back and looked towards me and said "this is my little brother, he loves that area, I think you guys would be great friends if you're okay with driving him there." Me, not understanding what was going on at that time, just awkwardly waved to him and said hi. That's when he looked at me and just said "fuck you, you aint worth it." I thought it was something he had against me until I told my parents about what happened and they explained to me what was really going on

  • One night I got off my train after work and this girl ran up to me, very distressed. She was mouthing/ whispering "Pretend you know me, pretend you know me" She was shaking and almost crying. So I went along and yelled "Hey You!" to her and we started walking together , to exit the platform. She hissed "There's a guy hassling me, really bad things he's saying" She pointed at this overweight young guy, the only other person who disembarked. I thought I could take him on so I yelled out " OI You!!" He pretended not to hear and started walking quickly away. A Coward! So i starting screaming at him and ran at him. He jumped off the platform and ran across the line towards some factories. He didn't see the razor wire! Hit it at full steam and fell ass over head. I ran back to the girl , she had managed to record this creep on video while she was being harassed, lots of audio and some video. It was vile stuff. I thought "Fuck it" and rang the cops and stayed with the girl till they came. They were quick! Then a chopper turned up, more cops, we made a statement, cops watched the video... The cops were having a ball! It was 2 hours before I got home and I know it sounds a bit over the top calling the cops ( and their reaction) but as one of the cops said " You may have prevented some potential crimes in the future." They caught the guy later that night. I was never called in as a witness when the case came to trial and the guy only got a good behavior bond. But a conviction was recorded and he's in the system as a sex offender now. Always call the authorities if you are sexually harassed, don't let it slide. Nip these perverts behavior in the bud and protect other potential victims.

  • The only hopeful part of this video is how damn pretty you look with black hair.

  • Man. That is messed up.

  • I know this isnt a r/letsnotmeet but since i was like 12 i lived in a family were we did karate together and a boy who has known me for over 10 ish years had taken pictures of me in my house wear (shorts, loose tops, tank tops) normal things a kid would wear but at the time he was about 4 years older than me. It creeped me out and i knew for a long time but didnt want to say any thing. Finally he tried showing me a nice pic and i scrolled back to far and found a pic of me bent over trying to grab something (i dont trully rember) and i looked at him and said delete all of them. Not long my mom invited him to my birthday after i got word of it i told my dad who confronted him. I dont think he does it any more but im more carefull around him now.

  • Uh...since she was uncomfortable to begin with..why linger? Also...why answer any of those questions to begin with?

  • no one noticed she was shaking? :[ i feel bad

  • "Not all men" yeah but enough to be afriad of.

  • Unrelated... BUT, do you sell merch?! Bc I want to buy some for myself for my birthday 💕🥰

  • I don’t even share my real name with most people. Most of my social media accounts have fake names as well. I tend to be very wary of people in general.

  • My severe social anxiety flipped out the whole time

  • I feel so awful for that first girl I'm so beyond disgusted something like that happened to me with my uber driver he was asking if I was going home if someone was there thank god i was going to my friends house and even if I had gone to mine it is gated and he could never get back in without permission. For the whole night I cried and didn't go to school the next day I truely feel for any woman that has to go thru this it's disgusting and completely petrifying

  • A lot of dudes are like this. I've been followed to the gas station where I called for help and when I went to leave after no one believed me the man sped over to the gas station and tried to grab me. Then everyone at the gas station jumped into action and when I saw help coming I punched the man and slammed his hand in the door. I was 20 but I look younger then that. He was definitely a pedophile. The police didn't do anything to him who at that point fled the scene. The police were going to arrest me for pouncing him and slamming his hand in the door!!!! The crowd started a riot and I was let go.

  • Ugh, I've been stalked by creeps at bus stations a handful of times and it's horrible. It's almost as if they get off by frightening young girls who are alone. Disgusting..

  • Hey i love your channel and i read alot of lets not meet encounters an so i thought perhaps i would share mine with u... It was the end of August I was about 12 or 13 . My parents an my younger brother an i were back to school shopping at Jcpenney. Back then u didnt have to wear a school uniform an so every year right before school my parents would take us back to school shopping for clothes supplies etc. Anyway we were in Jcpenney an decided to split up. My father whom at the time was a police officer took my brother a few isles down but still with in eyesight to look at boy clothes as my mom an i started browsing the girls section. My mom was looking at different jeans when i saw a really cute shirt i wanted to grab an try on so i told my mom i was going to check out the shirt only 3 isles away she nodded an continued looking for jeans. An so i went down the 3 isles sifted through the shirts until i found the color i liked grabbed it off the rack an headed to the try on room. However i was just about to go in when all of a sudden this man stood right infront of me i was going to try an go around him but something told me not to go in to that dressing room. He was tall had on dark pants a black shirt an leather jacket with dark wavyish hair an sunglasses. He said nothing at all but just stood infront of me peering down at me with a smile. Now let me ask have u ever came across someone that u dunno never met but u just get this vibe of undescribable fear as if u just know they are up to no good. Well yea thats exactly how i felt. I swear i was frozen with fear for what seemed like ever but was only a few seconds when i let out this blood curdling scream which caught the attention of my brother an parents. My parents an my brother came rushing over but by the time they got to me he had taken off. Thats when i started bawling it was like all that fear came out in tears once i was calm enough to tell them what happened we decided to go to the front of the store an inform the cashiers an while we were walking to the front lo an behold there that creep was wandering around the kids section with his hands behind his back an whistling he glanced at me an i told my dad that was him. We got to the front an informed the cashier an i think they called the cops im not sure bc we left i was too afraid to stay there anymore. I dunno who he was or what he was up to but i can tell u it wasnt anything good an i am a firm believer had i walked into that dressing room that day i wouldnt be here now. So on that note lets not meet ever again

  • These stories are why girls need to stick together

  • Regarding creepy male acquaintances we’ve prolly had at least once, idk what exactly to make of it? I personally hate it when guys i just met keep pestering me for the next few months or so, despite me not showing any interest??But then when i was discussing this topic with a male friend he said he has seen cases where the girls want to be chased etc. what do u think of this?

  • I have had a few stalkers over the years. Mostly weird exes that were abusive to me yet couldn't get over me. The most disturbing... A little over 3 years ago I had a very short fling with a guy, we will call him D. Now D was showing red flags from the day I met him. I noticed early on he had 2 phones. I noticed he would only meet at night and never took me back to his place- looking back is a blessing. D and I would smoke and bang. That was literally all we did. I had no attachment to him, as I just got out of a 4 year relationship. One day I got a call from D's wife. I knew he had a child, but showed no signs of being married. After I moved over an hour away and changed my settings on social media. D was somehow still able to find me. He sent me flowers to my old house and new house. He made 3 fake profiles on different platforms to try to follow me. To this day he will still call me out of blue from a different random number and I just block the number now. I told my fiance about all of this about 9 months ago, since I had to explain why a strange man was sending me unwanted flowers. Since all of this I am very cautious when speaking or interacting with anyone.

  • A teenage boy (I'm 26) followed me down the street and onto my bus home today and stood on the bottom of the bus steps to watch me sit down and then sat four seats away from me. He moved closer and closer until he was next to me and I said do I know you and the creepy kid smiled and said no what's your name you look great. He kept looking out of the back of the bus and then back at me so I got off and took another bus home. This channel keeps me alert asf

  • Ah hehe,, just 2 days ago i ran into this one dude in my neighborhood who tried to get with me after an hour of meeting and he playfully pointed his gun at me several times as a joke trying to freak me out saying "my fingers arent even near the trigger, it's on safety" LIKE BROH IDC IK U SAID YOU WERE IN A GANG BUT YOU DONT NEEDA BE DOIN THAT no thanks

  • Just wanna say you look amazing with those hair!!

  • Even if the men who do and say these things have some sort of condition and may not understand that it is inappropriate- That doesn't negate the fear that these women experience. It might mean that they are not culpable, but it does not mean that they are always harmless. And it doesn't do much to ease the pain of an assault if one should happen. And I will never understand how the people that know and love these women the best find it so easy to just dismiss them. To tell them that they are overreacting about a situation where a total stranger is asking all those questions...they can't say what the intentions were. They don't know if that stranger is harmless or not. They literally decided to take the side of the man they know nothing about over their own loved one....

  • There is a dodgy looking man that wanders my street daily in Australia. technically he isnt doing anything illegal but he is f*cking creepy. one morning he came to our house to tell us the neighbours dogs might have killed a chicken. he got my dad to knock on the neighbours door and while he was waiting alone with me he said he was adamant he saw us as a family living in our place when i was 1-2. i was alittle weirded out since he was lying we had only been living there 7 years he said he remembers me playing naked in the sand when i was a baby and how i was so cute. after saying that im a very beautiful woman now. he repeated this about 5 times. each time after asking if i wanted to work for him as a cleaner and that i can try his fine wine. i lied each time and said id consider it. he also asked if id go back to his place now and i said no. i said i had to go home now and walked off. since then i have been ignoring him but its hard since he wanders the street. i felt so uncomfortable after my first 2 encounters with him. He looks at least 70 and I'm 22. On another day i went to the local deli and on the way back i saw the sketchy old man walk out of his house and approach 3 kids. the oldest was a girl no older than 13. i heard him mention something about his house (similar to how he started our convo) as i was walking by i looked at him then the kids. I said "be careful around this one" to the oldest girl. i didnt hear the rest of the convo but i like to think she went straight home to tell her mum. since then i have been avoiding him whenever i can but it is difficult when he owns a large vacant lot 2 houses down from mine. that large vacant lot is connected to a more discreet house. I see him watching me walk home from the deli while he sits on a chair. he tries to start conversations with me but i act like he doesnt exist. its the only way i feel comfortable going and getting milk

  • Oh man, here we fucking go- So, for context, I was very young when this happened, a freshman in highschool. I am very short and petite for my age, probably always will be, but I appear a bit more developed than I probably should, particularly in the curve department. I have friends who say that I’m pretty and, after a long time of having issues with myself, my face in particular, I finally agree with them. So, where I live, it’s hot as balls in the summer and no sane person walks around in anymore than a tanktop and shorts. One summer before the end of the first semester, I was feeling really nice. I felt pretty and wanted to show off my good self esteem. I wore this nice black sundress with little white polka dots. Sorry if that’s not needed, I just love that dress. Something I forgot to mention, I have very low vision and can’t really get around without a cane or a sighted guide. So, I take the SpEd bus every morning and afternoon. For any who don’t know, that’s just a short little school bus that comes directly to a SpEd kid’s house for pick up. The bus comes and I’m feeling good, kind of skipping to the bus and up the stairs. That’s where my good day ended. My bus driver, a middle aged Mexican man looks at me and says: “Good morning, beautiful.” I felt a little uncomfortable, but tried to shrug it off as him just seeing my good mood and wanting to be nice. But oh no, oh man, I was so wrong. Throughout the entire bus ride, he’s making comments like that to me. The worst part, I sat in the very front row, so I couldn’t pretend not to hear. The bus pulls up to the school and I just want to get the hell off, but we can’t get off until a certain time when the SpEd teachers open the classroom. So, there I sat, shoulders stiff, just waiting to get off, when the guy himself says, and I kid you not, “You’re gonna have the boys all over you in that dress.” The worst part the sequel, there’s another driver just standing there, not saying anything. A just avoided eye-contact, not hard for me, for the rest of the time and kind of booked it after. I, of course, felt weird all day. I tried telling a friend, but they just shrugged it off and replied with ‘oof.’ The next day, I didn’t want my mood to be ruined by his comments from the day before and thought, ‘Ya know, maybe he realized how creepy he sounded and won’t do it again.’ nope. Right away, I’m greeted by “Hello gorgeous.” Again, whole ride was like that. Then, we’re waiting to be let off and I’m trying to ignore him, staring out the window and, a bad habit I will never get rid of, biting my lips. This guy stands up from his seat, just to walk a few rows back-I didn’t feel comfortable in the front that day-just to say “Stop biting those beautiful lips.” Again, other driver does NOTHING. So, at school, I broke down in biology to my friend, who took it way more seriously than the other one. I started crying into her hoodie and she kind of parented me, walked me to the teacher, asked if we could go to the counselor and everything. She even put up with me breaking down in the middle of the walk there. We told the counselor together and she let me stay unnamed for the report. I got switched immediately to another morning bus, but nothing ever happened to him for it. In fact, every morning, he’s allowed on my new bus to talk to the new drivers. I heard on the wire that he almost quit, which I wish he did. Yet another ‘the worst part’, every single fucking morning, this man will see me and go out of his way to say: “Hey, Sweetie,” to me. If you ask me, he should have been fired for talking to a literal child like that. Ever since him, I haven’t been able to trust people older than me by more than a few years who aren’t in my family. It’s taken me a while to be able to feel comfortable in my favorite things again. And I don’t know if this really fits since I’m still stuck with him, but creepy ass bus driver, let’s not meet.

  • I dont know if anyone commented this already... but 55kg is approx 120lbs and 100kg is 220lbs.

  • The first story is so scary. I am the same age as this girl that lives in the same area. I think I know the exact bus station as well. I’ll be on the look out for this creep.

  • I don’t think this is necessarily *that* creepy per say but I quite recently had an issue with this guy. Basically he’d been trying to make small talk in my Instagram DMs for weeks and I always ignored it because 1 I have a boyfriend and don’t want to be messaging with random guys I don’t know. And 2 I don’t really answer my messages unless it’s a friend or it’s a follower wanting to know something. Like say if someone asks what hair dye I use or where I buy my clothes from that sort of thing. But I also don’t want to be mean and block people unless they’re actually being problematic. (Also I want to add I have since blocked this guy on every platform I could find him on) Anyway as I say weeks go by of him doing this and then he comes onto my public ESmain video (he has since removed his comments) basically just being really angry with me for ignoring him and saying “Oh I’ve been so nice to you so why are you being like this” etc etc like he seems like the type of person that just thinks if he’s nice to someone that person automatically owes him something. He was claiming that we used to be really close friends yet I had no idea who he even was. And I thought either this guy has me mistaken for someone else or my memory is just really bad. I messaged all my friends asking if they knew him because if we were such good friends like he was claiming, they would definitely remember. But no. Nobody had even heard of him. One of my friends even got involved and told the guy I have a boyfriend and to leave me alone as I clearly don’t know him and none of my friends know him. He then starts arguing with “Oh how would you feel if your friend from long ago suddenly started ignoring you. It’s not nice Yeah we used to be very close and then she moved away from my area” keep in mind though I’ve lived in the same city for the past 22 years of my life, I moved to where I live now when I was 1 so moved out of his area?! That’s when I knew he was making this up. For what reason I don’t know maybe he wanted to start pointless drama for attention or to paint me in a bad light... Also I thought bringing it onto a public ESmain video as well was really petty and unnecessary. He also tried harassing my boyfriend as well I should add which I thought was weird... he told me to message some guy that he knew, and I was friends with this guy but not that much. He’s more a friend of a friend and we barely know each other but if we pass in the street, we’ll say hi if that makes sense 😹 so I did message him and I explained the situation. And he basically told me the guy’s a bit of a creep, he was no longer friends with him, and there was a day when he saw me in McDonald’s while this guy was with him, but that’s the only time that guy had seen me irl and I didn’t even talk to him at all. I only talked to my friend. (And I even remember that day too, It’s actually in an old vlog I did.) So he was just as confused as I was at the fact he was trying to spin this story of me being his super close friend from long ago and that I’m a monster because I’m ignoring him 😹 he told me the guy had a weird infatuation with me after that day as well. So I’d got the answers I needed. I confronted him and called him out on his lies. He gets angry and says friend is the one who’s lying despite the fact he told me to message the friend in the first place (I’m assuming he thought he’d lie for him) and it seemed like he was getting a kick out of the whole interaction tbh like the last thing he said before I blocked him was “Oh you see the fact you’re slowly remembering me is proof of my existence, I’m inside your head” like who tf says that. Just made me feel sick honestly and thank god he doesn’t live in my city at all, I got confirmation that he lives somewhere else. Far away from me 🤣 my boyfriend and one of my friends were saying I shouldn’t have gave him any attention at all and that he was just saying all that stuff to get a reaction out of me and maybe he gets off on harassing girls like that or something. And honestly I agree that’s the one I regret is I basically gave him what he wanted. Attention. I should have just said “Sorry I don’t know who you are” and left it at that. Or even just said nothing at all. So that part was my mistake. 😅

  • Thank you for sharing this video, I use to attract people like these just a little too often. I suffer from unrelated PTSD & use to go out do lots of things daily. Now I rarely leave my home , when I do it’s generally only with my best friend or one of a few other close friends. People are dangerous & stories like these should be shared way more often. So many young people feel invincible, ALWAYS trust your gut or feelings no matter how small a bad feeling is

  • I was 19 at the time of this story but I was traveling to Atlanta to visit my parents and it was just me and my German Shepherd driving at night and I decided to stop at a rest stop which I stupidly didn’t know was not a good idea. I was at the vending machines right in front of my car and this man probably in his 40’s came up to me with this ridiculous story about not having a ride and his wife being in the hospital in Atlanta about to give birth. The story he told was ridiculous because I was 2 hours from Atlanta and this man tried telling me Atlanta was only 5 minutes up the road and he tried following me when I walked back to my car. The second he saw my dog in the back seat, everything changed. It was weird and scary as hell. No doubt in my mind that man was gonna do something horrible to me if I gave him a ride. It was 10 years ago but still bothers me to this day. I’ll never forget his face or how aggressive he was about trying to get in my car.

  • Everyone: Literally everyone on the internet: Every single person in every video or text: "I suffer from anxiety"

  • If someone did that to me in the first story I would pepper spray him.

  • The monotone has finally gotten to me after all the content of yours I’ve watched

  • I met someone at 20. We smoked his weed. He roofied me. REMEMBER. You CAN be roofied by smoking weed. It's not just alcohol. Be safe ❤💀

  • that girl got harassed. red flags and warnings with in the first two questions. totally flipin stranger danger

  • She should practice reading out loud.

  • Working as a cashier and waitress i've become really good at answering really personal question really vaguely. Where do you live? "oh closer to the beach" Where do you go to school? "up near (enter city)" When's your birthday? "I'm a summer baby" And honestly i answer questions like that when i can tell something's off. If someone has a t-shirt with my college on it i'll aways say "oh hey i went there." But man always trust your gut because you can never be too careful.

  • I once had a guy come up to me and tell me a whole story about what he said to his brother-in-law about a university basketball team. It was strange but he wasn't threatening.

  • 😰😰😰😰

  • Absolutely had a situation like this, I’m married and this guy ended up messaging my family on fb saying I had keys to his place and all sorts of psycho shit, he’d show up randomly and it was just really weird all around. Luckily my brother threatened to kill him if he didn’t leave me alone and it worked. Some people.....

  • I've had a guy who liked me say he was going get my name tattooed on him. Yikes! No thank you....

  • Ooo rSlash is awesome =D

  • its always really unsettling when you get an ad for crescent rolls in the middle of a dark ass story hahaha

  • My story was senior year high school. New guy wanted to impress my friend and took a knife to my throat in the library. Our whole group was in shock. I left shaken, but also with a stalker because he decided he liked me more. He would find me in the hall and grab me by the neck. He had a thin metal bar he used to pin me against a way by the thought and get me on tip toes. He even found me in a 2nd story stairwell and bent me back over the railing to where I almost went over. Went to school and they did nothing. I didn't tell my parents because figured school did nothing neither would they. He found out my phone number and called me constantly that I had to unplug it. He sent me flowers trying to get me to date him. He was finally expelled for pulling a knife on a teacher. It took that to get rid of him. After graduation I was with a friend at our local "mall" and as we walked towards a store he was walking out with 4 guys. He saw me and called my name. I whispered to my friend to turn around and we were leaving. He kept calling my name. As we rounded a corner I said run. We did an ran to the parking lot. We ducked down between cars and worked towards the tree line near parking away from her car. Turned out he was parked near her car. We waited for him to give up, he and his friends were searching and he kept calling my name, 15 minutes it took and it felt like forever.

  • I remember being 16 and working at a clothing store. I was asked to work the fitting room (this is back in day when you got a tag for # of items being brought in so count in count out). This woman went in and thought nothing of leaving her 4 year old daughter with me. The girl proceeded to tell me her name, address, phone number, how old she was, siblings, etc. I told her that she should only tell that information to family, friends or a police officer. Never a stranger and people she did not know or her parents didn't introduce. The mother thanked me for that when she came out.

  • please stick with this comment, it starts out sounding like I’m boasting but I promise it’s in service of me sharing an important anecdote of mine: I’m an about average sized 26 yr old man (about 5ft 9), maybe on the lighter side (67-70kg or about 150lbs), though I’m pretty strong and my weight comes largely from muscle because I rock climb and skateboard all the time. So I have a good build despite not being a body builder. One night I was skating through the city alone after midnight, because I was sweating a lot and there weren’t many people around I took off my shirt to keep it dry before taking the bus. As I was waiting for the bus at 1am an older man (55-70yrs old I’d say) comes up to me, he smaller than me and significantly out of shape. He asked me “How did you get a six pack like that skateboarding?” Because I hadn’t been sexually harassed before I didn’t know where this was going and thought he might be genuinely asking how I got a six pack, some dudes genuinely have asked that question of me because I used to be obese; they assume I have the “secret” to getting a six pack because of how much I changed my body (diet, exercise, and patience is the answer btw). I then replied by saying it was probably from rock climbing and was about to rant and ra e about how great climbing was before he said “It’s so fucking hot, do you want a blow job?” Having never been offered this before out of the blue I was taken aback so I didn’t react strongly. I politely declined saying that I was tired, he responded by saying he had drugs that could keep me awake, he also wanted to emphasise how good he was at giving blow jobs and how even if I was straight it would be better than anything a girl could give me. I kept politely declining for what seemed like an eternity before the bus arrived, he then proceeded to try and get on the bus so he could continue to harass me and potentially find out where I lived. I mentioned all that stuff about being a strong basically normal sized man with visible muscles not to brag but to say that being a fit young man didn’t protect me from sexual harassment,. It only happened to me once and it still affects me 5 months later in a strong way.

  • I find this incredibly disgusting all for exterminating the human race say "I"

  • Sees she's reading reddit stories again....*claps gleefully, grabs coffee & settles in* these are my fav!

  • I have a story similar to the first one. (I feel so bad that she was all alone during her situation) I was in my senior year of college (which is about a year ago) I went to get drinks with some friends. One friend took an Uber back but my best friend and I were going to the train in so we could go hangout in my dorm. It was night so there weren't many people just us and another man, he was farther away from us, when a different man came up to both of us and started constantly asking us questions like where we lived or if we were in college (some were 'innocent' while other were very personal). All the while standing very close to us. At this point we're creeped out and want to leave this situation when my friend notices a 7/11 across from the station. She tells me that she's craving a slushie and we book it to the 7/11. We hid in there until we saw the man leave the station but we abandon the plan to take the train and instead we called an Uber to take us back to my dorm.

  • To girls/women/and actually everyone who has a similar story like the first: PLEASE FILE A POLICE REPORT! You are not paranoid or 'too sensitive', you have good instinct. And if you don't file a report for yourself because you think it wasn't a big deal: please remember that the person who you had an encounter with, will most likely do that again to other people, who will -at least- get trauma from this that could have been prevented. Please file a police report. Please.

  • Do more!!!!!!!!

  • Hey. Can you talk about Petie and Aaron Schwartz? I'm not just ready to glare, I'm ready to set fire to Missouri

  • Why to men feel always so entitled??? Trash

  • When I was 19, I was going to the cinema one day. I had some time to kill before the movie started, the day was really nice so I sat outside the cinema, snacking when this weird guy came to talk to me. He was at least in his 40s, speaking in English (I don't live in an English speaking country), looming over me asking what I'm doing, etc. Mind you, I still look younger than I am and even more so back then. I had a bad vibe and just said I was waiting and soon after there was a group of teens going into the cinema so I got up and pretended to join their group. The movie wasn't starting yet but I wanted out of the situation. When the movie was over, I got worried he might still be lurking outside, creeping up on some other girl or something. And I had a 20-minute walk home. I considered asking the clerk to check up the street with me but for some reason, I felt really awkward doing that, so I just looked around carefully before heading home. The creepo wasn't there and I really don't know what I'd done if he had, as I didn't know anyone who lived nearby or had a car.

  • When I was 18, an older neighbor knocked on my door when my mom wasn't home and I'd just gotten out of the shower and was only in my robe. He was angry about something my mother had done and demanded that I let him inside to talk and then sat on the couch with me interrogating me about my mother (why won't she be friends with him? I don't fucking know, maybe because you're creepy?) while I was, needless to say, beyond uncomfortable. Then he kept asking me to come over to his house and have drinks. I kept telling him no. "Aw, come on, I'm not gonna rape you." I was so grateful when he finally left. I don't know why I even let him in the house. I don't know why I didn't tell him to fuck off. He just had such an intimidating command and I completely froze up. The next time he came knocking I slammed the door on him and locked it, but even then I still felt half frozen and angry at myself for not being able to completely snap out of that feeling. Things could've ended so, so badly.

  • Once I was on the bus and some man in his early 40s with a bunch of tattoos sits literally on the seat right next to mine, i’m sitting there with both of my earbuds in clearly listening to music.. ...he probably saw my school binder and asked if I just got back from school, I said “ yea, “ as I turned away from him looking out the window.. turning up my music. he then asked me “ what school do you go to” With an annoyed tone I pointed in a vague directions saying “over there” as I turned my back towards him looking out the window.He then asked me what grade I was in..... I then responded “ I don’t know” I then turned even further away from him blasting my music... he then asked me what I was listening to!!! I turned my music up even louder and said “I don’t know”... dude literally gets up all but hurt and says “fine then be that way I see how it is” And he got up and sat next to another young looking girl.

  • Auckland bus station is really bad for women. I have witnessed something similar when I lived there for uni.

  • Please talk about whats going on in china with muslims not alot of youtubers talk about the situation would be a good video 💓

  • Trust your gut, and carry a tazer...have it in your hand when you feel threatened, powerful ones are made very affordable now and look like a phone or flashlight.

  • I keep hearing noises outside my sliding door. I’m in the living room trying to sleep, it’s 2am and I’m hearing shit hitting the window. It’s subtle but I’m on alert and hear it. I’m going paranoid. Like, what if someone’s trying to break in? As a child, I’m quite petrified. I’m just saying, if someone breaks in, they’re getting their ankles broke.

  • A couple of weeks ago I went to go meet two of my mates but on the way, this guy started asking me if I could walk him to a near by shopping centre in which I say yes then he starts saying about my tattoos was wearing a short skirt at the time so my thigh tattoos where pretty visible ( behind my thighs one heart with sinner wrote on it and the other saying creep with the same heart and a demon girl in my thigh) so I tell him oh it’s just blah blah and he goes “what are u doing today?” I say just meeting mates and try to avoid talking. He carries on asking me questions like “are u going drinking with them?” I don’t speak then he asks “would u drink with me?, how old are you,what’s ur name?” I told him my name and I was 19. He asked if I had a boyfriend I tried to avoid the question saying I’m gay and have a gf. But he didn’t take it and asked if I’d want an older bf (he’s in his late 50’s I’d say) I say no and he Asks if I have a bf once again I say yes hoping he’ll fuck off. He then asks me if I ever have had sex with him in which I straight up tell him to fuck off and he ends up finally leaving and I call my now bf shaking and panicking....🥺

  • I'm glad that the real stories, the stories that can happen to anyone.. If it weren't for a bunch of ghost stories...

  • So Mike David is your brother, huh?

  • I live in a city and started high school in 1998. So we had beepers not smartphones and easy access to internet and phone calls. I lived 45 minutes away from my school and took two buses. Both went through very busy very “adult” arrears. The first time some guy got this creepy with me I didn’t know what to do so I got off my first bus and had to walk to my second, my adrenaline was through the roof. Where the they meet happens to be in Harvard sq in Cambridge, MA. I had about 7 “lax bros” that noticed something was wrong and not only chased the creep off but waited with me until my older sister got there to pick me up.

  • When i was 16 i took the bus to and from school every day and had for years so my bus driver Steve knew me pretty well. The bus was a shared bus so not only did kids from my highschool take it but also a reform school that was close by called crossroads as well. One day a new kid started taking the bus and I didn’t really think anything of it when he started talking to me about bands because i was a scene kid and was pretty much a walking hot topic. He would always stay on the bus after i got off so I assumed he was a Crossroads kid(the name of the reform school). Well that went on for a couple weeks then one day after school i got off the bus at my stop and had my headphones in while i walked home so i had no idea he decided to get off my stop and started following me home until he grabbed me and threw me to the ground. Luckily my bus driver had driven off yet because he was suspicious of the kid getting off at my stop and saw the whole thing. We were able to get it reported to the school resource officer and it turns out it was a grown man that just happened to have passed for a 17/18 year old that was just getting on the bus. Ive never kept both headphones in ever since.

  • New Zealand making the cut is not a surprise. Creeps are out there & aren’t afraid to let it be known. I’m glad she was able to get away and can only hope that another person doesn’t fall victim to that same man 😤

  • Is THIS the month of jeepers creepos having a reunion? So many! THIS is just another...🤢

  • 0:40 god in new zealand? that’s where i live holy fuck

  • Ok but what does that voice say during the intro? I need to know!

  • I just want to say, if you are in public and you’re overhearing a creepy conversation like the first story, SPEAK UP. Make eye contact and look at the vulnerable person and offer them assistance. I cannot even count how many times I have been in this situation but on one occasion a kind male bystander loudly said to me, “Hey is this guy bothering you!? Just say the word and I will call the police.” I think that young man saved me from serious harm. Fast forward to me being a little older, I had the opportunity to do the same for another distressed female at a party. We need to watch out for one another. There are too many crazy people out there. Stay safe!

  • Always trust your intuition

  • Not my story, my cousins (I had permission from her to tell this story): I’ll call my cousin M. M is about a sophomore now but this story takes place in about 8th grade. She always hung out with more boys then girls. One of the girls in her friend group always attached herself to M. And did I tell you that M openly hated this girl. M told her several times that she didn’t want to be friends and she wanted so space. Let’s call the other girl E. E started following M on every social media. M was pretty scared because E had known her address from when E went to her birthday party in Elementary school. Then M started high school at a school E wasn’t going to... until E announced she was going to attend M’s school. M tried blocking E but E had several accounts that followed M. Eventually E’s parents didn’t let E go to my cousins high school and they moved states. ✨

  • Ah yes, New Zealand. The domestic violence capital of the westernised world. Why am I not surprised they made a cameo here

    • Right? I swear shit needs to change here. Laws & courts are far too lenient on how they punish people for DV crimes 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • This is why the noonlight gives me a bit of comfort....I wish she would have called the police on this man.

  • That first story really resonated with me. It reminded me of the time this guy kept insisting he could walk me to my dorm from the bus stop (30 minute walk and it was dark af). He was like 50 years old and I was only 19 at the time. This stuff really happens and it’s terrifying.

  • I got followed home walking back from a pizza place... he asked if I have a boyfriend and I said yes. Then he was like "give me your number I'm your new boyfriend" and it was really creepy and uncomfortable. I'm scared to go out by myself. (The pizza place is only across the road)

  • Hey do you think you could do a video about straw bewy milk I think she sick and I just wanted to hear your take on it

  • I think most of these are written by people who never became author's !!¡

  • Where is the shirt from

  • Sometimes I’m glad that I’m extremely introverted, to the point where i will ligit run if someone comes up to me to conversate cuz this shit is scary

  • How to help the bystander effect with different examples. Specially call someone out. “Hey you with the short brown hair and blue T-shirt call the cops!” If they feel called out they’re much more likely to do something because people often think we’ll someone’s gonna do something about it Example 1) A creepy dude is talking to you at a bar “I have a boyfriend” They don’t believe you point someone out “You see that guy in the red shirt right there that’s my boyfriend” Example 2) The school bully is beating you up and someone needs to get a teacher “HEY! You the tall blonde girl yes you go get someone!”

  • As a kiwi I low key wanna know where the first story took place so I can avoid it >_>. Im glad she go out ok.

  • Many don’t realize that crazy people live among us. It is not unto they do something violent and get caught, then they get looked up.

  • Love love love listening to you read these!!! I hope you keep making them!!!!

  • Um if that first story is real, why not take a picture of that vile creep and file a report with the cops and give them the pic? You know that wasn't his first time, won't be the last. This is why us women need to carry those strong ass tazers and shouldn't be going places alone, especially at night. Nope.

  • I’m so happy I’m not friendly, I thank my mom and dad for that.

  • We need to normalize calling off work after having experience like this that can affect our mental health and ability to work.

  • The first story...god I hate it when men

  • Can you share your thoughts about the young girl from TikTok who got in serious trouble for posting explicit pictures of herself? She’s gotten in trouble with the law now because her photos are leaked in the dark web.

  • OMG. I am a RN and hate asking my patients if they use condoms or other forms of contraception

  • I had a similar story to the first. I’m wondering if she lived in the same town I used to?

  • It's a well known tactic for incels, to scare and intimidate lassys, even if they don't fancy / like them. This is where it escalates, the scaring then becomes not enough xx

  • No, never had anything like that happen to me. Lol

  • First i thought guy at the beginning was maybe just a little socially awkward, but noooope, that went down the hill full speed.

  • "Luckily I am stuck at home with pneumonia." ... ... "LUCKILY"

  • As an adult I don't even feel safe having my true town on my Facebook let alone as a young person

  • I really love when you do these. It helps me in a fucked up way deal with some trauma. The interneter stalker one really struck home.