A Feminist "Mein Kampf" article

Publicado el 8 oct 2018
Article: www.wsj.com/articles/fake-news-comes-to-academia-1538520950

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  • What do you get when you add Mien kampf + buzzfeed feminism?? Even more cancer.

  • Dogs can’t and don’t have the capacity to give consent- so it is either all rape or never rape. Duh.

  • I heard that James Lindsay intended to expose the system. There's a video on Joe Rogan where he talks about it. Here it is: esmain.info/goal/v-deo/gaiCZ7VoatNmgLs

  • I am sorry to report I cannot make this sketchbook. Art farther, I’m deeply saddened to say that I don’t have a sibling to emotionally damage me while folding paper, is there a substitute for this step of the sketchbook? or must I go out and find a hooman to do the emotional damage?

  • "The article does not espouse racism, anti-Semitism, or any other fascist ideology..." Well, except for feminism. There's a fascist ideology right there that it espouses.

  • Oh no.. here we go again.. 😬🙈😄

  • I can't wait until the Afro Latina Communist Manifesto comes out

  • And if we're honest, a lot of these bs topics are things that some genius would get offended by and go into activist mode. The fact that these journals are mad that they got punked shows how fake woke they are and how willing they are to accept this horseshit if it came from a serious academic. They should have tested the system. Holy shit! Do your damn job!! God help us all

  • People are afraid of being thought of as close-minded and bigoted in any sense. You think that it would lead to less bigotry and more acceptance but this is an example of what happens when you're so open minded that your brain falls out. It doesn't make better people, it makes things worse.

  • This reminds me a lot of the Sokal Affair (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sokal_affair). As long as you put in certain common keywords and make what you're trying to say deliberately abstruse and pretentious sounding, it gets waved through, either because the screeners aren't being careful or don't actually understand what was written was nonsense. They are putting on airs.

  • In 2001 I took a sociology class and my feminist teacher told the class that holding a door for a woman is just as bad a rape

  • Rothblum is a Jewish name

  • 6:38 :'D fat bodybuilding is obviously an oximoron. It couldn't be more obvious.

  • 6:38 :'D fat bodybuilding is obviously an oximoron. It couldn't be more obvious.

  • Ugh I completely agree...where has honest, unbiased pure peer review gone? It's getting impossible to verify the credibility or applicable implications for serious academic research. Jesus tap dancing Christ.

  • You look amazing love...at least there's that considering the current topic...ugh, I'm so fucking tired.

  • Go work stupid...

  • I saw the title. My brain melted.

  • Those journals (even if they are peer reviewed) are called Predatory Journals. Having lists of predatory journals is not the panacea, however. Who decides what goes into the list?

  • The authors wrote the article as a troll

  • Some people: **THIS** Me: **feels awful/bad/weird when my rats are hanging out with me on the couch and climb under my skirt/inside my decoltage; or my budgies flying onto my breast even though they did it themselves and with no weird thoughts and I put them away from there right away**

  • 7:34 that face you make when you realize how much money you've spent on an education that may have been force feeding you lies.

  • This story is SOOO FUN! This trio mocked the entire identity politics/SJW culture with bogus articles exactly to expose the cult mentality in the academia and the intolerance towards everything that doesn't agree with their views. For those still interested, here are some of their debates: esmain.info/goal/v-deo/o42dcMZngsWWZ80 esmain.info/goal/v-deo/l3iosNaHh62afaM

  • Omg, bats are attacking your head. RUN!!!!

  • Ah, I don't think it'd be breaking any laws, as it'd likely fall under free speech.

  • Confirmation bias and PC culture run amok. All they care about is printing something thatll cater to the feelings of the snowflakes

  • I'm on the bus and almost lost it in front of everyone at dog rape culture. That was funny.

  • I love your outfit, you look so stunning!! 😍 Plus the video is great, I love your content! I've been binge watching for a couple weeks now ❤️

  • My sister's art was featured in this! So cool! 11:03

  • This makes me furious!!! My brother has been submitting papers for two years to journals in hopes he could get a job at a decent school, and these BS papers get published!!!

  • That's brilliant

  • *me, having a lunch break, eating, listening to you and playing solitaire on my laptop* *hearing you trying to pronounce a Finnish name (Airaksinen)* WTF has my home country have to do with your videos... O.O EDIT: I googled her. Found some social media sites, publications she's in etc. No reference to Finland, except the name. And at the end of 1st page in Google it says "some of the results may have been removed due to the European Data Protection Act", which basically means she doesn't want certain things about her to pop up in a Google search and she has the right to get those removed from there and she has used that right. It's meant to be used for like your address or phone number or stuff like that. I don't know how easy it is to get your info removed, though. Do you have to refer to certain points in the law to get stuff removed, or can you just tell them you want something removed and they do...

  • Anybody know where this "Feminist Mein Kampf" article is online? I would like to read it.

  • The fact that I'm currently an English major writing papers a few times per week, having to use specifically peer-reviewed journals... I'm crying

  • My brain. It melted 1:59 into the video.

  • You're an idiot!

  • This is the second time I'm watching this and for some reason this time, I have an image of people fucking dogs Willy nilly at dog parks and I need it gone.

  • She wanting to go into Academia and Contrapoints getting out. I’d like to hear a discussion between them two.

  • The experiment itself was to submit hoax papers to see how hungry the editors and publishers were for stereotypical SJW over the top content. :)

  • That is just scary....

  • Be my English teacher. You’re way cooler than all the other teachers.

  • Isn'tthe point of Facism supposedly that it's paradoxical?

  • burn in hell

  • You should've be allowed to wear such cute clothing! :D

  • I was looking at a body building site, and they had a list of body builders who had died. Surprisingly, almost of them died before they were fifty. I guess it is the steroids. Whatever it is, it made me think bodybuilding was unhealthy. As for the "fat body building", being fat isn't healthy, so we shouldn't promote it. However, most fat people feel intense guilt about how they eat, and the shame doesn't seem to help them lose weight. We shouldn't shame them, but we also shouldn't promote their unhealthy lifestyle.

  • Femanism is weird.

  • You're pretty, why the bats tho? 😂

  • This girl sounds like an alt-right fascist suggesting we should discriminate between what is and isn't published based on truth and social acceptability. Its a slippery slope and its all downhill from here!

  • 'queer' hasn't been a slur for like 15 years, where've you been 😛

  • A lot of these journals don't actually read the papers at all. A paper written by an AI which was essentially just a word salad was accepted to a big journal before.

  • I really like your makeup look in this vid.

  • I think we are entering a revolution in which anyone can claim to be an expert in the subject of their choosing. Just like you say, people are so scared of offending, it is just accepted. Sad.

  • Bogghossian....first thing I think is Boss Hogg from Dukes of Hazzard

  • i feel like it would be entertaining writing these hoax papers

  • I was really excited to hear that you're in grad school and want to be a professor. We need more people like you in academia! You know... people who can think critically, who have actual "common sense", who can view ideas, etc from several different view points, and can spot bs...

  • Was it 4chan? I bet it was 4chan at some level.

  • i definitely agree with the stance that this isn’t the fault of the hoax authors, but is rather indicative of the issues within the review system.

  • I love Julia's full blown "Queen of Darkness" look here

  • Lol 😂 this made me laugh

  • I'm a PhD student and listen to your videos as background noise during my lab hours, and I actually had to stop and re-watch the video because I thought my sleep-deprived work-filled brain was making this up. This is actually scary and I'm questioning everything I've read until now... If we can't even trust peer-reviewed publications anymore, what means are we left to communicate and present our results with?

  • On one hand yes it is BAD but is getting multiple hoax papers published the right response? Surely you'd get to say three (to show it wasn't a fluke) and then come out and publish a piece about what you did and why there needs to be a system overhaul? Otherwise aren't you just adding to the other BS studies?

  • To be fair this is happening in the science community as well, some journals just want to make money and will print anything for a price

  • That dress though.. stunning

  • joe rogan had them on a while ago peter boghossian is always worth a listen

  • the authors were just on joe rogan go watch them

  • Makes me mad that an Armenian is involved in this, thought we had more common sense. Boghosian doesn't apparently

  • Late, but... part of the problem is very simple in a way... who the hell tries ti get published in academic journals besides academics? no one, really, and even the hoaxtsers are, in fact, academics. so they know how to do a lot of the lingo, etc. Who else publishes for no enumeration? Again .. so, it's not that surprising, in some ways, that someone could pull this off. I take your points, for sure, but I think the sense of academia as a closed space is at least partly responsible. As a retired English professor, I am familiar with the process. Also, smaller/ newer/ trendy journals would be less likely to notice these "fake'" topics when everyone is a super-ultra-specialist. Not saying no one should have noticed, but the idea one checks credentials when a scholarly article is basically, not done. Just saying. Because, who, really, would bother?

  • The worst part is that because of the bias of academia to protect themselves from public scrutiny, potentially valuable and groundbreaking research might never receive funding because it is not publishable. I always wanted to be involved in the research aspect of academia, but I changed my mind because I have found that academics too often (not always) are only trying to further a personal agenda--not explore the "arguably" objective truth. Too many papers published are totally useless in real life, both to their field and to society as a whole.

  • I know I'm late, sorry. Peer review systems are flawed because the academics that are supposed to review it get paper thrown at them too often. They don't have the time for something you don't get any credit for. On the one hand as an academic you have the pressure to "publish or perish" and on the other hand you are supposed to review loads of papers which aren't yours in your already limited time and then not get any kind of credit for it? Of course this kind of system can't work. Either change the pressure to publish and the high impact some journals have or change the review system. Otherwise you'll have shit like that. Good video btw and this headdress is absolutely fancy 👌

  • I lost it at 'canine rape culture'

  • I recently subscribed to your channel and have been watching many videos almost everyday :). I really enjoy your content and hearing your thoughts on "controversial" topics. I think it sucks that we live in a world that everything is considered offensive and it's pretty crazy to me that the rewrite of "mein kampf" was accepted also that journal of fat studies bit was so bizarre to me I did the side eye at the same time as you lol.

  • No I was crying when that light flashed and the music started 😂😂

  • Delve deeper into the story.

  • I have to 110% agree with you!

  • your shirt confuses me

  • Agreed.

  • We've actually experienced similar problems over in physical science, believe it or not, with bogus journals that offer desperate graduate students the ability to publish with very little scrutiny, in order to build their career. Someone actually published an article about midichlorians (force microbes from star wars) that was basically plagiarized from the Wikipedia page about mitochondria, with a few added star wars quotes. (Source: blogs.discovermagazine.com/neuroskeptic/2017/07/22/predatory-journals-star-wars-sting/#.XDpNl1xKhPY )

  • Wow I had no idea about this. Like a stab in the heart.. least this flaw has been exposed. Thanks for sharing. Btw LOVE the bats!!! 💚

  • Those are called predatory Journals. They get paid by those writers to publish just about anything. In Germany where i live there were a documentary about that topic . The Journalist played them well. He faked a study about how chia seeds can prevent breast Cancer. He got published and afterwards got invited to Talk at a Medical Symposium as honorary guest. It is shocking and frightening . But if you are aware of it ,it helps to better ones researching methods. For instance the two Source rule ,or the fact that you need more than one study to have a credible Ressource.

  • I just found your channel. Upon a quick once over, I'm just gonna drop a "Fuck the hell yes" and start binging your videos. Fuck the hell yes.

  • Unrelated, but there was a point in here, when you were reading about the "Affilia" journal, where your Italian accent just randomly came out. 😊

  • She’s like „look at it. It’s freaking bats. I love Halloween“

  • this is a really concerning example of the feminist movement shooting itself in the foot. I feel like liberal conversation often leaves little to no room for argument without being shunned as a bigot for calling out logical inconsistencies. from personal experience it is hard to defend feminism and lgbt+ rights when large institutions accept the voice of extremists(mirror images of the bigots they claim to detest) and often flat out lies. i don't like to participate in respectability politics but at some point we need to support our arguments on facts and not feelings, which really isn't that hard cause there are plenty of verifiable credible studies in favor of feminism and other civil rights movements(google is truly a blessing).

  • You should totally do a podcast! I would love it

  • Um.. it is so damn hard to publish real serious scientific work (I only have experience with natural sciences). Then I come here and see what they ARE accepting :D It is only slightly depressing.

  • The fact that this was absurd enough that the words "rape" and "trendy" were in the same sentence just makes me further use faith in humanity. Why is everyone catering to stupidity these days?


  • People do allow stigmas because they're afraid of backlash. Then you have people like myself who just don't care how you feel if it's wrong, it's wrong. We shouldn't be facilitating the normalization of such stigmas, because then it makes it okay and people then use that to go and do things they really shouldn't be doing. I'm not going to squander my beliefs or knowledge based off of someones "feelings" about it. We have come to a point where someones emotions are more important than laws and what are facts.

  • This is acc crazy wtffff

  • Always vet your sources!

  • media.tenor.com/images/3497ba0cb31202b38c251037ae925b82/tenor.gif

  • Canine rape culture Lol

  • It is annoying that mu tutor requires at least one journal for each assignment. I am never 100% sure if it is correct or just a troll. Journals should be checked and verified before publishing by reliable personnel :/

  • You know. That’s why They called Feminazi.

  • insanely mind-boggling video aside, can i ask what you major in? your descriptor of what field you want to pursue is nearly identical to mine.

    • READY TO GLARE thank you so so much dear! it really means a lot to me!

    • I'm an English major currently completing my MA!

  • How the fuck could that be real

  • Once again, this is completely irrelevant but I love your shirt.

  • Can I just say that your outfit in this video is SO NICE!

  • I love it when you wear that duochromy pink-purple-silvery highlight. Currently binge-watching all your videos *subbed*