A DISTURBING video was posted

Publicado el 31 jul 2020
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  • * I've been told this man has been brought to justice, but wasn't told/couldn't find his name to confirm this. If anyone has news links to prove this, I'd appreciate it!

    • At least someone called 911.

    • I’m surprised you just saw this video.. I swear I saw this video years ago. I’m not sure... but this is disgusting and absolutely terrifying to see the level of posting something like this to the public.. like wtf

    • He has I will look for it and I will send it to you

    • I came across that video more than a couple years ago on ESmain.

    • Kelfie b Should be death penalty.

  • 🟦🟥🟦🟥🟦🟥🟦🟥

  • Age is just a number, right? So is 911.

  • What👋a👋depraved👋dad👋

  • 🟥🟥🟥🟥⬜️🟦🟦🟦🟦

  • Keep this scumbag in prison and hope his daughter doesn’t have kids in the future. We don’t need this guy’s genes in the pool.

  • omggg im lost for words i hope someone found out who he is by now

  • omg please be my mom augh

  • Katchem and Killem

  • Bro people who do dis shit should get tha death penalty and not kno the date of their execution so that their forced to wonder every single day that today might be the day or tomorrow might be the day and let dat shit jus eat em up

  • where do you get your wigs??

  • TW: mentions of child abuse and CP I'm glad to see he got jail time. I was abused by my bio dad from 3-5 years old and since it was hard to prove and he was on drugs he's still running around out there. Im terrified of older men still as an adult. My cousin was abused by her dad too (for a lot longer and worse) and shes more messed up than me and on drugs and is a prostitute. He had CP of her, she told our grandparents and the cops EVERYTHING and the court STILL gave him supervised visits. Later on she tried to molest my little brother (he was old enough to stop her thank god) and initiate sex with my stepdad (who was her full blooded uncle and was disgusted) This shit has such long lasting, far reaching effects these people need hard prison time! Why the fuck should someone who rapes a child get to walk the streets and re-offend? They should have their lives locked away for stealing a child's normal life away. Me, my brother and my cousin all lost our innocence because of these sickos and dont know how to function in relationships. Me and my brother are terrified of intimacy and my cousin will sleep with anyone for validation. None of us will ever be able to full get over any of it because it happened to us so young when we were learning about the world. Everytime I see an older man I can't help but automatically assess him to see if I think hes capable of sexual assault. I hate living like that.

  • It’s about a M.A.P trying to make his 6-year-old daughter “consent”. #StopClickbait

    • @Dorkfishie I literally just explained why she might not have felt she was able to. No one else cares. It's not clickbait. It's more a type of technique used in writing that leaves something vague, as it then leaves the reader questioning what it is the person meant. Which then draws you in more as you are desperate to know what, in this case, the disturbing thing is

    • Ellen Threadingham I like the video, actually, but at least she should give it more details.

    • @Dorkfishie that doesn't make it clickbait. It's her opinion that it's a disturbing video. And often the ESmain algorithm suppresses videos with certain words in the title. You don't have to be specific in titles, it's not a news headline. And don't watch her videos if you're gonna bitch about what she titles them. If you've got nothing nice to say don't say anything at all.

    • Ellen Threadingham It doesn’t mention any specific; just that it was DISTURBING.

    • Dorkfishie how is this clickbait

  • And I’m genuinely disgusted now... sometimes watching your videos is torture when I find out about this shit

  • Great watching this surely put me on a list

  • Not sure if this is the best way to reach you but since you address pedos and maps but CA has Penal Code 647.6 PC, child annoyance is a type of criminal conduct in California. This conduct occurs when: a person engages in an act directed at a child (under the age of 18), the act is motivated by sexual interest in the child, and. a normal person would have been disturbed, irritated, or injured by the act.May 20, 2019 spread the word.

  • I was more than disturbed by the video, I felt sick. I really hope that child is safe now. This is absolutely disgusting and no child should have to go through this.

  • nooooooo

  • Oh god this is so fucking sick, I want to throw up. At the same time as someone who is also trying to shine the light on this kind of sick shit, thank you for making these videos for the world to see. I’m sure it’s difficult to know the grim details while tastefully showing us the surface.

  • Here after 3 weeks.

  • Christ, she’s saying it like she’s answering a simple question like “why do you brush your teeth?”

  • I can't believe this POS posted this online...sick !

  • What the hell is this world coming to?!

  • The 31 dislikes are the pedophiles

  • 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

  • I ALWAYS have to skip the videos because they are so disgusting eww

  • When that man spoke, I have never had so much of an urge to punch my computer screen in my entire life.

  • This clip was in a video about exposing sick fucks like him on the channel surviving life

  • she reminds me of me,,,, i almost threw up when i heard this.

  • Whether this is real or fake, Nobody should EVER be speaking to a child this way and he should have her taken away from him asap.

  • It's Sean Windingland. He was sentenced to 36 years in jail.

  • "MAP is a sexuality..." - no no no. Those that say this actually listen to yourselves; incest, rape, predation and you want to insult your own intelligence and others by calling this a SEXUALITY?!...... This world is disgusting 😑

  • In the name of Jesus all pedo’s shall be exposed and punished.

  • I’m not like other dads. I’m not even a dad.. I’m a *fucking monster*

  • Genuine criticism and not trying to come across as mean at all. I enjoy your channel and the content you cover but some videos (this one is a good example) come across as clickbait. From the title and the thumbnail, I can gather nothing about what this video is about other than it's probably got drama involved? I have no idea who "him" is in the thumbnail. I have no idea what this "disturbing" video is about, or even what platform it was posted on. Me personally, I'm much more likely to click on a video if I already have a taste of what the video is actually about, because chances are that if it really is just a clickbait video, I'm not gonna be interested anyway. However: I do understand why you do this if it does end up getting you more views (it might, I haven't looked) because of course that helps you earn more. Just my little two cents, and it's okay if you just glaze past it and continue on the formula you've been using. Either way, your content is nice, even if I do have this one small gripe. Sorry for the long comment, be safe and take care!

  • Can you please STOP HAVING AN ECHO??? I know you can do it bc when you talk about Gaycon you talk normal but then you go on talking w an echo wtf. Dislike until I can actually hear what you say.

    • Child anyways so

  • Oh my God this is the worst thing ever

  • Stop using your feelings to justify hate

    • That kid was being abused, it's not hate. What's wrong with you?"

  • This is bad. I pray he'll be tracked down and his daughter gets help. But there is worse on social media. Phoenix Enigma talked about somebody posting actual CP (adult w child) of a baby and a 3 year old. Allegedly the 3 year old appeared used to what was happening to them. They reported it to the FBI and urged others to, as well. These poor children 💔

  • I want to talk to the 29 people who disliked this video 👊🏼 this is not getting normalized

  • I love your content. I love that you cover this bc no one else does. We all know it’s going on

  • Actually thoroughly research this along with pedogate and tell me it's not real. Actually research it for more than 3 hours, not just googling like you did last time.

  • His name is Sean Windingland

  • Thank you for bringing these creeps out into the light! With bc attention from you internet sleuths will be able to find tham and they'll be caught sooner than later.

  • Man... this made me depressed really fast. :-/ That poor kid.

  • Where is the mother omg absolutely sick

  • I know off topic. But where do you get your wigs?

  • Oh hey! A channel that’s AGAINST pedophelia? New sub! I support you 100% and THANK YOU - from a survivor!

  • Half way through so far but just gotta point out.. The thing about her growing up and seeing the videos online will more than likely scar her for entire life. It’s one thing to realize you were abused, especially sexually.. But to be lead on camera to say revolting things at the age of 6. That pain will never go away. I truly hope she’s strong enough when she’s a bit older to understand that this wasn’t her fault..

  • This man is panting? Breathing in an unsettling way every time she said something about it 🤢🤮

  • Eww this makes me skin crawl! 🤢So glad to hear that you've found out he's been brought to justice!

  • Have you seen the newer video of Austin from the Ace family, disturbingly smacking his daughters bottom & making a crude comment? Then theres also the troll doll "giggle button" issue that came out few days ago. It's all in everyone's face & ppl still aren't speaking up/believing it's going on! Thank you so much for being the one to share your voice! :)

  • I don't know if you will see this, but I've been down the p i z z a g a t e rabbit hole conspiracy quite a bit and there's a disturbing video I've come across from others directing me to it from the community and they elaborate to me how no one is saying anything about the strange videos like those (like in this video) online that should be investigated. The video is here on youtube and I don't think I should link it here so I'm not going to. All I have to say is even if it is not the person suspected behind the video, it definitely should be investigated or inspected or something. Didn't really understand the context at first but the video is just so disturbing alone. at this point idek anymore. Don't know if it's fake but it really messed with my head when I seen it Edit: Forgot to say that I will send it to you via insta

  • Wtf is happening with the world.

  • Your hair looks amazingggg

  • The lineup on her wigs are always on point. It's almost distracting how perfect it is!

  • Pedophiles (and people who abuse children in general) should be rounded up and used as subjects for COVID vaccine/treatment trials. If they survive that - put them on old fishing trawlers and have them start cleaning up the giant floating garbage mass in the Pacific.

  • Wtaf man 🤔

  • im so glad more ppl are talking about this!! Pedophilia is being normalized and it’s disgusting

  • What’s going on with your audio lately? It’s echoing and you sound far away.

  • I was too grossed out to continue but can someone pls tell me if he is in jail now?

  • i have NO IDEA how i’m just NOW finding your channel, but i’m all about what you stand for. this “human being” needs to be castrated and then forced fed them to himself. just a thought. p.s... i’m also loving your hair color in this video.

  • I spend a lot of my time trying to understand things, I love learning, but one thing I’ll NEVER understand is why pedophiles aren’t treated the same as murderers in the justice system.

  • Who else doesn't care about the echo because he videos are to good to care.

  • 1:22 you okay

  • Sean Windingland 30 y - St Paul Minnesota!

  • As far as I remember this pos was taken into custody. He abused his daughters and groomed them and made it seem as though they were able to consent despite being children.

  • You were right , he was filming their interactions to “show the world she consented” .

  • This makes me physically sick...I was not ready...I was eating...I’m not hungry anymore...I want to c*rb stomp him


  • Is nobody gonna talk about the audio

  • Omg ... I can’t even.....

  • 🤢🤮

  • I wanna cry.

  • wtf.....humanity is doomed....

  • Pleeeaassseee tell me this is fake🤮😰😭

  • I love you! Please try and collaborate with Dangelowallace. You all have very similar opinions. It would be great. But hey I could be wrong.

  • These types of videos just make me want to hold my sweet baby girl and pray I can keep her safe in this nasty world. 😩 I hope someone helps this poor child.

  • so disgusting

  • Look out of your window, Giulia.

  • This man is in prison but this video is from last year I am I ly after reading an article about him and his assaults on children.

  • Well, I wanna die again! :)

  • Queen i need your help this guy has a.channel dedicated to abusing his guinea pig heres a link to one of the videos. esmain.info/goal/v-deo/qpilb6Z2a9uWl80 i hope its still up here hes makeing him swim till he drowns the other ones seem to be gone he was hitting him against the floor

  • PedoCoon on InkBunny uses the “feels good” bit in his arguments a lot.

  • what's going on with your audio?

  • I couldn’t finish this one

  • Wow look another creepy ass dad. Tik tok is full of these creeps

  • I’m a therapist, and have worked with other therapists, and ... none of us talk like that. Maybe some movie therapists do.

  • A friend of mine found a website called “rapey.org” where rapists and pedophiles get together and talk about the most disgusting things they want to do to women and children. I don’t understand how a site like that still exists but I hope you can expose them so everyone is aware of this garbage

  • He need to be in a jail cell right this instant

  • I honestly think people are becoming desensitized to the topic of pedophilia. Now it's being Label as a sexual orientation that should be considered a mental disorder.

  • Sorry to stray from this intense topic but OMG THIS WIG, soooo beautiful. 👁👄👁

  • I hate that dude so much. What he was making that child say made me want to go to his house bring my guns and bat and beat THE SHIT OUT OF HIM. That poor little girl....

  • you are making so many of these videos, you make so many videos about predators and there is no way that is good for your anxiety and your PTSD. Please don.t be forcing yourself to make content and always put your health first.xx

  • I thought that audio was a meme?reminds me of something''tiktok''related.... is someone trolling?

  • what happened to ur mic u be ECHOING


  • This shook me to my fucking core...

  • That guy needs a punch in the butt... with a jackhammer... and then some salt rubbed in the wound... by dropping him in the ocean... over Mariana trench... with cement shoes on.

  • Please keep us posted about this. Would like to know when he's arrested.