A couple who "helped" a stranger

Publicado el 17 ago 2020
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  • How the hell can people who murdered and rape someone get out on bond omg !!! The US justice system is messed up

  • (This is my opinion on the death penalty and life sentences for people who do these kinds of crimes.) I think locking away criminals who do these types of crimes and away the key would be better because a death penalty is giving them an easy way out. They won't have to live with what they've done. They'd never have to suffer in prison. But, keeping them in prison for a life sentence would make them think about what they've done, probably eventually go insane, and most likely get beaten and tortured in prison by other inmates. It would make them feel what their victims felt. But It depends on the person honestly. If the person is a physcopath, doesn't care what happens, laughs when they get hurt, doesn't feel remorse, ect. Then I doubt a life sentence would mentally harm them. But they'd still physically suffer in prison if they do happen to get beaten down in prison by inmates who don't take their bullshit. Idk. I just think a death penalty is an easy way out. Not trying to be disrespectful. Just thought I'd voice my opinion😊😊

  • They deserve to be given the death penalty but only after they endure what they did to that poor girl

  • Dismemberment just adds a whole other level of depravity

  • Did they have other freezer where they put their food on or....

  • I agree with your comments. The level of depravity inflicted suggest they have done this or something like it before. In a just world these two would receive the same sentence they dealt to the victim. However, this is not a just world, I will settle for life imprisonment. No parole. Ever.

  • Why is this vid not monetised did you earn money from the sponsor

  • You always have different hair every video

  • Have to thaw it out before you can put it in the crok pot.

  • Okay but like this wig is amazing

  • i’m late but honestly if they were so messy with the cleanup of this offense i doubt they offended before, but this seems completely premeditated

  • Here after 1/a month.

  • He's definitely offended before. I wouldn't doubt that she was just his newest "assistant"

  • oh god- *I'm 2 minutes in and there's already a murder*

  • when i saw this video i thought it was gonna be about onision

  • Oh wow...I live in TN and had no idea this happened at all. Wtf is wrong with people

  • Y’all just play fallout newvagas and just “remove” a bad guy from the mojave. I’m getting the same feeling of wanting to do that irl.

  • I did a double take at that headline because that's literally the plot of an episode of Bones

  • I hope they get electric chair but no wet sponge

  • nypost.com/2020/08/11/tennessee-couple-brutally-tortured-raped-and-killed-woman-cops/ lol look at these two.

  • I really wish there was a Torture Penalty.

  • I live in Nashville and I have never heard of this 😐

    • Me either. This is gross

  • Taking advantage of people is disgusting. It’s hard to trust people and she was just looking for somewhere safe. Disgusting what they did to her. I hope she can Rest In Peace :(

  • I hope you don’t take offence to this Cos it is sincerely a compliment but I’ve been told I’m terrible at giving them so bare with me. With your hair like this you look beautiful like Falkor the luck dragon from the never ending story. ❤️ I love your channel

  • Why do these people get bonds?? Pisses me off!! I know someone people are full of pain and choose to do something to someone who trusts u. So sad. The weaker members of society need more justice and protection.

  • I trust my dog....thats it

  • Nah life in jail is so lenient and besides all they are gonna do is take tax payer's money. Depraved animals like these need to be put down end of story.

  • Story time: One day i was really upset for some reason and i had to babysit our torrent's 3 or 4 year old son. He was really naughty. He was running around here and there and just wouldn't stop so I slapped him on his cheek (face one) i didn't slapped him that hard it was more like a pat. (plus it's okay to hit children in our country and his parents also told me to just give him a slap if he doesn't listen to me). 2 hours later after his parents took him I started feeling really guilty and started crying. My mom saw me, and got worried so she asked me why I was crying and I didn't answer her started crying even more. And it was 2 years ago I was 13 years old. Oof

  • you're a guy?

    • @Jessica Peña The funny part is I literally see comment like this all the time. "Are you a dude" "are you trans" or whateva. And I like huh why wouldnyou assume that.

    • What? Lmao

    • Why would you assume that? She is a biological born woman. Had and will always have a vagina.

  • I dont even know what her real hair looks like -

  • How do these people meet each other? How did Fred meet Rose West, Ian Brady meet Myra Hindley, the couple from Canada that murdered her sister? Do they put an advert in an app or lonely hearts 'Sadistic torturer and murderer, seeking like minded'? I’ve read both Cohens' theories of peer pressure when I did a criminology module in my law degree, I can see how that works so far but only to a point. I really struggle squaring this circle. Fred West gave my sister and I a lift in the 70s, I had long hair at the time…[correction] I HAD hair at the time.

  • this some killing stalking type beat on god

  • Imagine running away from an abusive home or whatever the situation whilst crap like this happening. 🐃💩

  • If I visited them in prison let's just say I'd be in prison for a long time

  • You have to wonder who has the dominant personality in this 30 year age gap relationship of murderers... it’s mind-boggling.

  • I really like her shirt

  • A life sentence is too merciful for the horrible things they did to this innocent woman. They need the death penalty.

  • I fucking love this wig you’re killing ittttt

  • Is Tennessee just full of murders? Everytime she has a case that is more so fucked up then the last the couple or persons involved are in or from Tennessee.

  • Bodies permeate

  • I love this Chanel Excuse my spelling.

  • yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikes

  • "maybe they went 0 to 100" 😂😂😂

  • They definitely already did this before, or at least he has. In 2015 he was accused and indicted for kidnapping and raping a 20 year old

  • Right. I'm gonna go learn self defence.

  • I think they definitely at least fantasized about it beforehand. Maybe an assault or two on their records but the lack of understanding of how to hide a body makes me doubt that they've murdered someone before

  • This happened 5 minutes down the street from me and my stepdad actually worked the case. Terrifying for our little Tennessee town.

  • Cristalli only has to spend 5 months in jail for grooming and human trafficking and I honestly hope he doesnt survived those 5 months because with such a light sentence theyll do it again

  • Seems like the 22yr old put that homicide call into the police, because im pretty sure this happened in a rural area. How else would they be alerted???

  • You see, it's people like this who make me support the death sentence.

  • Lock um up and throw away the keys.

  • I’ve been watching your vids for a while and today’s the day I FINALLY subscribed Yehaw

  • Death penalty, but a life sentence would give them life long psychological torture for the rest of their lives. One or the other. Not only did they kidnap this girl with intentions of raping her, but they badly tortured and starved her as well. The age gap is creepy but honestly I don't think it effects much of anything in this case, even if she was groomed she wouldn't of done something so vile if she wasn't as sadistic and sick as him.

  • Girl, does your hair take all the color changes well? Do you oil it for longlevity?


  • Why dont i just watch your light hearted videos at 11 at night instead of these, i wont sleep for hours now. :(

  • Sometimes criminals do things that really make me want them to get the death penalty. Torture is one of them. I'd want to know how badly they beat her with the baseball bat before I voted for the death penalty or life imprisonment. If you don't think this qualifies for the death penalty, here is one that might: some guy ran a woman off the road and stuck a shotgun in her vagina and pulled the trigger. That is one guy who needed to be put to death.

  • And my parents wonder why I hate talking to strangers and older people

  • The couple should have life in prison.

  • Giulia, honey, please do more roasting of bad fashion or whatever else makes you feel light and easy. You need a lit break periodically from the effed up s lol 💜

  • *electric chair itensifies*

  • Lol how old are you

  • Do a video on the horrible new netflix movie called "Cuties" your take would be pretty interesting to watch

  • Wow, I live 20 miles from where this took place :(

  • Omg!!!! Wow. Didnt see this coming. Holyshitz! Its like a spider getting a fly!! Now days its couples and always more insane when more then one spider involved. Dam!!!

  • Also the wig, I- CAAAANT i love it babe

  • I love your shirt I neeed it

  • Reminds me of David Parker Ray, or Hamolka & Bernard The toy box killer + Ken and Barbie, but make it Tennessee

  • I'm telling you, this is not the first time I've heard this EXACT SAME story. Like for real. But opiates were involved to keep a woman sedated, but they broke her feet.. Does anyone know what I'm talking about??

  • Im gonna be like my generation for once in my life- Sentence but make it ✨ L i f e ✨

  • I know this chick who told me about some drug raid her sister was involved in. Apparently the cops literally broke apart heads of lettuce while searching the property. No idea if they're always That thorough/ Nevertheless, I'd imagine that if they're checking the inside of freaking lettuce in that particular case, they'll look under the bed in any criminal matter involving a search warrant. Those two sickos should get an extra 30 years each for stupidity alone.

  • What a horrifying case! I hope neither of them ever get out of prison!

  • The guy should get life, considering his age, and the girl should get 30-50 years.

  • I helped a lady like this before and had went back at least 3 times throughout the day to the night and when i still saw her the same spot after my uber app told me the ride was cancelled she finally accepted it and it was all because her car was a broken down vehicle on the side of my neighbor hood road and i ended up feeling she was out to get me when i was the one trying to help her so i ended up assuming the reason she never took the uber was to get my attention and actually wanted to take me lol

  • Whats with all the pyocs here in TN, between these guys and the Boswell case its the second Florida and I dont like it

  • Ahhh why are you so gorgeous? 🤩😍

  • Honestly yes I think they have offended. It was too planned. Life loose the key sounds perfect. I would love to thank whoever alerted the police. Can't imagine peeking in the freezer was a pleasant thing for them.

  • Imagine doing this kind of thing & thinking you’re gonna get away with it.

  • SOMETHING tells me this DEF ISNT their “first time” kidnapping, torturing and brutalizing other people. This is heart breaking 😣😣😣Jennifer and her family are in my prayers . May she fly high and RIP🌸💐🌸💐🌸💐🌸💐🌸

  • If you check out reviewbrah review of the week... He has merch that says something about disappointment like your shirt in this video. Maybe you will like it.

  • no hate or anything but next time instead of text screen with trigger warning could you also say it out loud.

  • Jail, jail forever.

  • Her shirt describes her content accurately.

  • I am so angry that Google has arbitrarily decided to not send me notifications by email... I am livid actually...

  • The amount of times you have talked about *exactly* where I’m from on this channel is mind blowing because I literally don’t hear about any of it until I see your videos! I promise not all Tennesseans are bad 💀

  • I hope your mental health is okay because reading these stories everyday must be exhausting. I love your content but hope your taking care of yourself too 💜

  • My bf is going to be 59 on Friday. I’ll be 32 in September. We have a home, an 8 month old son, etc. just like a “normal” family .. Idk why age is so strange to ppl if it’s consensual. If my bf lived to be 90 and I was in my sixties .. it wouldn’t be that weird... but now it’s weird to ppl...

  • This is probably something shes answered before. Can anyone tell me what the 3 circles are on her hands? Tattoos or scars? I'm just curious. Maybe it's none of my business. If so, tell me as much

  • You would be a good Judge.

  • I think sometimes two people feed off from one another. They could be perfectly normal and never commit a crime alone, but the two of them together is the complete opposite. Absolutely sickening

  • That makes me so angry, like this is fucking nuts. I'm so sorry for the victim. My condolence and shall she rest in peace.

  • Edit: This may sound harsh, but death penalty for murders and rapists. Americans hard earned money is spent on life inmates individually majority can rack up to $500,000 to support them till they drop dead in jail. And I wonder why america wasnt financially prepared to support its citizens in a pandemic that made millions lose their jobs. Because of honestly the stupid laws we have. What rehabilitation is there to life?! They're never coming back in society just get rid of them. This can sound harsh but I promise you if the government did this decades before we would have had more money in our treasury to support the citizens. On my cherokee side we punished murder and pare with execution. It did not fly in any of our communities. But they were called savages, when the people of james town raided a nearby Powhatan village, and they were able to defend themselves. Instead of attacking they couldnt developed a bargain system, trade goods for other goods. The people of james town were starving, I get it. But attacking innocent natives and making our people in a short span of time move hundreds of miles and to this day stuck on one peace of land.It's sad, the govt. Is really messing stuff up. Letting murders and rapists just get years or life sentence isnt justifiable. Murder and rape didnt happen in our tribes because we killed it off. The threat of not passing your blood was greater than taking an innocent person's virginity or dignity. Those terrible actions were greatly dwindled. If America made the act of molesting children, raping someone, or murder to a death sentence watch how fast those crime activities drop. If that was applied decades ago, maybe I wouldn't have been raped as a child, for my predator had already been in jail for not paying child support, he'd be too scared to touch me. Or the little girl I babysat, her half 15 to brother would never have touched her at 3 years old because he'd know the severe consequence of that action. Also his mother in law, 3 Yo's mother was a cop for 15 years. Yeah, so when I confronted her that I believed he touched her inappropriately, that I just didnt understand what was really happening. She went into denial when I'd never lie about something so serious. To this day I'm working on adopting her. I babysat her a year and a half EVERY DAY, that was my way of paying rent with no job and her parents work grave shifts 24/7. I became her protector more than her parents could even be home. I'll do whatever it takes to make sure shes safe, all the paperwork it takes to becoming a foster parent, money and time, I will do it all if it means I save her from that. That 52 yo man had killed before and I promise if the law was different he never would of been able to groom a 22 year old and ruin a young life. Have you heard if the pedo protection bill that's trying to get passed? If the predator molest a child more than 10 years younger than the predator, no case. Like how is that helpful?! That's just going to make pedos attack even YOUNGER children. But monsters can bring out monsters.

  • All I could imagine was the sound of that poor girls bones and ligaments snapping while they forced her to fit into a freezer. That level of callousness doesn’t scream first time to me.

  • I think the older man and younger woman who might have been groomed to help... just my opinion!

  • Can I just say this is the third video I’ve commented on of yours that is related to case in my area that I live. I’m working down the road from the house this happened today. Two other of your videos are based on Tennessee cases near where I live or literally in my town. So terrifying to know these things happen so close to me

  • My hubby almost 70. He looks 55-ish. He eats healthy, he stays physically active, he's in better shape than most 25y/o's. I wldnt write dude off just bc you think 52, is old or getting old. You may be surprised by his abilities

  • Please talk about what happened to @edenthedoll and her friends

  • This is the first video I see in the morning while having my coffee... Why

  • I don’t mean to victim shame, but Stranger Danger

  • They sound way too much like Karla Homolka and Paul Bernanrd, it's chilling to hear this. Just by how similar it all sounds even without other details on how they did it I would be willing to bet this is absolutely not the first time they hurt someone, there must've been a similar progression.