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Publicado el 29 jul 2020
Suicide hotline links for every country: www.suicide.org/international-suicide-hotlines.html
Resources if hotlines don't work for you: www.healthline.com/health/crisis-hotline-failed-me#7
Resources for specific mental illnesses/disorders: checkpointorg.com/global/
Compiled list of helplines: togetherweare-strong.tumblr.com/helpline
More helplines: stillstandingmag.com/worldwide-mental-health-hotlines-resources/
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  • wouldn’t eating yourself to death be considered self-harm? 🤔

  • Feedees may have eating disorders. Great moments in the history of the phrase "No shit."

  • You. Should get some feeder's or feedee on your channel because no offence you don't know what you talking about And they can explain it better

  • i’m into thicker females, but holy shit, this is messed up. force feeding is just- no.

  • As a recovering ana/bul surviver, i couldn't imagine(in an ana episode) my bf measuring my waist and weight, or (in a bul episode) starving me then making me eat them helping me puke and take laxs, like this is the same shit but with binge eating, its not a "kink" its a mental illness

  • Gonna out myself here; yeah I'm into this thing. But I definitely do not approve of it being acted out in real life, I feel like it should be purely fantasy, I keep mine to just written online roleplay with my partner and literature.

  • It has well crossed the line where it becomes a self-imposed disability for which the taxpayers are paying for their cost of living and health care.

  • This confuses me so much as someone that has a life long history of weight issues. Over and under, but rarely in what the range of what feels healthy for me. I mean when I worked at mcdons I went from a 34" mens pants (off the hips) to a 40"! And that felt so gross. Always achey and hot and tired and my BO was just terrible. Flip, now due to a med change I can barely eat and have dropped 20lbs in 2 months. Its shitty on both sides. So I never can understand the conscious choice to purposely gain/lose weight in bulk or rapidly...

  • I've been overweight my whole life and reading about these people willfully going to those lengths of unhealthiness that I've been trying to keep clear from gives me so much anxiety.... This is just straight up self harm. I have had an eating disorder half my life and thanks to other measures have managed to stay on the line of somewhat healthy overweight but I remember when it was really bad in middle school and I was also so depressed and afraid of the gym class and bullying. The way they describe those bodily feelings - It's terrifying especially since I used to be dead afraid of having a heart attack even though my doctors told me there was nothing to worry about, every time my heart started to race I was on a brink of a panic attack... I can only imagine the headspace these people are at, I have been in deep waters too, this isn't fat shaming, I know fat shaming I live through it most of my life... What they are doing is slow suicide, just like alcoholism or under eating or any other bodily abuse . And everything in society is edging them on by the way fat people are treated... Just like with thinspiration.

  • You’re so hot sorry side note

  • I eat a lot, because of 2 reasons 1. I love food and eat so much till my stomach hurts and after an hour i want more and then more and so on and so forth and whats stopping me from eating so much is my budget 2. My overweight body is kind of a gift and a curse, as a gift it show me who loves me for who i am from the inside and not from the outside and as curse comes the health problems and living starts to get more and more difficult!

  • This isn’t about imposing beauty standards, it’s about self harm. And whilst you say people are entitled to do what they want to their body, that is missing one key point. Namely, if these people take up resources of the health service, then it deprives others who are in need of them through no fault of their own, and that is when I have an issue with the practice.

  • ive suffered from the binge eating disorder and it was... Awful and the fact that its sexulized makes me kinda... Sick. Ive also been on the otherside of section of being anorexic so either way its just AWFUL

  • I hate this because I’m closing to 300 lb and that’s endangering my vision and I would like to see. I hate that these people are eating just to get fat and I am here trying to lose weight

  • ☺️

  • It reminds me of bugchasing. You should look up that fetish lol

  • What if youve run out of Avenues for help?

  • mmmm opinion on blood and gore fetishes? i hate having one

  • I wish. In the last year my taste buds no longer work. Many of my teeth have left me. My appetite is not what it used to be. I wish I could binge eat like the old days.

  • 5:08 Id say this person is either lying to themselves or deep down hates themselves When you eat and gain weight on purpose to try to make yourself miserable that is self harm.The person may be trying to validate their self loathing through eating like "look at me, i ate like a pig, the voice in my head is right, i really am a pathetic animal"

  • As someone who's had issues with anorexia in the past, the person I was going out with at that time having the feederism fetish nearly made me relapse multiple times, not just they were into it, but because they tried forcing it. imo its not a good community.

  • And no doubt this is one of the worst, imho

  • My opinion is that ALL fetishes are due to past trauma or experiences. Especially early childhood experiences

  • "Do whatever the fuck you want". Best quote ever. LoL. Truly LaVeyan

  • Feeders may be closet serial killers? 🤘

  • I know people are weirder and sicker 2day but DAMN👿! To wanna be FAT or terminally ill is THE most twisted AFTER anything sexual😒

  • i think they're ultramasochists, they want to be on the receiving end of fat shaming

  • why is the audio spicy

  • The post about chest pain is terrifying and I found the most shocking :(

  • This video hit close to home. VERY close to home. Every couple minutes or so I paused to really reflect about my history with this fetish -more like an addiction really-. I think I’ll have to make a video on this.

  • I quit caffeine recently and the main driver for that decision was whenever I would get anxious my heart would race and I noticed a pattern that it would get worse after having caffeine. It always freaked me out when I could feel my heart pounding and that would only make me more anxious. Since quitting, I've noticed I'm able to keep calm (at least physically) much more easily

  • that's up with the sound lately?

  • How is eating so much you cannot function, breathe or move anymore any different than not eating at to the point you cannot function, breathe or move anymore. This is seriously damaging and dangerous

  • I think if you’re eating to extremes it’s fine as long as you know the risk lol I don’t care what someone else does feeding someone doesn’t hurt anyone else

  • A (not so) fun story, I actually got exiled from a fandom I was in because of the rampant feedee-feeder community that somehow managed to have a lot of artists in it with a large following (The artists didn't show their fetish art to most people but they had a NSFW blog they hid from people and which I found. As a small artist in that fandom, I expressed the same points in this video which resulted in me being called a "fatphobic" and "kinkshamer" which isn't true. I'm fairly open to the idea of letting people do whatever the hell they want, but when it comes to self harm, nonconsensual and children I am pushed to intervene. I want to say that I do not equate someone being overweight with having a feederism kink. I have seen thin people who have a feeder fetish. As an overweight woman myself, It pisses me off that these people promote and glorify death and immobility and unhealthy coping mechanisms (with food). I pointed out they were sexualising aspects that are traumatic to a lot of fat people (e.g, some feeders enjoy being commented on how much of a pig they are.) and are actually insulting a lot of fat people because they are the vocal minority that continues to add to the stereotypes and stigmas of overweight people of being "unhealthy, unmotivated, lazy, slobby, hungry pigs." I do agree that it stems from trauma, they use insults like "cow, whale, pig, slob" as words to try and almost 'reclaim power over' by trying to swap the hatred they once felt from them to sexual gratification. That and a lot of chubby children get told by their parents that the only person who will love them are into "big people", so from the start, it's ingrained into them that the only affection they will receive is from "chubby chasers". I see it as an unhealthy coping mechanism, and I've also spoken about how the feeder and feedee relationship SHOULD be seen as abusive relationship because these people are clearly not in the right headspace and I am really concerned that they would let someone control and dictate their body and lifestyle that way. You would not assist your partner in self-harm, so why would you be okay with this? Consensual or not, if it was a normal relationship and your partner was telling you where you can go, what rooms you can go into, who you can go out and socialise with, what you wear, what you eat and really strip all the aspects of freedom away from you, then people would be going to no ends to help get this person out of the relationship. Most kinks you have safe words to, however, there are no safe words to something that has physical and long last effects on your body and there are irreversible effects to pushing your body to these limits. And you know, once that person dies the feeder will find another to slowly kill. It should be seen as assisted suicide, because these people clearly do not want to live and they are helping them to it. I know this is long and no one will read this honestly, but I have no hate towards the feedee. I really wish there were more hotlines or support networks to get them in a more positive environment and in a mental space where they don't feel like the only person who will love them is someone who see's them as a freakshow sideshow just because of their weight.

  • Q: "When does a fetish cross the line?" A: "When it impacts your mental or physical health on a long-term/permanent basis." It's really kind of that simple, isn't it? You want to get spanked/spank someone, which results in temporary pain and bruises = sure, knock yourself out. You wanna scar someone for life / give them or yourself diabetes/heart problems/life long trauma (paedophilia) = you're self-harming or harming someone else and you need to stop and get serious help. Kind of easy to understand, if you've ever struggled with mental health and been in therapy, really. It's the difference between cutting yourself and giving yourself lifelong scars or quenching that impulse by snapping a rubber band on your wrist (one recommended form of dealing with it: temporary pain, but no "real" consequences).

  • I’m obese. I hate it. It makes me suicidal. I would never wish food addiction on anyone, nor an eating disorder. The people in these communities that really push for that 600lb+ immobility are scary. Toxic. I hope one day I lose the weight because every knee buckle or heart palpitation scare me and make me hate myself even more.

  • AHHHHH THATS MY ART 😍❤️❤️❤️ Thanks so so much I’m @_sallystitches

  • Shame On You Reddit 😔

    • @Peakasoft More like 70/30

    • 99% of reddit is civil communities... quite the blanket statement

  • I don't know how ANYONE can back the idea that extreme fetishes are normal and okay like this one, it's just not and is 100% a mental disorder. Get help.

  • I got a weight loss add while watching this video 😂

  • I do think this video was a bit on the judgemental side.

    • Oh no, hope no ones feelings get hurt. Fuck em if they have a heart attack or die from suffication in their sleep though who cares about that, the important thing is that the feelys are protected at all costs

    • how so?

  • People who purposefully want to get themselves immobile either have mental disorders of self harm, or are lazy fucks wanting to live off the government.

  • Are you a podcast lover ? If so have you listened to radio rental. It’s has 3 short stories in each episode that are about people experiences with weird/ unexplainable/ or crimes they have experienced. It has a retro vibe - would highly recommend

  • 1:27 she knows math is related to science...

  • as someone from the BDSM community, it crosses the line when puts your fiscial integrity in danger, that's a really import concept, because sometimes subs think they know their own limits, but end up doing things that are bad for them and feeling bad after, so the doms have to mindful of how much to push without any damage, because sometimes you only figure out it's harmful after it becomes a trauma, so yeah, BDSM is not a "everyone does whatever the fuck", is a place where people need to feel safe to be able to explore their sexualities, not just outsource their self harm

  • You want a similar comparison to the eating disorder situation.. Think of it as a couple that have certain weight kinks, right? One of them wants the other to get to a specific weight so they can try different things sexually. So to get their partner to that weight, they restrict their eating habits and put them on a diet. That too would be considered abuse. Over feeding and under feeding is still considered abuse. You would be causing physical harm to the other person at that point.. it’s not a kink anymore when you cross that line. It doesn’t matter it’s consensual or not. It’s immoral to do that to someone, especially someone you claim to care for.

  • Honestly I'm just relieved that "death feeders" doesn't mean people eating until their stomachs explode like I thought it did

  • RTG: (paraphrased) I don't want to yuck your yum, but I find it interesting Me: I won't stop anyone but it's a hard limit for me, and very much not my kink. I can't understand this kink/fetish. Edit on the "Health concerns" thing: I think it's fine if someone starts a conversation about their health, like the first death feedist/feeder-but it's less okay to just randomly bring it up on someone's photos because they may be working on fixing it (if this isn't their thing) and comments saying they need to do more can be discouraging. Especially if it's related to baggy skin/saggy skin/loose skin from weightloss (yes even if it's just a little.) Edit 2: A fetish is something necessary for sexual gratification, and cannot be non-sexual. Kink can be sexual but isn't always, though both are always nsfw.

  • There's a fetish for having one's limbs removed or being cannibalized on, and people can criticize that because it's unhealthy, but once it's about eating yourself to death you need to worry about getting accused of fatshaming? Wow.

  • So, I'm asexual, and this is my fetish. Obviously this sounds contradictory, but I have no interest in sex. I derive sexual pleasure from the idea of fat women and being an obese woman, but the moment sex is involved, I'm turned off. I think the people in these comments are commenting on how "hot" the *idea* of being SO FAT you can't be carried by 20 pallbearers or being SO FAT that your body can no longer continue to live. I don't think there is anybody who is a purely feeder fetishist and wants to literally eat themselves to death. I think it may tie into bdsm and autoerotic asphyxiation, since the fetish is in the feeling of being heavily restricted by loads of extra weight that alters your body beyond recognition and prevents you from moving freely, though I don't find BDSM to be a turn on, personally. It's the idea of being a slave to your own skin, having this stuff attached to you and on top of you. It's definitely a fetish of sadism. As far as eating disorders are concerned, id have to be very depraved to become a feedee myself. I have an eating disorder of the restrictive sort and my self image has historically been heavily tied to being small. It could potentially be a situation similar to many other fixations based in fear. I have a friend who is terrified of being sexually assaulted, and so is obsessed with BDSM. I have had no past trauma, and find this fetish to be particularly addicting; since the goal isn't orgasm, it never feels complete or satisfactory,and i think this is what leads people to active participation in the community. While I am not myself an active participant, I hope this answered some of your questions.

  • me the week before my period

  • dan giulia yuor bobbies....

  • My thing is this . If you can have a kink that can actually harm you physically then I can say you're insane. Don't wanna argue about it youre nuts.

  • This is just not okay. Like at all.

  • I just feel like this is why nikocado avocado is the way he is. There’s a whole plethora of problems around eating on social media

  • Feedees are what they call the ones that’s eat and gain.

  • This reminds me a lot of the plot to the 2005 film Feed. Literally about a predator Feeding a woman to death for the entertainment of an online community.

  • I can see why this subreddit is called DeathFeedists, because the comments you showed sound like they’re from people who are suicidal. Those levels of binge eating are self-harm. Plain and simple. Why and how is this a fetish? At least people who have fetishes of being killed keep it as a fantasy. Sharon Lopatka was an exception that I think proves the rule, seeing as how she actually got killed and the man who killed her in order to get his own sexual satisfaction got sent to prison for it. If people have an eating disorder or engage in self-harm, and I believe this falls into both categories, then they need to get help. I don't want to shame people for their kink, but I fail to see how this is even a kink. I know the obvious answer to this: because they get sexual satisfaction. I cannot comprehend that. There has to be some sort of misattribution of arousal going on here.

    • Ok feederism is complicated, everyone is built different so in feederism there are different scales. Death feeders are insane, they have no empathy for others and are narsasstic and care about their own gratification. While the death feedee is also insane and vulnerable, they cant think about themselves and are just looking for someone to support a d love their body as they slowly kill themselves. But don't let these death feeders scare you from other feeders. Death feeders are rare but they so gain more attention because of the shock. Actual feederism has feeders and feedees that have a lot more empathy for each other than you think. When it comes to this fetish you have to do your research and know the consequences, there are empathetic feederism couples that love and care for eachother just like any other couple, they suppress the extremes of this fetish through fanart and imagination but when it comes to their actual partner they make sure their feedee is ok, safe, healthy, and comfortable because we know the side effects of being obese, it affects your mental health, can make you abusive, a d other things, and feeders would not want to force that upon their feedee because they actually really care about them. What I'm trying to say is don't let other people get scared to talk about this fetish, because of death feeders others are afraid of expressing their fetish when they're not really harming others, they just admire the chubbiness of others and appreciate it, they wouldn't want to harm their partner. But they're stuck in this limbo of, I wish I can get rid of this fetish because they think they're like the death feeders, to they know they're not hurting anyone and just want to appreciate the chubbiness of bodies. I hate narcissistic, non empathetic feeders, they are a danger to society and ruin this fetish for the most of us. I'm a female feeder, I have a healthy, happy, male feedee partner who was struggling with having this fetish, he is not obese whatsoever, he is a hard worker, lives a normal life, and is happy with his body. He is 200 pounds 5'7. I never force him to gain weight, heck just feeding him food he normally eats is enough for me and just admiring his body. Feeders can suppress this fetish through inflation which is much safer and gets the same effect. All it does is bring air into their belly and it wont cause any weight to gain. I just hope more people can be open about this and show how normal it is. But no we have people like death feeders that are open >:(

  • Everything is question of balance. You can do what you want, if you don't abuse. Extremes are wrong in general. Drugs, food, alcohol, cigarettes : if you abuse few time a year it's not that bad. But if you abuse weekly or daily it become not so good

  • How can you enjoy your heart starting to raise like crazy bc you can barely move? I'm on Julia's side here, I think I'm about to die if my heart starts raising like crazy

  • Can you make a video on james Charles copying & pasting his new merch from yours truly clothing? Literally all of his new merch is the EXACT same as Yours Truly Forever’s clothing from LAST YEAR, literally the only difference is what the words say, everything else is the EXACT same, down to the font, font sizing, word placing, butterflies placing, colours & fabric The ONLY difference between the two is James’ merch says sisters instead of fake smiles or love yourself or to the moon or the many other sayings Phora has It’s ridiculous.

  • Im new to ur channel and im literally so glad i found u. Thank u for keepin it real, sis.

  • I need to know what highlighter that is. It's demanding to be bought by me

  • Irrelevent but... My dude. What is that purple highlighter?

  • i'm a little salty cuz i just got the notification for this vid :(

  • My boyfriend has the fetish and it makes me horribly sad but I just go thru with it :(

    • @sam k Regardless of what you think of this fetish, what your boyfriend is doing is wrong and bordering on non-consensual. If he won't listen to what you want, it's not fair on you. You don't deserve to be treated like that, regardless of how much you love him. This is straight up abusive and controlling on his part, whether he realises it or not. I don't think you won't find someone else. But even if you ended up single for a long time, it would be better than this. This person is pushing you to change yourself in order to earn his affection. Not right.

    • @sam k Someone else _will_ come along. It might take time, but it will happen. Better to leave this toxic shell of a man who's pushing you into an unhealthy lifestyle than stay because you're afraid of not finding someone else. It's easy to be afraid; those cuts are deep and take time to heal. But one has to remember that sometimes the current relationship causes more infectious wounds that never heal. You need to leave and find someone else.

    • Sierra werbenjagermanjensen I’m just scared of not finding anyone else and I just love him so much, but now it’s like he’s pushing me to 200 pounds he kept saying it and asking :( I’m only 134

    • @sam k That's even more reason for you to leave. If he can't stay committed to you or like you for who you are without giving into his fetish, then he's not worth sticking around for.

    • galeforce3192 i know and it’s just when I don’t give into it and let him do his thing, he’ll perv onto other girls or get bored of me so I just try my best to make him happy idk I wish he didn’t have it I found out 6 months into our relationship

  • I'd just like to comment, anyone who ever thought about using the hotlines but thought "they won't help me" they can. When I was deathly ill in the hospital my mother had a mental breakdown and being at a loss at what to do, she called the crisis hotline. She now has a therapist, psychiatrist, and medication that she says really helps her. (I'm saying this because I'm sure if you don't want medication you don't have to but it can be helpful) If you think it won't help, it actually may. I think it depends your state/who you call but it doesn't hurt to try. If you're thinking about it or at a loss, give it a try.

  • I just think what’s problematic is allowing people to do ANYTHING by calling it a “kink,” like at what point is the line drawn??

  • are those them pewdiepie headphones nice

  • I think it's only fair you share what kinks and fetishis you're into since you're so quick to judge others on what they like

  • Reminds me of the movie, "Feed" .

  • Fetish crosses the line when 1. You are drafting unwilling participants into your perversion (obviously) but that includes going out into greater society and making others a part of your game, e.g flashing, voyeurism. And 2. When it's directly affects the health of any participant, that includes mentally and degenerative issues that crop up in later life. Power to you for trying to be nice about this but I'm just gonna come out the gate and say that Any Fetish revolved around excess is bad. Sure, beat ya boys ass red raw, but in moderation so he can heal and get proper aftercare. If you're pumping someone full of food and misery and negativity so that they will grow and grow to satisfy some base lust then you're a monster. Period. And it works in reverse when people neg partners to drop weight til they're ill. Sex is a part of a healthy life, it's not the meaning of life, so if it's affecting your day to day activities then you're doing it wrong. A good rule of thumb is to keep it in the bedroom.

  • I’m about to start eating disorder recovery and I can’t understand why anyone would choose this...this seems like a form of self harm, just like starving myself was :(

  • i see those pdp headphones 👀

  • You need a new mic

  • I think there's a certain loss of nuance in like. Anti-fatshaming vs. concern for health, where, yeah there are unrealistically thin beauty standards where a lot of women just have a fatter body type. But that's not the same as purposely binging food with the intention of becoming as physically unhealthy and out of shape as possible where you can't even walk without getting out of breath. There's a nuance to it that doesn't fit well with positivity posts.

  • I think some kinks deserve to be shamed, unpopular opinion. My dad binge eats and he's just getting bigger and bigger, he eats his feelings and it's so hard to watch and even look at sometimes. My mom fears he'll eat himself to death. It's shocking and he knows what he's doing but he'll get defensive when anyone tries to gently help him. Seeing the honesty here and this stuff... is horrific to me. At the same time binging is kind of a lowkey trigger because I used to see that behavior and over eat also, thinking it was normal and not having the slightest education of portion size accuracy or calories and I can't look at my childhood pictures. My mom's mom would PRAISE me for "cleaning my [inappropriately large] plate". It took being bullied in school for me to even realize I was fat because my parents doted on me and said I'm "perfect", and even my mom would say I'm "too skinny" (strange affection? misplaced concern? I don't know but her perception wasn't right.) I had to fanatically, desperately and militantly educate myself and it was like discovering the secrets of the universe. I completely transformed my body that I now feel I have ownership of that I didn't before because my family would make treats and junk food way too abundant and not even buy fruits or vegetables unless I BEGGED for them. It makes me ANGRY and sickens me that people are sexualizing such a harmful and gross behavior. I had no idea people made over feeding/eating a KINK, but I'm glad it got the callout it needed. This is so damaging.

  • So this is my second account I specifically made for this fetish. I am not a death feeder but I am into a lot of the feedist facettes. Bloating overeating and so on. I am not gaining nor would I ever want to I think despite this fetish pushing me towards it. I honestly hate having this fetish but I really can't push it down. I often wonder if it's due to my childhood I've always been overweight and I've gotten bullied for it a lot. So I used to have dreams in wich I made other people gain weight by magic weirdly liking it but trying not to. I often had situations where I saw weight gain episodes isn shows like totally spies for example and I hated those episodes but part of me just wanted to watch them again. I can remember how I specifically stumbled into having this fetish but I think I found an image on Instagram and was oddly intruiged. So I looked up some related hastags and suddenly realised what was going on. Now this fetish spesifically is not the only one I have wich might also be interesting to know. I'm also into pet play or similar stuff. Just anything regarding being taken care of or humiliated. Wich again also relates to my fetish. I know it is wrong but sadly it's a part of me I can't suppression so I'm just trying to deal with it. I was very surprised to see I got a lot of support too from boyfriends or other people I trusted enough to come clean to about it. I've never received any negativety about it wich is lucky I guess. While I was initially scared to watch this viedeo because I was sacred about feeling really bad about myself im glad I did. Thank you for not bashing people like me. If you have any questions I'm open to answer :)

  • Intentionally striving to be unhealthy for the sake of being unhealthy? That IS self harm. Finding sick satisfaction in seeing yourself waste away, or in feeling your body crumble under its own weight. That's not a fetish. That's self hate. That's being suicidal.

  • As a healthcare professional, I can’t tell you how difficult it of for us to take care of patients like these. I know a lot of people who has chronic back pain from picking up and moving these type of patients because they’re so obese they can’t move. Not only are they hurting themselves, they’re also affecting others.

  • Tbh most social media got so bad that it's like old tumblr, tumblr is kind of chill rn

  • Pleasee tell me where your top is from!

  • a fetish or a kink crosses the line when it’s life threatening to anyone involved or damaging to someone’s health, imo. sure, things can go wrong in the bedroom but there are safe words for that, and the intent should never be to permanently or severely harm yourself or your partner. that is not love, that is abusive and dangerous. if you think it’s a sensual thing to watch your or your partner’s health deteriorate... i’d say u should consider seeking help.

  • wait wait wait but what are you into tho? 👀

  • I've been in the fetish community a long time. I can offer one thing - psychopathy is insanely high. How many people I've personally met into fetishes and on this spectrum astonishes me.

  • When you're so privileged that your main concern&focus in life is the audio on a ESmain video that you watch 😂 some ppl i cant... 🤦🏼🤷🏼 ugh. Anyway! Great video i absolutely loved it (as always) i could care less about the audio on your videos they are always still very well made and do a great job getting your point across. 🖤🤘🏻 love you! Keep making great content.

  • i love the tumblr deep dive esque videos🥰

  • Hmmm I’m kind of hesitant to call this a fetish...certainly there is a fetish side to it...but I think a lot of people are truly trying to feed themselves to death. That sounds like mental disorder/eating disorder

  • This is seriously so interesting

  • Imagine a fetish on the opposite side: imagine people being paid (as I've seen with feeders/eaters) to stop eating, to show off their bony ribs and joint protrusions. Imagine people encouraging anorexia. Imagine a whole community of under-eating, and imagine that being totally acceptable. Both extremes are gross, to me. I don't care if your fetish is rolls/ribs, immobility from obesity or hairloss from extreme thinness.... seek help. This is why I believe mental healthcare should be tax funded. This is disordered thinking. We don't accept pedo's "kink", why should we accept this kink? Because it's done to oneself? So what? Do you not want to prevent someone from cutting off their own hand?

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  • Why is it considered a fetish when its clearly an addiction?

  • These people need therapy.

  • Fetishized eating disorders

  • When did shaming toxic/ harmful actions became the new wrong?

  • Where's a giant planet killing asteroid when you need one?

  • I’m going to be completely honest. I have this to a small degree. The feeder aspect. I’m in a relationship and honestly despite him being super open to it I don’t engage in it to a full extent because it’s toxic for my partner. You can’t necessarily change your brain’s chemistry but you can be self aware and know that if your fetish will harm your partner it’s not a good idea. For that reason I mostly use water and other means once every few months to be safe. There is such a thing as holding back for the sake of your significant other, and I wish more people in that community would

  • Is this not related to binge eating disorder?

  • Na. You can't do whatever you want with your own body (I know you're being kind, not coming at you ) I say that because people love people. We have friends and family that grow close to us and love us. In America we are so focused on the individual and not the unit so everyone screams "I DO ME, I DO ME F**K YOU I DO ME" Na. You're selfish actions effect (idk if it's affect or effect) everyone around you. Even if someone feel alone or believe they basically have no one, if they die plenty of people will cry and miss them. Also, if you get help, those people work those jobs to help people like them and guess what.....now you have someone or multiple pal. I had a binge eating problem, depression, anxiety, been in facilities and what ultimately got me straight was accountability and no longer chosing to be a victim of my past. So, NO you can not be out here eating up all the food America has to offer just because it makes someones d**k hard. That's selfish. Many CHILDREN in our country don't eat, many people don't have money yet here are others doing mukbang, making plenty of money instead of serving the people in a different way (work, military, etc) Who is going to be our future surgeons? Managers, military personnel. Come on now, learn about how to help our world and stop eating yourself to death....