A case similar to the movie "Jennifer's Body"

Publicado el 26 jun 2020
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    • I got a phone case from casetify and it sucked. JS, the first time I dropped my phone it cracked big time, and they were not particularly helpful.

    • @T. Tackett yeah him

    • @Junior definitely it makes me think of the rumours around Robert Johnson. The blues guitarist

    • I lost count how many times I’ve watched "Jennifer’s Body". I love it...and I’m not really a fan of Megan Fox. I knew of the murder of Elyse Pahler because people tried to blame the music they were listening to for the cause of Elyse’s murder

    • The reason why they killed the girl in Jennifer's body is dumb but its actually because of popular beliefs in the early and mid 20th century where people would make a deal with the devil in the music industry to improve their artistic skills to be recognised...there are actually songs about this

  • Are the casetify cases thin or super thick?

  • People actually sacrifice people for fame hay

  • I think the blonde hair and blue eyes thing was supposed to be “because Lucifer is depicted that way in art and other media”. Or because that could be called the “stereotypical beauty”. I’m just hypothesizing, but it could be why. Still not a very good reason because there is no good reason to do that to another person.

  • I love your hair in this video! It's so pretty!

  • I get so annoyed how assholes like these people do this shit which gives the wrong idea of Satanism. This isnt Satanism

  • Could you do a video about the 9 year old being forced to be around her mother and her mothers abusive boyfriend?

  • Lead singer of SLAYYYYERRRRR is a Catholic.... and is a member of his churches knights of Columbus council

  • Where's the necrophilia charges?

  • sounds like christianity and not satanism to me. they'd never be accepted into the church of satan, but the christian church would be ecstatic to make 'em pastors.

  • Religion is so tiring 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Not entirely related, but pet peeve, in most Pagan and Satanist religions, the idea of a virgin sacrifice 1, almost never entails killing people (perhaps thousands of years ago, but that was pretty much all religions), it means their participation, a little blood or saliva. 2, does not have anything to do with a person’s sexual experience. Virgin is used in a context of whether or not they’ve participated in any rituals before.

  • I've heard some people consider people with blonde hair, pale skin, and blue eyes, and animals with white fur and blue eyes to be angels or pure spirits trapped in a physical body. I don't think that's an official thing though when it comes to sacrificing people and animals. I don't know where it came from so for all I know the whole "blonde hair blue eyes" reasoning they used could have come from a creepy pasta.

  • Jennifer’s Body was an amazing movie change my mind

  • Hey, Can I call you Bob? Please? PLEASEEEEEE pwease?

  • Can I just say how AMAZING this wig looks on you?? Def compliments you so well 😍

  • As if Lucifer would give anything to those pathetic people if he existed. Youve to truley be far gone to believe a powerful entity would give up anything by murdering a helpless girl.

  • I'm obsessed with your movies I'm glad I stumbled across your channel!!

  • Lol... casetify sounds like rhinoshield. Didn’t know that ppl in the State like to use cases. I remember being on the train as the only one with a phone that has a case.

  • I liked the movie also.

  • I've been to a Slayer show and I only saw 6 sacrifices. They are very compassionate people

  • God, the reason they murdered her sounds like a fucked up version of Tenacious D

  • “It’s Megan Fox so she’s very attractive” You right; and also Jennifer’s Body is the movie that made me realize I’m bi

  • This color is amazing

  • Slayer isn't even death metal 😛

  • 1:51 idk if these puns are intentional but I love them

  • Blaming music or video games is such a lame cop-out. My husband and I play violent video games (cod, gta) and we both listen to metal. We're also born again Christians that have bible studies in our home at least once a week. But nope gotta blame slayer for what you did!

  • Holy smoke disturbing.

  • Just saying look at how many celebrities have had family members die before they become more of a household name

  • I listen to metal and watch crime documentaries and yet somehow i still haven't killed any virgins..i wonder why

  • So... Their guitar playing didn't improve? Damn, was gonna go kill a virgin to get better at art

  • The virgin thing actual reffers to virigin blood aka blood not used in a ritual before. So it has nothing to do with sexual activity and Satanism is actually a peaceful religion that has nothing to do with sacrificing people as far as I know

  • And then they potentially turned it into a really stupid movie.

  • Slayers Symbol is literally an inverted pentagram. Symbol of Samael Lilith. These entities aren’t holy evil entirely; but depending on who listens to this type of music, it could trigger Daemonic possession by evil lesser Goetia.

  • Also.... this type of sacrifice happens all the time... idk how you aren't aware if it, every single celebrity has sacrificed someone and/or their own soul to get where they are. Sounds fkn stupid but the greatest lie ever told is that satan doesn't exist.

  • I'd never seen Jennifer's Body so I had no idea what the case would be about, and I kinda wanted to hear you say "my" name, but ugh this is some pervy ish

  • Megan fox is a man, she admits it many times during interviews....... Love your content btw

  • She went to my High school 😳

    • That makes 2 murdered girls from my town of less than 5k

  • I read a book about this case many years ago. The three boys also say they loved one of my favorite movies, Rivers Edge. In that movie a high school guy murders his girlfriend and leaves her on the rivers edge and brings his friends back to see her body. They were kinda inspired by that too I think.

  • I went to school with all 4 of the people involved in case. I lived in Nipomo. I was in the same group of friends as Elyse. These boys were monsters. They continued to attend our high school while the entire community was looking for Elyse. I am continually haunted by what happened to Elyse. I think the boys picked her because she was sweet and trusted them especially Joe, because they had been neighbors for years.

  • the thing is when they mean virgin they mean blood that wasnt used in a blood ritual before, not a actual virgin smh

  • how they felt no guilt or shame or any mercy? like she was calling for her mom while bleeding to death and they did not care and even raped her after that? how is that gonna improve their gitar skills... this is so disgusting

  • Dose Casetify have Samsung cases?

  • I think Jennifers Body is actually a metaphor for the trauma of sexual assault..but maybe I’m looking into it too deeply.

  • Also, ironically enough, Slayer's lead singer and bassist Tom Araya identifies as a Catholic, not a Satanist.

  • Most teen killers have much harsher sentences like life without parole, why did these teens not get longer? This is the worse teen crime I’ve ever heard of, on par with Shanda Sharer’s murder and that says a lot.

  • Jennifer's Body is a great movie! ❤

  • *Burns tongue with lighter* “I am a God” “...Okay?”

  • virgin sacrifies are sacrifies of the virginity not the virgin 👍

  • Jennifer's Body made me realize I'm not straight exactly, Megan Fox turned my little middle school behind gay asf

  • Did you just call Slayer Death Metal? Lmao

    • @Tyler Chamberlain Drama and comedy are completely different genres, thrash metal and death metal is still fucking metal, and how is a non metal fan supposed to know the difference? It's not like she called Slayer a k-pop band.

    • @Mr. Hairy Eightlegs If somebody called The Titanic a Comedy and I pointed out that it indeed wasn't would I be a movie snob?

    • Now now ☝️ no-one likes an obnoxious music snob.

  • So glad you did this! I actually have this case on my list for my true crime podcast but I originally found it because I too love Jennifer's Body I thought it was a really good addition the the horror/comedy genre. ❤️

  • Her vids give me a Nerd city Vibe .

  • Can you cover the case that’s in the movie heavenly creatures?? Sorry haha but it’s very interesting and I would like to listen to you talk about it but like I don’t care that much haha

  • People who want to kill gravitate toward creating excuses that alleviate guilt. It was the songs, it was Satanic books, or religious beliefs.

  • Jennifer's Body is one of my fav. I didn't know about the real case, I wish she would've come back like Jennifer and fucked them up.

  • i love how you look in this video wow

  • Woah. My name is Fiorela and I've never met or heard someone else with my name. To hear it involved with this case threw me out of the loop. Such a tragic story, may her family have some peace...idk what it's like to lose a child in such a manner [I've had a miscarriage] but I pray for her family and I pray that she's at peace. Thank you for sharing these stories.

  • Sort of reminds me of how Marilyn Manson took the same heat for the columbine shootings. Also, I'm not positive whether he currently is or not, but I know the singer of slayer was a devout Christian. I want to say I've heard that he still is but I'm not at all certain

  • I've lived in Nipomo my entire life and this crime has NEVER been talked about its crazy!

  • Honestly though satanists like that sacrifice people like this no nothing about the official Satanic church- one of the coolest, most chill group of punk rockers in the world. It's sickening when people do things like this and wonder why the majority of society hates satanists.

  • Sacrifice is actually a very common thing. Look at all the children in Africa that survived it it’s horrific they got cuts on neck or foot missing

  • what happened to the baby yoda tattoo?

  • Funnily enough I'm a professional guitarist and it never occurred to me to sacrifice a virgin in return for my prowess on my instrument. I did this radical thing called "practice" and I practiced my ass off, 8 hours a day, 7 days a week, and believe it or not I improved. The Satanism mentioned here is bullshit. It's non existent and used as an excuse for their Sociopathic behaviour. One of the basic tenets of Satanism is that on absolutely no account should children be harmed in any way. They're just a bunch of murderous little thugs, with little in the way of intelligence, clutching at straws and they should be left to rot in jail.

  • her talking about serious topic: me staring at her tattoos: 👁👄👁

  • Excuse me but I am a satanist, there's nothing in legitimate satanism about harming anyone. The basic rules straight up say "do not harm to children or animals". And rituals never include harming anyone. Idk what kind of satanism they were doing but I hate that absolute excuse.

  • The thing about Death Metal is 95% of it its tongue in cheek and made as a joke.

  • I really need someone to find me the Wig RTG is wearing in this video. Obsessed.

  • wow kids these days really are getting more stupid. amen to elyse and her family may she rest in peace.

  • Death metal is great Murder isn’t

  • "I enjoy Jennifer's body for what it is" yeah, duh... Cause what it is, is a damn good movie I love it so much😍

    • Cause of lesbian scene between meghan fox and other actress ehhe. I love the movie as well...Meow


  • That is Hollywood satanism. Actual satanist don’t do sacrifices of people and believe in non aggression except in self defense. Then they believe you utterly destroy your aggressor. I lived through the satanic panic. It sucked.

  • *in my religion* there, 100%, is a "way" to bargain with... well, without going into too much detail, there's a way. and it does involve sacrafice, but it's always been personal... and the more personal, the more successful. there are lots of celebrities who have a tragic upbringing with the death of a parent or sibling or whatever right before they became famous. lots. they give off completely different energies/vibrations than organic talent. you'll never ever know, but i'd bet my actual life that some of these people have people in their circle doing work for them. a lot of you will say i'm crazy, and that's fine, but the white man took my "religion" and molded it into theirs, and called mine "the devil," then made a bunch of caricatures of us for you to mock, yet still uses it to get to where he is. you can find speakings of it in almost every "fairytale" of "voodoo magic." always some little black slave girl teaching the white people her tricks, and white people becoming superior in said tricks. that's not it. we don't teach them their "tricks," we do their "tricks" for them. it's so heartbreaking that that poor girl was murdered. to evoke such a primal need for comfort in a stressing time is so visceral, there's no escaping that energy, ever. we see it happen here. we saw it happen with george floyd. it's a spell every human knows, naturally.

    • how do you think a santera feels 😌 Your comment was great thank u for this

  • first of all, i am in LOVE with this look - that hair is just * chef's kiss * !!

  • Me being named elise with blonde hair and blue eyes 👁👄👁

  • Blonde hair snd blue eyes is a Nazi preference...

  • Jennifer's Body is one of my favorite movies as well! Watched it more times than I can remember over the years Haha

  • I actually really like Jennifers body

  • Sra is real and ancient. Satanic ritual abuse. It's worse than any movie could ever portray.

  • Maybe she wasn't a virgin, thats why they still sucked afterwards and got caught

  • Omg this is so creepy but it adds something else every time I hear you say « Fiorella » since it’s my second name too. Just thinking that someone with my name like that is a murder gives me the chills idk

  • this is like the Slenderman case where 2 girls attacked and nearly killed anothr girl because they "wanted to become slenderman's proxies"...the Creepypasta community was hit hard because of the two girl's actions

  • I’m so disappointed that this parallel story didn’t have the demonic chick rising from the dead

  • I don't play video games, but I believe at least one study has been done concluding that it may actually curb real life violence, as an outlet is given. I listen to insanely violent music, and for me, it's just a fantastic outlet when I'm pissed.

  • I want to clear a stigma behind satanism, it was never sacrificing animals or hurting people/children, that is against our morals and so is murdering someone like any other human, I have the actual LaVey Satanic bible which talks against harming anyone unless they harm you or whenever you need to stand your ground. I’m tired of being associated with these sick fucks that worship the devil and kill animals/people for sacrifice.

  • Imagine trying to sue slayer and not doing an oz. of research. The dudes in slayer are Christians 🙃surprise!

    • I feel like every rock star has been blamed for some stupid shit at some stupid time.. it's part of the job, I guess.

  • People need to stop taking old pedophilic rock songs so serious. Why there are so many about teen girls is beyond me but y'all need to stop taking it to heart. Go eat some yogurt or something, damn.

  • Fun fact: For rituals "virgin blood" has nothing to do with virginity but actually refers to blood that has never been used in ritual or sacrifice prior. I research the obscure.

  • it’s funny because you can’t trust everyone on earth😕

  • I still cannot believe her parents tried to blame Slayer. They didn’t tell the boys to kill her .

  • I wonder if the killers were (and i hesitate to use the word) inspired by the West Memphis 3 case, which was big news at the time.

  • i mean i just wish people would realise when talking of 'sacrificing a virgin' it is not referring to sexual virginity (which is a very vague and disputable term) but is talking about virgin blood, as in blood/a person that has never been sacrificed before.

  • I've seen Slayer live. Not killed anyone yet. Why were they so obsessed with killing a virgin specifically? Considering what they did to her after death, that details a bit confusing

  • I don't care that they were minors, at that age, you know it's wrong to rape and murder people! They shouldn't ever be allowed to be a part of society again and if they do, they deserve every bad thing that's coming to them.

    • And it never came for them ahhah. Sorry im weird and a tart...Meow

  • I know the "satanic panic" in the '80s was considered to be a crock of ish, but I'm just gonna recommend that people who are interested in expose' type documentaries watch a 2020 ESmain doc called "Out Of Shadows". It got over 5 million views in the first 12 hours after it's initial upload and has since been translated into something like 25 different languages. It has over 15 million views on YT right now, but I follow the producers on social media and they know from their analytics that YT has been suppressing distribution, view counts, etc. They're saying that the actual views are more like triple the numbers that are shown. It's also been shared on numerous other platforms (In the US and abroad) and it has received millions of views on those platforms as well. I watched it the day it launched so it shows up in my recommended all the time, but from what I'm hearing, it's become pretty difficult for new viewers to find by just doing a basic YT search - so it's been suggested by the producers that you go to their website to get the direct link if you have any trouble finding it. (It's 100% free to watch, btw) Many of its detractors are claiming that it's a more conspiracy theory than documentary, but I don't see it that way AT ALL. What it is, is a major bombshell expose' on media propaganda, child trafficking (and much more) in the entertainment industry, politics, the billionaire class & more from Hollywood insiders, ex-intelligence agents, journalists, etc. (Think, Jeffrey Epstein) I really don't feel comfortable leaving or clicking on random URL links in YT comments, so their website is simply OutOfShadows.org IMHO, it's absolutely worth the watch.

  • This murder was senseless, unnecessary, and straight up disgusting, the ONLY reason that the one boy confessed, was because he was scared that he would be killed by his “friends” next. Not because he felt “bad” or felt any remorse. But because he was scared he’d be next in line for the other two boy’s wrath. How absolutely fucking pathetic. They later go on to admit that the killing wasn’t satanic at all, and they actually just wanted to know what it would be like to “have a girl lay there while they had sex with her and did whatever they wanted without saying anything and all, and killing her seemed like the best way to get that.” That was literally what one of those fuck wits said. This case makes my blood boil.

  • I don’t wanna assume yer Latina but white people cant casually pronounce other languages correctly....

  • I hate that the calling if ones mother is a real recurring theme among murder victims. I hate to give a murderer that satisfaction one day and the idea that I myself will probably do the same.

  • The Satanic Panic just makes me so angry. It was prior to my birth mind you, but every time I hear about murders being attributed to Satanism, it just makes me very angry. So many lives have been ruined due to the implication of being a Satanic murderer (cough cough West Memphis Three). Sick violent murderers exist. Satanists exist. They are not the same thing at all. I could go on a long rant but I'll save it.