A boating accident gone wrong

Publicado el 1 may 2020
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  • Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: clcr.me/f6WL5g ✅ ANDROID: clcr.me/gkCy3Y ✅ PC: clcr.me/COLNNW and get a special starter pack 💥Available only for the next 30 days

    • @lucy yyy You can share your opinion, but I can also criticize it. You're getting way too emotional about this. They offered. It's not like the game is made by an awful company or they host secret trafficking rings. It's a simple way to make money, not really that terrible

    • lucy yyy but they offered, so she accepted. It’s that simple. If I were offered by someone, as long as they didn’t go against my values, I’d do the same. It’s a tough time as is, you do what you can to make bank. Simple as that

    • GrumbleGamer 18 she could be sponsored by so many other people is what im saying.

    • かえで i i was nice about it, im sharing my opinion. ill keep voicing it

    • @lucy yyy its not that serious.

  • Hair is FIRE (as always but literally this time, yes Ik im not funny)

  • Sis pls narrate french books for kiddos on audible or some shit, your voice sounds incredible & your Italiano background makes everything sound pristine. 🙌✨

  • I don't skip the ad parts of the video but when she said that she chooses her characters by how hot they are Same, honestly-

  • If a marriage is 'perfect' the it is actually a bomb waiting to explode. Also, not to play Devil's advocate, but i'd never marry a guy with kids from previous marriage because naturally my priorities would be my kids first. But i will say, i'll be fully supportive of the kids and make peace, cuz they're innocent after all.

  • Here after 4 months.

  • My whore of a step grandmother took my grandpas farm and is basically giving it (has been in my family for 4 generations) to her shit ass sons instead of letting my mom and her siblings split their inheritance. Although karma is a bitch. I wrote a scathing obit revealing all of the dirt I could find on her

  • Do boating accidents ever go "right"?

  • I just figured out how to hook my phone to tv and am watching u on the big screen !!

  • Does anybody know where she got that specific wig? know she gets them from a few places

  • My ex grandpa died in a boat accident............

  • BUT. if yer dad really does that way props to mom for lookin our for the fam. If she murdered clearly opposite. Man, philosophy of morals and ethics was one of my first college classses and it was exactly these scenarios. Only now am I experienced enough to understand what was going on.

  • Raid shadow legends for the graphics..... whatttt. I’m with you but like in 2020 it’s just a diablo type game but hich is a decade old

  • Wonder why. Objectum sexuals don't want to marry people 🤔🤔

  • I'm from Coeur D'Alene, you did great with pronunciation! Coeur D'Alene is (Core-Da-Lane) Kootenai is (Koot-nee)

  • she couldn't even have made it equal and given Larry's kids 25 %

  • A month ago?? 🤔 How did I miss this?!!

  • Wow. You didn’t realize the advertising your using, raid blah blah blah, is a sham. I can’t believe you’d take their money, yuck. Plenty of companies to work with, you don’t have to work with a joke!

  • What is he was some sort of sick and he wanted to be killed so he wouldn’t suffer... she didn’t want to get in trouble for murder said it was an accident and her mug shot is happy cause she’s happy that she did what he wanted and they really were perfect together but she just.... got caught. 🤔🤔🤔

  • I know the granddaughter of this lady. 😳😳😳 and it’s *CORE-DA-LANE* 🤣 don’t ask me why we say it that way, we just do. 😂 great video!!!!

  • “I know a bit about double lives because my dad majored it that” I felt that oof in my soul

  • Omg I live in kootenai in county! Crazy....

  • Doesn’t look like a wig.

  • how does a boating accident go right? i didnt watch this yet. im just commenting on the title.

  • LETHAL dose of benadryl? Oh, my God. When I was a stupid teenager, I used to get high on that stuff because I found the hallucinations interesting(and I had a lot of issues I was running away from), but that is one THE most uncomfortable drug experiences. You can't get comfortable, nothing makes sense, fucking translucent spider things everywhere, holding conversations with ghosts, and you're so fucking dehydrated. Imagining a lethal dose of that makes my fucking skin crawl.

  • This wig 😍😍😍

  • That mugshot. She kinda resembles Linda Hamilton role playing as Sarah Connor, in the most recent Terminator film...No?

  • Even emperor Nero didn't manage to stage a boating accident, why did she think she could do it

  • i feel as if she must have maybe put him in a body of water when she killed him- cause there is a good reason of saying he died my going overboard.

  • You're right, it is concerning. These types know they need to cover up any malicious motives they have to throw everyone off and keep their own ass out of jail. So you often can't tell these people who will harm others so horribly from the rest of the decent people of society. So any of our friends or family could be a torturer/killer. How many times have we heard people say about a serial killer "I had no idea. They were such a good person". Yeah I knew someone who visited his friends' house, killed the wife, then waited for the husband to come home. So sad to think of them screaming as he attacked them. Anyway, the killer was a really good guy around everyone, not someone who would be on your radar. Oh he did over money, the large safe in their garage, which he ultimately couldn't get into anyway.

  • *Sighs* We lost another one to Raid

  • “In conclusion, everybody sucks.” I need that on a tshirt.

  • My mom lived in Coeur D'alene for a short time, so you pronounce it "koot-knee" :) Also, your wig looks amazing!

  • When you showed that mugshot, I had to look away from the screen! Chilling

  • Love your content and you ALWAYS look so, so beautiful! You're funny, absolutely intelligent, well spoken and it's so nice. 👌 Love this wig 😍

  • Can I get a shirt that’s says, “in conclusion, everybody sucks.” Classic!

  • It's funny to hear you say Coeur d'Alene because everyone up here in the Pacific Northwest just says it's so American and with no accent.

  • Love love love all your videos! You're so well spoken and educated about the topics you talk about and I love hearing your opinions!

  • Maybe the husband found out what she was doing and this was her way of silencing him? 😓

  • I love the way you pronounce Lake Coeur d'Alene and make it sound elegant. Most of us Idahoans pronounce it Lake Core duh-lane

  • What is considered a deadly dose of Benadryl? I pop these suckers all the time, like 3 at a time and up to 5-6 X day. My allergies suck 🏀‘s.

  • Guilty. No one smiles in a mug shot otherwise.

  • I get there boating accident suspicion, but as someone who lives near the Chesapeake Bay in MD, Boating accident happen ALL THE TIME. Frequently those "accidents" end in death. I put accident in quotes because it's more idiots that go on out on the water not knowing what they're doing, rather than actual accidents. To me it seems like a good lie for Lori to tell to cover a murder. People legitimately die on the water way more frequently than many people understand. I still very strongly think Lori could be guilty. However, boating accidents are very very real. 2 members of the Kennedy family died a few weeks ago after taking a canoe out into the Chesapeake Bay to get a ball that had fallen into the water. There's no sketchy-ness there. It was an incredibly windy day and, they just didn't know what they were doing. The case you're discussing definitely sounds highly suspicious but not just because of a boating accident. I know I'm writing this comment way too late so you won't see it but you know just putting it out there.

  • was just binge watching ur vids and ????? how did i not hear about this??? ive lived on a river that connects to lake cda for years????? hhhsnfhdjdbhx i only ever hear shit about idaho when something bad happens ://

  • "Laurcene" sounds like the name of a prescription drug

  • “Basically everyone sucks” me every time I talk about political leaders

  • You: ''A boating accident gone wrong'' My head: ''A b *ea* ting accident gone wrong'' Me: *O.o*

  • 02:42 Omg your french pronunciation is sooo spot on,... it's not the first time that I hear you speaking french words, but here it caught me off guard...

  • Who else vibes to Julia's outro music.

  • I think Giulia’s raid shadow legends ads are the best because she’s so deadpan and her delivery screams “they’re paying me to say this”

  • This comment probably is going to get unnoticed but, being poisoned by benadryl is the worst way to die. He would’ve been seeing horrible shit and wouldn’t have been able to move. Stuff like hearing, seeing, and feeling things that aren’t really there. Just look up “benadryl trip reports”.

  • Gross. This piece of trash lived less then hour away from me 😑 her mugshot is definitely evil

  • I wonder, will you ever do video on how Raid: Shadow Legends is considered pretty much gambling, except there is no actual reward?

  • My bfs aunt was recently torn to bits by a boat propeller... she survived, but barely. Never see me on a boat. My ass don't know how to swim.

  • “I know a little bit about double lives because my dad majored in that” 💀💀💀💀 SAME GIRL, SAME

  • Gurl, how many of these wigs you got?? I’m in awe of all these looks. Out here killing it with a new doo every vid, I swear.

  • You should take a look at the #romaarmy shit going on on tik tok... would love to hear your analysis of the situation!

  • Wheeere do you get your wigs from please

  • Plot twist: She's being framed by one of her greedy children.

  • *Covid-19 outbreak happens* Everyone: omg the world is ending!! Everyone is dying this is so unjust! Ready to Glare fans: 😒 what's new sis

  • Omg you said Coeur d Alene so fancy, I love it 😂 I used to live in that area, we said it a lot more boring, just, "Core-duh-lane"

  • A boat accident is relatively a good cover actually.. accidents do happens somewhat regularly, however the time of year is strange to be out on the water in an area an accident would be likely to occur.. that depends on their geo location tho, but it is kind of normal for people to die falling overboard, be it the current pulling them down in some waters, if the boat is running they could be sucked into the engine,depending how cold it is you could go into shock and simply sink from panic.. there are a lot of factors to it but it's not the wildest cover I've heard about..

  • Girl your opinions mean something to me

  • God I live in Spokane and never heard of this happening (obviously this takes place in Idaho)

  • I'm convinced that the crazy case in Idaho...the Mormon off shoot cult in Idaho....woman claims to be God..end of World in July...lori Vallows tied to 5 deaths and now her two kids missing..loris 3 husbands dead...she got tons money life insurance...but recently she having an affair with Chad Daybell who's very popular writing about his NDE..near death...he was having affair with Lori Vallow and Daybell kept prophesied his wife's death...she died a days later Lori Vallow and Daybell marry on kauais most expensive resort...$2k per nite...they bought wedding rings weeks prior to their wedding...now Daybell wifes body exhumed and autopsy...im wondering if Benadryl was used on Tammy Daybell and is why he refused to have her autopsy...why police turned blinds eye is crazy...a 45 yr old healthy woman doesn't just die in her sleep like that...but her husband's writing about his dreams of her death weeks earlier AND carrying on with blond bombshell Lori Vallow...hes husband #5...and oh...chad Daybell just happened to increase his wife's life insurance policy week prior to her sudden death.....Lori Vallow did same prior to her other husbands deaths cashing in on millions....this Vallow/Daybell case has 8 dead people and perhaps more to come if Lori gets bailed out of jail...would love to hear your take on this case but even Einstein would be confused...its down right crazy confusing for anyone....loris whining about her not being able to have her lip gloss there in Rexburg Idaho C J....bet you're gonna go bonkers when you read about this case6...but the moment I read your story about this embezzling old lady, Lori in Idaho...made me wonder if Chad and Lori used Benedryl overdose on Tammy...im sure they knew about that case as they lived right there!...so...if I'm right about how Daybell and Vallow murdered Tammy...do I get a prize?...ill take a kitty!...please don't blame me if you go down a hundred rabbit holes and come out weeks later totally confused!...lol

  • as opposed to a boating accident gone right?


  • I live a few miles away from that lake and I've been there a lot so this is whack as hell for me

  • Did she know Carole Baskins?

  • The scariest thing is all of this is actually close to where I live, in the same county I went to school and everything, and yet I never even heard of it once.

  • What does your intro say? 😭😭😭 I've been trying to figure it out for foreveerrr 😂

  • Js gonna J.

  • Do you wear wigs? I'm confused

  • Summer isn't even here yet and your wig makes me yearn for Halloween 😍

  • Can y'all stop complaining about raid shadowlegends and instead just be happy for her because she got a sponsorship? Brands sometimes read the comments to see if their ad does well and decide wheter or not to continue to support the creator based on the feedback, so let's just let her make some coin

  • She's probably a narcissistic sociopath! Faking love, kuz they're incapable of genuine emotion.

  • My god you are such a stunning person, I have no problem watching your videos for hours, your so candid and you seem like you have a really good soul. I obviously dont know you so I cant be sure your not a serial killer lol, Nobodies perfect we all have flaws, I work in the tech field and I meet probably 50 people a day and I can usually tell what they are within the first hour. Then once in a blue moon I'll meet someone who's on the level and self aware and challenges everyone around them to be better. Keeping being you, and always remeber most people are number than a hammered thumb and aren't even capable of looking outside there bubble. The best advice I ever got was from a bum when I was working in richmond Virginia, I was re-cableing a food lion (small grocery store) and I just happened to be out front smoking a butt. When this Jethro tull looking guy comes up to me silently reaches in my pack without permission lights a butt, and then he said in the most professional homeless voice I've ever heard: "ya know" *takes a drag* "people love to tell you how to do something they've never done, and I think its because they want you to fail." He also killed himself a few weeks later. I think smart people feel so anxious and get depressed easier because we see the whole picture and its mostly ugly

  • I live in North Idaho about thirty minutes from Lake Coeur d'Alene and around that area and where I live, it's very common to have boats of any kind. You said the lake a little wrong and we're very close do saying kootenai right, but that's fine I don't really care. But the boating accident being the first thing she came up with was plausible because of the area. Lake Coeur d'Alene also has a lot of marinas people can dock their boat

  • “My dad majored in that” lmao. Relatable

  • I live here in Kootenai county (koot en knee/nay depending on where in the panhandle you’re at) and have been watching this whole thing unfold since it initially happened. Thanks for covering it!!!! Everything about her screams guilty.

  • She's a classic black widow grifter a Ma Barker bitch. She has no feelings and it shows in her face.

  • Loving this WIG!

  • Whats up with Lori's in Idaho? ex: Lori Vallow

  • I am living for this wig

  • It's pronounced Lake CORE-DUH-LANE

  • You should look at the Carroll pacman case. Its fascinating.

  • Maybe it is possible, my daughter called me 20 years ago to come to her best friends...and her best friend herself took 180 benadryl tablets, i called 911 and she they pumped her stomach ....she did not die but she told me she wanted to...she lived and came over and visited ashley and got counseling and turned her life 180

  • Its hard to overdose your spouse with benadryl....tbe flavor is bitter.....she must have used liquid....im not certain umless it is in toxicology...post mortem....i agree this is wierd....your channel is great....take that as a complement coming fron 61 year old lady, me. You are well spoken and love your channel...just julie BSN MSN FNP

  • You can take a whole lotta Benadryl so I’d love to see exactly how much she used because it must be a boatload.

  • I have never heard of Benadryl being used as a poison.

  • whats a double life

  • Raid shadow legends? I thought you where better than this 😭 Still love you and your channel tho! 💕💕

  • From personal experience, falling into cold water COULD be deadly. It's POSSIBLE for the shock of the water to force your lungs to breathe in while you're still submerged, but it's just so........unlikely and weird sounding.

  • this is in my hometown spokane washington, honestly i’m not surprised anymore


  • why is it always white women named lori

  • Talk about that cat lady on TikTok/Omegle pls!!

  • I go boating often and at least here, old people usually drink a few beers while doing so as it’s not illegal and don’t wear a safety jacket

  • One of my faves about this channel is the perfect pronunciation of non-English names and places. The pronunciation of Coeur d’Alene...*chef’s kiss*

  • I didn’t realize this was so close to me until you said it was in Kootenai County! Pronounced “Koot-nee” where I live :) The river runs right through my town, (very) Northwest MT.