A bear human love story...

Publicado el 22 feb 2021
Vice article: www.vice.com/en/article/9kvav8/the-bizarre-story-behind-these-sensual-photos-of-women-and-bears
Intro by : dserpentes.carrd.co/

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  • What is wrong with Yuri-named people?

  • Fuuuuuuck I think I saw those photos on Instagram a while ago, and thought those were photoshopped memes!

  • A big HELL NO for me lol I would never be okay hanging out with a bear

  • Chile anyway so, im going to have a fucking mental breakdown

  • "My search history is so questionable right now." 🤭 this one got me! I reckon your entire search history is indeed highly colourful from beginning to end.... I wouldn't start worrying about it now, girl 😊👍

  • The fact she gave a spoiler warning for the book hahahahaha

  • I’m not against owning exotic animals as pets but why do the photos have to be so sexual? I’d be concerned if it was a dog or bear.

  • Animal rights and bestiality aside (I hope to God that’s the only time I start a sentence like that), can we keep in mind that it’s a GODDAM BEAR??? It is capable of killing you in seconds. “Domesticated” or not, having so many people pose so closely to that bear is tempting fate.

  • The bear story reminds me of Dilijan

  • That bear has been mistreated (intentionally or not) his whole life and I just feel so bad for him.

  • This is just the live action for Beauty and the Beast

  • Out of curiosity, I read the book in question and it was...definitely a mixed bag. The writing was actually okay, but the premise is...yeah...it is a messed up premise. I think the writer was trying for a semi-allegorical story, where all the men in Lou's life have taken advantage of her (her boss, Homer, etc), and doinking the bear is a way of her taking agency. Also... WARNING. DO NOT READ FURTHER IF YOU DON'T WANT GRUESOME DETAILS. ...the bear performs cunnilingus on Lou. Which I guess is sort of a take that against men's chauvinistic attitudes and using her basically like a sex doll? And after the bear claws her, the men around her are actually intimidated by her rather than infantilizing her. Also, the book is not subtle in this regard; it practically says what I said above almost verbatim. There. Now you don't have to read it. TL;DR the book is an acid trip, but there were some interesting ideas. Were they good ideas? I mean, sort of? But the whole bestiality premise kind of undermines that.

  • They actually have 2 bears 😅 I found them a while back on instagram 🙈

  • This is twisted af

  • I want to buy that book just to burn it wtf

  • r/ThanksIHateIt. Disclaimer: I hate the zoophile degenerates who want to molest animals, not Glare's video. So glad she's raising awareness of not only zoophile pieces of garbage but also the keeping of exotic animals that should be rehabilitated and released back into the wild where they belong and aren't being abused.

  • I don’t think that photoshoot was about her getting it on with a bear though? I think it was about just...safety? In my artist brain (and since bears are my favorite animal) to me they symbolize safety, paternal/materal protection/love, and strength. Some people just gotta take it too far I guess. Gross.

  • Boog?

  • She said 27 year old librarian! Oh gosh this is about me if I were to f*ck a bear! 😭

  • At least wojtek got paid

  • i mean, Russia and Canada, ofc its a bear


  • I feel traumatized

  • Love you babe but I absolutely disagree. Even writings about this stuff isn’t okay. Beastiality is not a “kink.” You cannot just call everything a kink and justify things, too many people are doing this these days.

  • "let's say you had to have a domesticated bear" quote of the week!

  • every day we stray further from god

  • 🚨🚨🚨IMPORTANT PLS READ READYTOGLARE 🚨🚨🚨 Hey Glare, I’ve been watching your videos for a while now and recently I discovered something that’s been happening for a long time it has to do with the government and celebrities I’m sure we’ve all heard about this type of thing before but the majority roll their eyes at it because the people behind it are brainwashing us to think it’s all fake. Anyway what’s been happening and has been since the 1980s is that there are underground satanic rituals going on where they are ritualistically ab*s!ng people and especially children all for power. We’ve been conditioned since the beginning to not believe these things and think it’s just absolutely crazy but since giving my life to Christ and praying for discernment He has truly opened my eyes and I came across channels that talk about this and can explain way better than I am currently. One of the main channels I watch who talks about this is A Call For An Uprising. What I’m asking is if you can please please do research on this and spread knowledge of it on your channel because the only way we can stop what’s happening to these Poor children being ritualistically ab*sed is to contribute to a mass awakening. We need people with a platform, to tell people about this and WAKE THEM UP BC IT IS PEOPLE IN POWER (GOVCELEBSPOLITICIANS) THAT ARE WORSHIPPING THE DEVL AND SACRFISING/ABUS*NG CHILDREN TO GAIN AND SUSTAIN THEIR FAME/POWER. IN THE SATNIC BIBLE IT IS KNOWN THAT BLOOD OF CHILD IS MORE VALUABLE IN RITUALS IT IS DISGUSTIMG AND THESE PEOPLE NEED TO BE CALLED OUT AND STOPPED. PLEADE HELP SPREAD THE WORD OF WHATS GOIMG ON IN SECRET MAKE IT KNOWN SO WE CAN HELP THESE CHILDREN

  • It's so ironic when carnists care for specific animals but when it comes to cows, chickens or pigs they turn a blind eye. The hypocrisyyy lmao embarrassing.

  • My name is Liu. I am severly uncomfortable.

  • 9 year old me crushing on freddy fazbear:

  • As soon as you said “librarian”, I was like, ‘oh no. Not that weird ass Canadian book’.

  • As a bear lover this disgusts me. I mean, just imagine fucking Whinnie the pooh 🤡🤡

  • In my opinion, rehabilitation by experts is always the #1 option, but there are sometimes situations where the animal can’t be released. In that case, if the person is knowledgeable and can provide the animal with a happy life and the proper space/diet, I don’t see an issue with the animal being kept. Now the idea of the bear being used at parties and such, I can see both sides of the argument. If he is being forced and does not enjoy doing it, then he shouldn’t be made to do it, but also keeping a bear is expensive, so if he can earn some money to help pay for his food and such, and enjoys doing it, then I don’t see a problem. It really depends on how he’s being treated and wether or not he likes the experience.

  • I freaking cannot with the music you put when you were giving a summary of the book 😂😂

  • Is it awful that I am no longer even surprised by this? I can't even muster outrage any more, I've become numb ...

  • I prefer the story about the Russian bear that assisted soldiers back in the day... This disturbs me.

  • I'm guessing the bear owners haven't listened to the 911 call from the chimp owner when she called b/c her "son" was tearing the face off of her bff. He'd already torn her hands off. So yeah, that.

  • 50 shades of messed up 😖

  • I'm scared to see her licking means she's the bear's food. That just goosebumps me

  • “But if you had to, let’s say you had to have a domesticated bear” great hypothetical to find yourself in

  • I really hate everything about this story. Just had to announce that to make myself feel better lol

  • Trash people abusing poor animals ):

  • Brother bear what are you doing ?

  • ok well it goes to show you that there are alot of ppl off there meds. by the way i love the hair color

  • I'm legitimately Baffled that the author actually had the idea of making a fanfic about WANTING TO FRICC A BEAR

  • So this was a photo shoot done in Russia with a very well known bear. There was also one done with a child chillen with the bear. So I don’t think this story is correct 😬 especially coming from vice

  • Someone please tell me what song she used for her intro and what song she uses to show her fan art 😭

  • Ok I actually follow the photographer named Olga, and some of this is a little misconstrued (not Glares fault, it’s the news PLUS I’d say everyone does have some blame but bare w sorry!). Basically these folks have rescued animals and focus on fairytale/fantasy themes NOT fetishes/beastiality/zoophilia. The animals are very well cared for and you can even get access free and publicly on behind the scenes. The animals are conscious, not drugged, and given small treats to reward them for taking part w/o gut loading on too many treats (so they’re fed properly). Now, I didn’t know about the meet and pay part unfortunately however I know you can pay to have photo shoots with them. Many are often pre/post marriage pics (human and human, not human x bear) and go here for something more quirky. If you look at Olgas IG, you’ll see most are very innocent and show working WITH nature and essentially becoming one with it (in a non sexual/romantic way ie no fetishes). But I won’t lie, there are some Sus pics like this (don’t worry, they don’t get worse than this) which is more on the models who pay to have these pics done. From knowing their work a long time and seeing the genuine love and care behind the scenes, it seems like the carers and photographers may not see the darker aspects to it that one may see. After all, they often try to portray the bear very totem like - guardian/protector like. Sometimes... it comes off Sus like this, which is a shame. Especially because the news articles themselves twist it and make it out like an animal fuck fest rather than showing the full and real story. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes the meet and greet can feel exploiting however most of the money funds the animals well-being as well as the photographers. Is it the best thing to do with a rescued animal? Not really. I won’t excuse that. However the models pay for specific animals and poses. Most of their rescued animals are akin to the way dogs are (again, not getting into the morality as it’s a little overwhelming for me to type atm sorry :c ). I think the news twisting the message as well as the photographers accepting some of these requests really does ruin the sweet message of working with nature as well as the beauty the images can give otherwise (I’m talking the majority of the other pics which aren’t like this - again, some are and it’s few and far between and usually brides - however most are very fairytale, wholesome and magical (they have a few where it looks like the animal is a familiar, which is very witchy and gorgeous!) Overall the animals are actually well cared for, most of their pics aren’t like this, the animals are catered to and given treats to make sure they’re comfortable as possible, the article and media have twisted this however I can see why, the theme isn’t interspecies romance, and I do feel photographers and handlers should have more of a cap on photograph types as to not accidentally give off a creepy message. Not defending animal creeps FYI and I definitely see these flaws despite being a fan of the animals and photographers, but just wanted to give a wider scope on the issue. Most of their images are wholesome though these odd types make it creepy and sad, just know their works are rarely like this and if anyone speaks fluent Russian, maybe try to put across that these types of pics are creepy. It’s better to teach, plus maybe they may have some more pics of the animals in their habits doing their own thing? (There’s a guy that pics wild foxes playing and it’s so wholesome;w; )

  • This is so fucking beyond disturbing. Something I never needed to know or think about. And to be so proud to do a photoshoot like that. WHYYY????

  • 'like a fairytale' playing over your book synopsis LMAOOO

  • A librarian amidst nature?... how? Don't you need to be amidst a library to be a librarian? Tf. Still very interested. Will watch and thumbs up for not being about Shane Dawson, Jefree Starr, or James Charles lol.

  • Can we be clear about the fact that this bear is not domesticated! It takes generation and generations to domesticate an animal. This is a wild animal that they are exploiting and exposing other people to with little thought of how dangerous that truly is! It will take someone just doing the slightest thing on the wrong day for this to end tragic. Side note: why the fuck do Canadians have to be so weird sometimes. (I am Canadian, I can confirm we are weird!)

  • these thumbnails are trash, I literally have no desire to watch these new videos. lol

  • On behalf of Canada, I apologize that someone decided to publish that bear book.

  • Animals still have there wild instincts in the brain they wi still attcak a human if the flight or fright kicks off and they feel threatend

  • Vomiting

  • That poor darling bear is going to attack someone (because it's a bear) and get put down/shot/killed for behaving like a bear. I HATE this.

    • Exactly! People get so mad and call these animals disgusting when it’s just their natural instincts? How about start teaching people to not be stupid around animals?

  • Kindle has a whole slew of bear shifter romance novels. I've always gotten zozoophile vibes from shifter romance stuff

  • That was unBEARable. Get it?

  • Someone watched We Bare Bears too much.

  • Sexualizing animals is 🤮

  • wht? i- ya girl did the nasty with winnie the pooh

  • I want to say I haven't even watched the video yet. I just seen the title, sighed, and my faith in humanity sunk further. I'm about to watch the video, but I just had to say that

  • If I were the bear, I would eat the people

  • What? Like yall don't fuck bears?

  • Lions Tigers are Bears OH MY!! Lol gives a whole new spin on that...from innocent childhood movie memories to icky skin crawling stomach churning not in my lifetime... beastiality??? Whoever has custody of the bear has unexcusably unforgettably disturbingly abused of that animal! They stole that animals right choice and ability to return to the wild to live as it should and it's meant to!

  • Human-animal friendships can be cute however. I have a cat and I think of her as a sister. But when it comes to intimate relationships with a non-human animal, that's where it crosses the line. It is acceptable if the animal is perceived as a best friend or even slightly as a sibling. However an animal shouldn't be treated exactly like another human.

  • As a Creek Native American from a Bear Tribe, I have no words. Except maybe one: Yikes?

  • Peeta: sees youtuber with puppy no they take advantage of animal the are bad bad man vegans rise Also Peeta: sees girl with bear yeah so where are the you tubers with puppy’s?


    • @Miss Ostia good joke🤠

    • @Jeon Jungkook hahahahahahahahah

    • @Miss Ostia omg is that a bear joke🤠

    • I cant bear to watch it 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • and then she gave birth and named the twins Agrius and Oreius

  • It would never occur to me to fuck a bear. People are so weird.

  • I got this thing as a meme

  • Whyyy😑


  • No... just no. Stop being disgusting. Animals cannot consent to sexual relations with humans. Just stop! Love your pets, don't "love" your pets.

  • This is Travis the Champ 2.0 remade as a Bear

  • As a canadian we dont accept the author of that book we dont want her


  • As a Canadian I am frightened 😂 like wtf

  • The background music u put when you were talking about the book 😂😂😂

  • I loved the outro lmfao

  • So they used that spirit guide native American trope to teach the character bestiality? Ummm yeah that feels super gross.

  • I thought those pictures were taken for a campaign to stop poaching in Russia?

  • lmfao this is pretty normal for my home country ... russia has a loooong history of domesticated bears. I have black-and-white pics of my great grandparents as kids riding baby bears and stuff lol. Add on top of that a complete lack of american "sjw" "abuse" "sensitivity" culture .. and you get crazy stuff like this. its hilarious

  • This is also an anime on funimation LMAO

  • I think the music while you were talking was really hard for me to listen:/

  • Things are getting weirder and weirder these days. And this particular topic is absolutely no exception.

  • let me just say: not even in Bojack Horseman was I ever completely comfortable with anthro-animal and human couples. no.

  • So they took him from 'less than pleasant conditions' and then turn him into a show bear?!

  • Did twilight do this to her 🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️

  • I just don't understand what does through peoples heads

  • 2:09 You forgot Tigers, Oh my!

  • Holy fuck imagine how sad of a person you have to be to be a zooafile

  • People like her makes me scared for humanity. Bears can't consent for one thing and just nasty. Also dangerous; but they must not have much common sense.

  • There’s also a difference between domesticating a wild animal to give it medical care that is needed constantly. In that case you are helping the animal not caging it

  • This isn't disney, stop trying to frick frack the animals!!

  • no matter fiction or not it is disgusting and not okay it may be finction but it can affect someone and make them think it's okay

  • this is disgusting

  • zoophilia