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15:29Shallon Lester is back at it
Shallon Lester is back at itVistas 87 milHace 21 un hora
11:19Sia \u0026 Maddie Ziegler's weird relationship
15:40The most vile streamer
The most vile streamerVistas 162 milHace un día
12:56A "joke" that is just weird
A "joke" that is just weirdVistas 161 milHace 7 días
10:38A bear human love story...
A bear human love story...Vistas 92 milHace 7 días
15:05The tide against Trisha
12:10The TikTok trend
The TikTok trendVistas 145 milHace un mes
13:49The Claudia Conway situation gets worse
16:11We need to talk about Armie Hammer...yikes
21:09We NEED to talk about Claudia Conway
We NEED to talk about Claudia ConwayVistas 424 milHace un mes
11:43Stephen Bear: Up for worst influencer awards
14:22A TikTok pick up artist...
A TikTok pick up artist...Vistas 148 milHace un mes
15:34There's more wrong with Dolls Kill...
There's more wrong with Dolls Kill...Vistas 178 milHace un mes
9:02We need to talk about Shia LaBeouf
We need to talk about Shia LaBeoufVistas 121 milHace un mes
10:41Zoe Laverne may be pregnant...
Zoe Laverne may be pregnant...Vistas 211 milHace un mes
10:58Hilaria Baldwin...what is going on?
Hilaria Baldwin...what is going on?Vistas 190 milHace 2 meses
14:09The gradual fall of Kristen Leanne
The gradual fall of Kristen LeanneVistas 184 milHace 2 meses
13:13The messiest case
The messiest caseVistas 93 milHace 2 meses
13:46I'm not doing well
I'm not doing wellVistas 148 milHace 2 meses
13:47Infidelity is self care, apparently
Infidelity is self care, apparentlyVistas 127 milHace 2 meses
9:25Nathan Larson got caught
Nathan Larson got caughtVistas 114 milHace 2 meses


  • I mean I had 1 or 2 sleepovers with my godmother when I was young and I would sleep in her bed, because I was afraid of the dark and being alone but my godmother thinks of me as her daughter and my mother has known her for years since she's her best friend they are also in the same street as us, but the difference is that she's known me since I was a baby and she's not my coworker

  • You're quite paranoid indeed.

  • Obviously the trolls behaviour is lame to say the least but Shallows response is just mind blowingly ridiculous....

  • Does sound like grooming to me. Imagine if the adult was a man. It wouldn't be allowed.

  • Honestly these videos look so staged idk like why did she put her sas on the phone or not cut off the stream idk

  • Fucking hell I'm speechless

  • You should watch the recent video she did about Rihanna, it shows some of the context. There was also context for the reason before the stories you showed... why didn't you provide it? This person doxxed a 14 year old? They deserved it!

  • She did claim that the "harassers" were sending death threats to her friends and her friend's kid tho. Not that i think her reaction is in any way appropriate but that might have been her tipping point.

  • Hey, have you ever watched House MD? And if you have and have seen this episode, I’m curious on your opinion on the episode in which Dr. Chase kissed a young girl on the lips before her surgery bc she expressed to him that was she wanted to have her first kiss before she died. I know this is fiction, and I also told you what happened in this comment, but I think seeing how the clip is portrayed would be better for context. I don’t expect you to get back to this, but I’m just expressing here that I’m curious what others here might think about that scene as I see it as something that definitely is a circumstance that could happen in real life. Have a good day tho

  • I share the same sentiment on Christmas... Its a sad time of year for me 😭

  • Sia trying to shoehorn in that found family trope smh

  • No proper mentor would try and stop their mentee from doing new projects. If you really want what's best for someone, especially in a creative industry, then you'd encourage them to develop their own voice and career. This is selfishly trying to mold them into carbon copy who will never have a musical/performance legacy of their own. Completely reprehensible.

  • The fact that Ziegler was basically coerced into the movie of music, goes to show how very unhealthy the dynamic is. It's a clear imbalance of power, not just an unhealthy attachment.

  • I love how it's the abused woman's responsibility to make her abusive, violent, scary and intimidating partner stop using heroin otherwise she's labelled an enabler. Love that~ (i'm not saying you called her an enabler but just responding to the dude that did. i think many of the bandmates clearly witnessed her being abused and said nothing, as usual)

  • She seems to actually care about the animals but she was too manic to properly care for them but it was all a result of being stuck in an EXTREMELY ABUSIVE relationship so... the fact that she's not online anymore tells me she's probably dedicated her life to healing and actually taking care of the pets now <3

  • Loved the video but the ads were kinda annoying tbh. I like to watch your vids to fall asleep

  • Some people just never learn. Jesus!!!

  • jonny craig is a crazy ass abuser !! i worry heavily about his current wife and infant son because you don't just miraculously recover from being that shitty of a human being (and heroin addiction) within 1-2 years. if he's sober it could make a considerable difference, however if he's used to taking out his issues on others, that behaviour will still exist it might just be more covert now.

  • why isnt nathan larson in prison or dead? i dont understand... if we know who made the websites can't we just .... imprison him?

  • this video changed my opinion of you. it is disappointing that you are spinning a narrative if you have the entire initial video. it makes me question your previous content and your credibility. truly eye opening.

  • The way the videos closed captions say ‘um’ the entire way through shallons Instagram story

  • She should change her first name to "Childmo"

  • honestly think what different image you would have if sia was a dude

  • THANK YOU FOR TALKING ABOUT THIS I've been waiting for somebody to talk about this

  • So Shallon or whatever her name is just begging for legal trouble because of her intrusive and stalkerish actions?

  • Shallon doesnt have integrity and she is highly narcissistic. This move Just proves this.

  • Who even is that? Like it’s kinda cringe that she thinks people know her.

  • Imagine if this were a man?

  • It’s wild how she’ made a long ass story about someone “harassing” her yet she made an entire ESmain career doing the same shit to celebrities. She’s so weird to me. I’ve tried to watch her videos a few times just to see what her deal is and i just don’t understand. All i see is insecurities.

  • Ted watching from hell: Wish I was alive to kill these people (JOKE)

  • I'm SO happy you covered this! It made my night. This girl needed to be called out. She has zero remorse for anything she did. She's shallow and believes that because she has a pretty figure and face she will not have to face consequences for her actions. She deserves to be called out and removed from her platform/s of choice so that she cannot do anymore damage.

  • I hate it here

  • I appreciate that you even raise the possibility that maybe Maddie wants this. This really is how artists are, a bit weird though.

  • Micheal Jackson had the same relationship with people like Aaron Carter, Cory Feldman,, etc. It was and still is inappropriate. This is no different. Gross.

  • Damn lol she DRAGGED her

  • Your disturbing

  • Everybody feels weird and frustrated, angry and lost during teenage years...some get over the can not prevent that if they do not reach out

  • I see no problems with this 🤷🏼‍♀️. When you go around bashing people make sure you are prepared in case they try to hit you back with the same behavior.

  • It’s literally not even about discipline like parents try to claim. Spanking is not about discipline, it’s parents taking out their anger physically on their children rather than using their words. It’s disgusting

  • Anyone else having micheal jackson flashbacks or is it just me !?!

  • According to his roommate from his personal Twitch stream(aftrshauk.ttv)he confirmed that a video addressing the situation has already been filmed. I guess we’re just waiting now.

  • I hate these people

  • Yeah that's a big negative ghost rider something is definitely creepy going on there !

  • I work with kids and see the same group of them on a day to day basis. You're bound to connect to some of them and form some sort of relationship, but as an adult and a human being with social awareness, it's your job to make sure that there are boundaries. If someone found out a teacher was doing this, people would lose their minds.

  • kids r usually abused by family

  • She gives the same energy as that girl who was on omegle making fun of a girl who had cancer saying “aw do you have fucking cancer, what a loser she has cancer omgg I’m gonna steal your cancer and chemo money hahaa”. *shivers*

  • I think there is a big differences between someone who willingly chooses to post their information online and build a following versus someone who comments anonymously. Like this is a total invasion of privacy from Shallon

  • This lady literally has “Predator” in her instagram bio 💀...


  • This is not okay!!!!

  • The pops!!!! Omg I love the pops 💜💜💜

  • I find it odd that you got doxxed and there are threads dedicated to hating on you. Like, what could people have against _you?_ You’re lovely. You’re smart, kind, you seem like a good person. I don’t get why you of all people would have haters. That blows my mind.

  • It's so disgusting that men and women feel the need to EDIT our bodies...

  • “Dog sneeze” lol in old English was fantastic

  • Fun fact: If Sia was a Man, she probably would get canceled a lot time ago... It’s alarming that people is noting this now.

  • Michael Jackson ??

  • I loved this. U have a nice reading voice 🤔

  • Sia is Maddie's godmother!!! Maddie say multiple times that Sia is like mother to her! Don't be nasty and try to attack Sia just because movie you don't like! Find yourself a life!!! BYYYYY!

  • I’ve seen people argue that if they weren’t famous, no one would think it was weird at all. I beg to differ. Sia isn’t a family friend or like a close friend of Melissa. She’s basically a stranger, and I think anyone would be concerned if an unrelated adult began making decisions for/having an obsession with a child

  • So when she is being harassed and her life is being threatened, then SHES in the wrong for exposing the troll? You just want to find any reason to hate her.

  • Why is it every time I scroll through the comments there’s that one account typing bible passages? I’m so confused lol

  • That's really petty and intrusive.

  • lol When you say Shallon it sounds like Childmo.

  • the automated closed captions are calling her Sheldon lol

  • I saw the title and my automatic reaction was "oh God' now what is Shallon doing?" *click*

  • “I WAS HIS FIRST LOVE” Um...😳...yeahhhhh...that’s a red flag.

  • Cringe!!

  • I think what was left of my braincells just melted away

  • It gives me Michael Jackson vibes

  • when he said “23” i was like “run for the hills”

  • totally with you sis

  • Here's a weird one.... I used to be significantly heavier than I am now. I struggled with extreme mental health issues and body dysmorphia practically my whole life, and yes it was surrounding weight, but dysmorphia is about more than that. It's startling to see pictures or videos of yourself, because you expect to see the image of yourself that you have in your mind... But you don't see that. My internal image was not what I was seeing, and I couldn't seem to get it to. There's a hell of a long story in between,. But TLDR I moved to South Africa for 5 months and it changed my entire perspective on life. I definitely did work to get my mental health issues under control. But then a year later I randomly got very sick with a stomach thing. I lost 50 lbs puking and not being able to eat for months, then got really into biking and lost 35 lbs more. I hit my seemingly unrealistic weight goal, and stayed there. It's like my body knew this was what it was supposed to be. These past three years, i'm finally free from the body dysmorphia, and I feel like myself. I never really talk about it, because I don't feel I have much ownership in my weight-loss. I'm so grateful, but I also feel guilty because of that. I have even more trouble posting pictures of myself online now than before for just that reason... So when I do, trust me it's an act of bravery. Shit like that article make me feel like I SHOULD feel guilty that I love my body now that I feel like myself, and that I should be ashamed to say that.

  • Urm, Content creation is about having fun, right? Being paid is because viewers really enjoy your content and want more. I'm watching you sussing you out. Do I like your channel? Well I've watched you for the past 3 hours... Who knows, Patreon soon? But it's my choice. This video sure does tell those idiots how stupid they've been. Did they still have a channel?

  • Maddie’s mom has always been sus AF even on Dance Moms you would catch the vibes that she was pushing her daughter to be famous and at the top so she could live on her. And the woman was willing to do anything so Maddie could keep her spot and keep increasing her fame. It felt very much like she was wh***ng her children out even when I was in high school watching Dance Moms. So am I surprised Melissa I think her name was basically gave her child to a famous stranger no, am I further disturbed yes. Like I knew Sia was weird when Chandelier came out, and I thought it was odd Maddie is always in her music videos and what not. BUT THIS IS A WHOLE OTHER LEVEL OF DAM FREAKY!

  • "dance moms" is always a red flag alone.

  • You know someone’s a liar when their reply starts with “well here’s the thing” instead of “no”

  • Cutting off an 18 year-old's internet connection is *not* "child abuse" by any goddamn metric, LOL! "I-I do heaps of internet, like ESmain for a living and I'm terrified!". Also, check out the woman's DARVO...

  • I get if your kinky and you and your partner have made an agreement that they can decide what you wear because that can be taken back at any time and it was consensual but even if these ‘uniforms’ are required people wear things other than uniforms

  • Shallon has lost it. Hun you're probably in debt to so shush. Like neither of you are good people so shush.

  • As a person who used to watch Lester, this is all sad to watch. Lester has a gift for explaining concepts about self reflection and relationships. She comes up with terms to perfectly describe them too. In videos where she explained past relationships (romantic and platonic), she does good self reflection and recognizes what she did. So with all that, it is hard to see such a person do things I feel she would disagree with if it was another person. Wish for the best.