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11:40We need to talk about Piper Rockelle
We need to talk about Piper RockelleVistas 61 milHace 8 horas
9:31The NXIVM cult: an update
The NXIVM cult: an updateVistas 54 milHace un día
5:42We need to find Gabby Petito
We need to find Gabby PetitoVistas 69 milHace un día
10:24Nikita & Isabel Bedoya are back at it
Nikita & Isabel Bedoya are back at itVistas 57 milHace 7 días
15:50Brandy Melville is WAY worse than expected
12:59He quit his job for Logan Paul
He quit his job for Logan PaulVistas 55 milHace 14 días
10:34We watched 'He's All That'
We watched 'He's All That'Vistas 45 milHace 14 días
11:06Influencers are using psych terms loosely
Influencers are using psych terms looselyVistas 65 milHace 21 un día
13:36The saddest of video game easter eggs
The saddest of video game easter eggsVistas 52 milHace 21 un día
14:00My uncomfortable truth behind photos
My uncomfortable truth behind photosVistas 118 milHace 21 un día
10:26OF sank their own ship
OF sank their own shipVistas 59 milHace 28 días
11:27Dee Kosh: another YTer's dark side exposed
15:12The TikTok bone collector
The TikTok bone collectorVistas 118 milHace un mes
14:39"She's old enough to be my grandmother"
8:11A family affair...literally
A family affair...literallyVistas 119 milHace un mes
11:20We need to talk about Mr Kitty
We need to talk about Mr KittyVistas 151 milHace un mes
9:16Chris Chan - an update
Chris Chan - an updateVistas 151 milHace un mes
9:20We need to talk about #mnsfw
We need to talk about #mnsfwVistas 177 milHace un mes
10:34I cannot believe Chris Chan
I cannot believe Chris ChanVistas 182 milHace un mes
9:31We need to talk about Simone Biles
We need to talk about Simone BilesVistas 47 milHace un mes
9:13I've realized something
I've realized somethingVistas 138 milHace un mes
13:13This influencer agency is SCARY
This influencer agency is SCARYVistas 72 milHace un mes
11:21This brand keeps stealing designs
This brand keeps stealing designsVistas 98 milHace un mes
11:46We need to talk about Blizzard
We need to talk about BlizzardVistas 104 milHace un mes
10:28Justice for Cameron Herrin? HUH?
Justice for Cameron Herrin? HUH?Vistas 139 milHace 2 meses
9:06Disney and Nickelodeon stars exposed
Disney and Nickelodeon stars exposedVistas 119 milHace 2 meses
9:29Chrissy Teigen makes people mad...again
Chrissy Teigen makes people mad...againVistas 107 milHace 2 meses
10:38Millie Bobby Brown's "ex" exposed himself
18:33To the biggest coward I know
To the biggest coward I knowVistas 392 milHace 2 meses


  • I feel like everyone is being really nice to this guy but honestly he is kinda scary. He quit a $100k job and broke into the back stage of an event just to get close to Logan. That is creepy stalker levels of parasocial.

  • Dude tour tattoo are so cool

  • I really hate it when people call out inappropriate behavior and others turn it around on them. Accusing pink herself of sexualizing this little girl is manipulation. Everyone knows exactly what she means. Feigning complete ignorance isn't cute. There's a difference between a picture of your child playing in the water and a picture of your child posing in a bikini to publicly share... and it's not necessary. You know EXACTLY what you're doing if you do that and you're teaching your child that it's okay to sexualize children for attention. I'm guessing she'll carry on the lesson and creeps will continue to have free content. Pink isn't sexualizing that child, the people the picture was uploaded for are sexualizing her. Of course the child would choose to do it because she doesn't know any better, she needs guidance, but the mom is gross

  • Oh the ocular migraine. I know not one person in my friend or family group that gets them but me. When they come on, it’s slow but I can feel it coming on when I see sharply shaped, electrical-like spikes or floaters in my peripheral vision. Then, the rainbow explosion slowly strangles my field of vision. My episodes can last anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour. My triggers: • Bright overhead office lighting • sugars (cake frosting is the worst) but I’m fine with a chocolate • If my B-12 is low • staring into a candle flame with a dark contrasting other lighting source. (Additional light in the room must be soft and low) Most people assume we are having pain with the ocular migraine due to the word “migraine” being part of the disorder. There are low to zero levels of pain when one comes on too fast but that’s the extent of it. Things to consider - • have your B12 checked. Monthly shots are a god send. • consider cutting back on your sugars. It’s not all of them. When an ocular is coming on, think of what you’d eaten about 15 min prior. Avoid it or cut down on it for a period of time and use process of elimination. • Use blue tinted sunglasses • drink more water. * use a cold wash cloth over your eyes but be gentle. Don’t press, light pressure to allow the cold soak into your eyes. • change your phone background to “dark” mode. • see if you can get your eyes checked for macular degeneration. Good luck and if you have other questions, I don’t mind. 🤗

  • If any of the people who watch her videos are adults that signifies a problem because I can't think of anything I'd rather do less than watch a 14 year olds ESmain videos

  • No motive really? The motive is the fact that her sister was special needs who needed a lot of care from their parents. A lot of times siblings of special needs children feel very left out and neglected rather they really are or not. She probably felt like she wasn’t as cared about by their parents. She probably seen the increased care of her sister as them treating her sister better. Siblings of special needs children can feel very invisible. and because her sister is special needs that means their parents need to help her sister more and she probably felt like she wasn’t getting enough attention and that her sister was stealing it all. now i am not in any way excusing her actions because killing your sibling is wrong. and she’s definitely a terrible person for this. I’m not justifying it either. I’m just simply explaining how she probably felt and the possible motive. probably feeling like if her sister was “out of the way” then their parents would have more time for her. it’s also possible that she felt like her sister would be better off dead instead of being wheal chair bound and suffering with cerebral palsy. Maybe it was a bit of both. However she had no right to decide if someone lives or dies.

  • How can you like a video when its a reeally fukced up thing to see and hear him say it all calm n collective know nothing willl happen to him hence talking about it on national television. Its to give this video some recognition because lord knows these kids need saving. I hope the right person sees this.

  • You left out the document from the Psychiatrist that’s stated that Natalia revealed in their sessions where Natalia admitted that she was over age 18. She even said she was over 24 and as old as 35

    • Haven't you heard of an impressionable child getting "coached" ? They also told her to call the police and say she wanted to do this and that and that she was crazy and the cops took her to a mental rehab facility to get checked out and they called them back in a couple of hours and told them to take her back because there is nothing wrong with her.

  • Why doesn't he just get a korean citizenship, learn the language and live there? Thats creepy af. Then you could be korean. If somebody doesnt understand then here is an example: you live in europe and decide that "wow, I want to live in USA because its such an amazing country". When you get a citizenship, you move there. People accept you there and you probably will get a nice job. That would be much easier than getting plastic surgery and look like Donald the cheeto.

  • I don't think it was specifically because Mack is a woman that was the reason for the light sentencing. She definitely provided a lot of evidence and is viewed as a victim too. India Oxenberg perpetrated some of the same behaviors as Mack but she had an opportunity to emphasize she was a victim and got to make a documentary.

  • Wel they found a body so he got away YAY

  • There needs to be rules put in place for children on the internet. It’s like child actors. Parents are pimping out their children for views on ESmain, Insta, Tik Tok, etc. It’s disgusting

  • it’s heartbreaking looking back in retrospect

  • Her body was found:(

  • This "father" is totally & completely 💯% a?? hole; and, the audience is just as worse. To take pleasure & having fun by laughing about how a "father" 🙄, who can so openly, without guilt, talk about molesting his own like there's nothing wrong with it. I wander how he would feel & what would he do if someone was molesting his son the same manner that he is?! Twisted pervert. This just goes to show that those we rely on to be our protector, can just as easily become our predator.

  • not to detract from the heavy topic but BESTIE YOU'RE SO CLOSE TO 1 MILLION WE'RE SO EXCITEDDDSDSSSD

  • Pretty late to see this video but now today September 21( and update) they found her body remains and they have put the case as a homicide and turns out. that the fiance went missing 4 days after he came back from Wyoming and his family reported him missing i love your videos as always I hope your having a good day. :)

  • This is insane. I remember being 14/15 shopping at J. Galt (their sister store) in Newport Beach. The girls who worked there would ask to take photos of me and my friends and what we were wearing and they would “possibly feature us” on their tumblr or socials. I would get so excited because I loved that store and thought maybe it meant I had good style. Nope. Sounds like to me they were just keeping inventory of all the girls who shopped at the store. Possibly even for the pleasure of their male executives. How fucking terrible.

  • Minors don’t understand that there objectified. They will never see it that way because they do not have the knowledge to see it that way. There brains are not old enough or experienced enough to understand. But the parents get it.

  • As a mother of a 14 year old girl, I appreciate your diplomatic view while reviewing this situation, and I agree with your concerns. I am a fairly liberal parent and am open to allowing my daughter to grow and develop her personal identity while watching from a (short) distance, but the idea of her, or any child, attempting to develop a concept of self with potentially 8 million people watching/commenting, her reading/responding, and the burden being on me as her mother to manage the whole situation is overwhelming to even hypocritically consider. I just hope her family is able to be everything she needs to manage her career along with being what she needs to feel loved and nurtured by her family.

  • Ok Alison wasn't his second hand...his partner was Nancy Salzman. Allison was a pawn, I agree 3 years wasn't enough but I think it's because she was also one of Keith's victims. She was brainwashed just like the others were.

  • Hey body was just found in Wyoming.

  • Korean and Jimin are not pronouns, they are proper nouns. Someone wasn't paying attention in English class. Probably because they were wishing it was Korean class

  • Where's her father?

  • You Tube drives adults insane enough, we really shouldnt put kids through the same hellscape

  • I think there is a greater case for neglect than exploitation. Sure, she I fed and has her physical needs met. But who let's their child stay in a house with just other teenagers? Teens need security.

  • The law should lift the minimum age to 18 for social apps/sites

  • Team Pink

  • I don’t think children should be on ESmain in any capacity (not even family YT) just because I feel like there is a lot of room for neglect and abuse that you can easily edit out. Daddy O 5, that chick with her crying son/dog. I think the dynamic changes drastically when your child makes money and you profit off your children. And I think a big part is also protecting children too. They’re not developed enough to say “maybe I shouldn’t expose this much of myself because people are disgusting” I mean maybe it’s coincidence that her bikini try on videos get more views but maybe it’s not. Maybe people are really that disgusting. Her content at a glance seems suggestive of being an older person above the age of 18 and I see that as exploitive from the parents. Idk underdeveloped brains just seems like alot of trauma can happen from being on social media.

  • This will probably be missed, but they found a body matching Petito in Wyoming, and the fiancee has disappeared

  • Somehow at the downtown where I live the brandy Melville without fail will always have a massive lineup Like…usually it is really petite white girls but still - MASSIVE lineup and I just don’t get it, the clothes are just half decent and the one size only is garbage

  • What a horrible person. This will probably used as ammunition by transphobes for a while...

  • What is the theme music u use? I’m dying to know, it’s so cool

  • Imagine these kids not having a “moment” where they can reminisce about their own childhood, since they were forced to mentally grew up by their parents/guardian. No children should ever think about how to gain subs/views, stay relevant, and go trending on social media.

  • She reminds me of Danielle cohn Plus her mom is crazy her mom harassed all her friends and bf

  • just like my mom's old adage "It's not what you say, it's the way that you say it." context definitely matters. it's not the bikini she wears, but how she poses in it, and where. That being said, if her mom doesn't see a problem putting her kid online like that when there are so many vile creeps out there on the internet, then she's not a very good mom. a mom is supposed to keep her kid AWAY from being on the internet in bikinis, not snapping the pics.

  • This hits me harder than I was expecting, though now that I think about it I shouldn't be surprised. I adopted a rather large dog in October and he really loves being outside exploring. As a result I have been walking a LOT, especially the last 6-7 months (I wore out 2 pairs of sandals and a pair of sneakers since March). Without trying I ended up losing about 25 lbs and people have been making comments on my weight loss. I know they mean well and have no idea about my warped self image, but all those "compliments" just compound my general disgust with myself. I know I will never be happy with my appearance as even when I was walking around at 270lbs and <10% body fat I still thought I looked awful (I'm a 6'5" large framed man for context). I honestly can't recall the last time I intentionally looked at myself in a mirror.

  • This is further confirmation of my thought that the fashion/beauty/style industry is populated with people who are trying to cover up their own moral/ethical bankruptcy by creating a visually appealing facade.

  • Me to Nikita: yas queen, give us nothing ✌🏽😐

  • They probably leave a couple higher status influencers alone and just treat them normally. So that way if somebody in the lower ranks comes out and Tries to talk about it they can get those bigger influencers to say "that's not true, they've never done anything like that to me. I think they're a great agency". Just gives them another intimidation tactic to say whoever is coming out against them MUST be making it up bc look how happy these other clients are!

  • Nope! Can’t even make it through this one. I’m going to vomit. 🤮🤮🤮

  • I can't stand so called influencers and the influencers culture. Its a bunch of fake liars pushing for free crap, or scamming and hurting people the worst human beings and a**holes. I am an artist and craft person. I sale on many platforms and I get so many emails saying oh I love your work could you draw me like that. Or asking me for free items for exposure. Or my biggest hate of all. Telling they love my work but can I copy someone else's work for them. I make everything by hand I draw and paint on paper or canvas or digital, It has taken many years to grow my business and I am very busy. I don't even reply to the begging emails anymore because in the past when I tried to nicely say sorry I don't have the time to work for free they get shitty and leads to a torrent of abuse. I have been reported to to admin on Etsy and other sites by people like this with them saying I was abusive or mean and hurt their feelings. Every time admin has looked at the emails and seen I was professional and polite and it was me who had been abused. I have even had a woman who have threatened to send their boyfriend and his friends around to beat me up and rape me. So no I don't like them and I can't wait until the whole so called influencers thing dies a death! I didn't know who either of the so called influencers were until the met gala and will have for gotten their names by morning. In my mind they are like bands who have one big song. It will be over before you know it and the will fade into obscurity and I will still be here enjoying my life staying my lane loving art and crafts making a living hurting no one and they is perfect for me. If you want something, work for it. Treat people the way you would like to be treated. I don't like the way the human race is going backward.

  • Everyone who willingly lets their kids enter into an industry that is filled to the BRIM with pledos, exploiters, moe lesters and bosses who will get you a gig if you do "favours" is no better than a p'mp. I'd argue they are even worse.

  • "Human remains discovered in Teton County, Wyoming, are 'consistent with the description of' missing 22-year-old Gabby Petito, FBI officials say in a news conference. 'Full forensic identification has not been completed to confirm 100% that we found Gabby, but her family has been notified of this discovery,' Charles Jones, FBI Denver's supervisory senior resident agent in Wyoming, says."

  • Why couldn't this happen to me when I was 11? Lol

  • At 8:30 , she's literally using her child as a shield from backlash. She will never learn. Also, I think a fucking swear is a lot less harmful than exploiting your child for money and giving them life long issues because you're too selfish to treat them like a person. I've never liked family ESmainrs, I've said it with DaddyOFive, I'll still say it today, they SERVE NO FUNCTION. Also, I don't understand the appeal of following the everyday life of a family on ESmain.. who is even the audience? I highly doubt kids watch them?

  • "Nice and delicate garments" My guy really though he wasn't selling cheap ass clothes you could buy at target just in size small.

  • If my imaginery 12 year-old child wants to do OF, guess what? I WON'T LET THEM I'm so dumbfounded by the parents in these kind of situations. "My kid wants to do that" SO FUCKING WHAT?? Your job as a parent is to protect your child and set them boundaries

  • I love P!nk even more now. Not only is she saying something, but she used "whilst" 😍😍

  • I agree in a way with what the 14 year old said teenagers in bikinis or bathing suits are not sexualized unless whoever is looking at them are thinking in that way, which is beyond disgusting. Now if she is posting pictures of her wearing bikinis in suggestive poses that's entirely a different matter. If it's just teenagers being teenagers then it should be fine. My question is why is Pink singling out this 14 year old ? There are other accounts that are extremely worse than this girl Piper. Let me know if I'm making sense. Love your videos Peace and love to you and your family ❤💛❤💛❤💛 Also I think the parents are allowing this girl to act and make videos that are a bit mature for her age group. She said she's not forced to do anything but I think it's disgusting for her parents to encourage adult actions in her videos..

  • Defuq is wrong with her therapist?

  • Noone should have internet access until they are at least 16!

  • see this is why i love pink

  • Wasn't Pink criticized in the past for posting inappropriate pics of her own child?? Edited to add: Just looked it up, and she posted a photo of her toddler son with his p*nis exposed... hypocracy much? I'm not condoning the photos of Piper in any way, as a mom that disgusts me too. However, she tried to make the same arguments that Piper's team made about her photos.

  • the punishing part sounds like he's talking about a pet or something...

  • It doesn’t matter what the intent is, you put photos of children on the internet especially ones where they’re in swimsuits, they will be saved and passed around by pedophiles. That’s not fear mongering that’s a fact, pedos troll around looking for kids who either put photos of themselves up or parents who post them because they don’t know internet safety.

  • I think it is interesting that under certain circumstances showing you child on youtube will get at least comments if not also monetization turned off(a gardening channel I watch has had this happen because their kid was in shots of some blogs) but they will happily monetize a whole channel of a child ..I think refusing to monetize minors channels would be a good start, and turning off video comments, I know people will still be jerks but at least make them work at it, and do it in a place like email where its better recorded, you cant delete or edit an email the same as video comments etc...

  • ah yes, a few years is suitable punishment for someone who's job it was to lure women and children into a sex cult...yes that was an appropriate sentence...what a fucking joke 🙄 I get that she got a plea deal but that just seems too lenient for the role she had in all this. She only ratted the others out to get a lighter sentence, not because it was the right thing to do. Maybe she was brainwashed, I can't imagine what that would be like in that situation, but surely deep down she would have known what she was doing was wrong. She could have spoken to someone about it at any time. Over 10 years, and never once did she attempt to reach out to anyone to stop what was going on, even when children were getting abused. She cared more about keeping up her reputation and status rather than speak out about it for all that time.

  • Also, I’m just going to throw out there that there’s a difference between “sexual” and “inappropriate”. Just because an adult finds something inappropriate doesn’t mean they’re sexualizing anything. It’s not appropriate for this child to be doing a lot of what she’s doing.

  • Piper's mom is wrong AF. Those photos with the strawberry......heeeeeeeyull nawl.

  • Imagine sitting in your car and crying about making 100k per year... CAN'T RELATE. (And I just assume he could get another equally good paid job)

  • I already knew I disliked you since the Radfem hate video… I now hate you more. That’s all, thanks and bye.

  • At what point does child youtube stars violate child labor laws? Surely a child supporting their family monetarily isnt legal?

  • Internet Impact made a good video about child stars specifically Jennette McCurdy however it does touch on whether internet fame is better or not or even worse. Either way I really don't think kids should have a channel, not unless they have a very thick skin and have responsible parents or guardians to draw a line and tell them what is and isn't okay and why it isn't appropriate to do certain things. Unfortunately these things seem pretty rare.

  • This sadly sounds all too similar to a lot of cases where women go missing. Laundrie’s actions are too suspicious. Sending love to the family and hoping everything turns out okay. ❤️

  • She showed her true self. She was way to calm when she was instructing him. She was oblivious to his pain.... SMFH

  • Totally agree. If only there were more level headed and logical people like you in the world. 🙃

  • What's pisses me off is people have been like "you only care about her cause she's a white girl" stop....just fucking stop. Not everything has to be about race.

    • i think it's not like that, people think this case absolutely deserves this attention, they just wish POCs would get the same treatment (i.e. the dozens of indigenous girls that have gone missing and hardly get any media coverage)

  • A lot of these young teens being exploited by their parents as a revenue stream for the entire family are going to end up the same as a lot of child actors. Maybe teens shouldn't be allowed to have sponsored social media content until they are 18?

  • Wow, she reminds me of Danielle Cohn alot. I hope her Mum isn't being forceful etc, I feel like she could be because she's her source of income? I really hope Piper is okay...

  • I don’t think kids doing ESmain should even be considered just for fun anymore. Kids and teens get popular and then have this huge weight on their shoulder, and even have to deal with people waiting for their failure. Sure with Tiktok you could argue that the kids are just following trendy dances and audios. *But with ESmain...* let’s just say we all know to keep views up you can’t just be in it for fun. If you want to keep your views high you have to be critical with what you post. And with their titles and thumbnails you know it’s not just for fun.

  • No child belongs in the internet, doesn't matter what! It doesn't mater if she got FORCED or not. Kids are kids, they should be kids. Playing outside and shit.

  • Pinks daughter is 10 and likely watches ESmain. I would guess that is how pink became aware of piper.

  • Why is no one talking about her domestic violence?

  • If I were Piper, I’d emancipate myself from this toxicity and pursue a fresh start elsewhere. I want her to be happy and be surrounded by folks who are caring, loving, joyful, and forgiving.

  • i heard a while ago about how it's natural for younger kids to always want to be seen as older. the generation we're watching now, and their parents seem to think that kids should be enabled and pushed into acting older than they are. being a child is so underrated and it seems people refuse to understand that at all :/

  • Her getting 3 years literally never and will never make any sense to me. There is def truth to woman being treated better in some instances. If you watch the documentary of the victims they literally stated she was often the main reason they trusted this process. Had she not been apart of this a lot of victims could’ve been spared this fate.

  • I feel betrayed :c I've been a fan for about 3 years.. ughh i loved his songs