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17:22About Creep Show Art
About Creep Show ArtVistas 934 milHace un día
11:11This school in Canada is grim
This school in Canada is grimVistas 84 milHace 7 días
11:10This TikTok is concerning
This TikTok is concerningVistas 205 milHace 14 días
10:34Lori Vallow unfit for trial?
Lori Vallow unfit for trial?Vistas 68 milHace 14 días
11:56Ofra Cosmetics...what is this?
Ofra Cosmetics...what is this?Vistas 68 milHace 14 días
11:27TikTok's top creators are blank slates
TikTok's top creators are blank slatesVistas 82 milHace 14 días
11:26Is this tiktoker cringe or genius?
Is this tiktoker cringe or genius?Vistas 96 milHace 21 un día
19:32We need to talk about Danny Masterson
We need to talk about Danny MastersonVistas 148 milHace 21 un día
11:49Chrissy Teigen is a bully
Chrissy Teigen is a bullyVistas 191 milHace 28 días
18:28The Sun & a hot take à la cosmo
The Sun & a hot take à la cosmoVistas 80 milHace un mes
12:54We need to talk about Jeff Wittek (part 2)
25:30There's more about Nikki & Dan Phillippi
14:55We need to talk about Jeff Wittek
We need to talk about Jeff WittekVistas 191 milHace un mes
16:34Nikki & Dan Phillippi and their dog
Nikki & Dan Phillippi and their dogVistas 189 milHace un mes
12:15A few things I wanna say
A few things I wanna sayVistas 128 milHace un mes
11:45Josh Duggar got caught
Josh Duggar got caughtVistas 220 milHace un mes
9:30We need to talk about Lil Tay
We need to talk about Lil TayVistas 95 milHace un mes
11:42Zac Efron is "ugly" now
Zac Efron is "ugly" nowVistas 142 milHace un mes
15:41YouTuber EDP445 caught on camera
YouTuber EDP445 caught on cameraVistas 145 milHace un mes
10:15Instagram for kids? I'm tired
Instagram for kids? I'm tiredVistas 95 milHace un mes
8:49#freebritney - a rant
#freebritney - a rantVistas 77 milHace un mes
9:25Weird Case #1: a priest and a typo
Weird Case #1: a priest and a typoVistas 84 milHace un mes
8:52Addison Rae compared to THE Britney Spears?
8:50Durte Dom's tiktok is...weird
Durte Dom's tiktok is...weirdVistas 117 milHace 2 meses
12:37Cosmopolitan's totally not toxic tips
Cosmopolitan's totally not toxic tipsVistas 119 milHace 2 meses
11:16The Khloe Kardashian picture circus
The Khloe Kardashian picture circusVistas 204 milHace 2 meses
10:46Romeo Lacoste is back...& doing "music"
Romeo Lacoste is back...& doing "music"Vistas 121 milHace 2 meses
26:25James Charles & "accountability"
James Charles & "accountability"Vistas 373 milHace 2 meses
9:53NFTs: the new cash grabs?
NFTs: the new cash grabs?Vistas 65 milHace 2 meses


  • Can someone tell me who creep show art is im new to this?

  • What

  • Bella is a genuinely cool person I don’t particularly like her online presence, but she didn’t really have much of a childhood which is why she is so childlike and strange online. You should look into her story

  • She seems to think she’s so smart. Like with her long ass explanations even though she’s saying a bunch of crap.

  • I'm so sorry to hear that you're going through this! 🖤

  • "Nobody deserves to hurt themselves" And nobody deserves to get fucking stalked and harassed for the better part of a decade but look where we are. :/

  • So Uncle Jeremiah was a MAP???

  • I just had my daughter in January; she was stillborn. My 4 other children still mention her daily so she’s very much still alive in our hearts. I kept her with me in the hospital for about 5 hours and took many pictures with her. I have a few displayed in my room. One is on my night stand next to her urn. It’s a feeling I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy to lose a child. But I know it makes people feel uneasy when mentioning a death of a baby if they’ve never experienced it themselves. I’ve only shared pictures with my closest relatives. I find them to be sacred. I wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing them with all of TikTok and making a TikTok while dancing would be the last thing on my mind but that’s just me.

  • She’s sucking up to the left, like she’s afraid of them.

  • I can’t believe she thinks there’s no medication for bpd 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ everything she says and does makes my blood boil

  • RE: The flowers- People who abuse you in a narcissistic way will keep you close but hurt you in ways that are almost not perceivable. By attacking you and pretending to be someone else, they can lower your self esteem, and trap you, it's like indoctrination. The worse you have it elsewhere, the more you are being attacked, the more of a 'friend' the abuser is. They 'love' you, but they just love your loyalty. She sent you flowers because she may have felt guilty on some level, but not guilty enough to stop. My ex used to do similar things. We were together and I found out that he used to go through and downvote my images through the site admin for the site I was on. He was like 'those votes are coming from your IP but not your machine'. People who do shit like this want you to hurt. They want you to feel bad and vulnerable, because it draws you closer to them. They may not even mean the things they say as long as they get what they want. It's clear she was doing that to a ton of people. It's the cycle of abuse. Love bombing and abuse, you just didn't know it was coming from her.

  • I never liked Creepshow for the beginning and I couldn't figure out why. I guess I know now.

  • VERY SIMILAR SITUATION INCOMING: When I stopped camming/cw (the site I was on) shut down, a guy who was an acquaintance on that site added me on FB, then a few members of his family did too. After a while I started to get a little weirded out because he kept saying things about dying, and I kept catching him in these random lies about his health that I was able to debunk immediately cause I have similar health issues in reality, and at that point, I'd had his 2 sisters add me, his ex girlfriend and another friend. I didn't know this, but a few other people I knew were talking to 'them' too. I started to get suspicious and noticed that all of the people that they had as friends were my circle of friends from the camsite. They didn't seem to know any other people on FB. I asked about this once and they said they kept their friends private. One of my friends even believed they were dating his sister, and they managed to get a free phone out of them even, but was only sending still 'selfies' of themselves. Basically, this same kind of thing happened, and this person pretended to be at least 4 people to contact me, and at one point his 'ex girlfriend' messaged me and told me that he passed away at the hospital, then I saw that all of the 'family' posted messages that he died, but what he didn't know is that I work for another site that he was on as a customer that tracks IPs and he was logged into his account days later after he'd supposedly died. His 'sisters' also used the same exact IP and phone to connect to their accounts on the same site. I didn't doxx him to anyone, but I did tell my friends to watch out, and by that time, he'd apparently been spending ALL of his time drumming up faux sympathy for him being sick. I told his 'family' to leave me and my friends alone and I didn't hear from him again, but this shit is infuriating. I'm a pretty kind person I think, overall, and there was no reason to lie to me, but I believe that people like this just enjoy manipulating others and they can't exist if they aren't causing drama or in someone else's thoughts or mouths. It's a serious disorder that needs years of intensive therapy. After having watched several of CSA's videos over the years and the first accusation, it clicked into place, cause I've known so many people like this who manipulate you into caring for them as friends and then they fuck with you. As far as Shanon saying someone spoofed her IP, if you are tracked by cookies, they have her dead to rights. You can tell by the computer they are using, the language the computer is in, the timezone it's set to, all of it. They'd have to be able to spoof her computer and location to the exact amount to not show up this way, and anyone who works with net stuff can tell you this. Some sites track all of those things for security and fraud prevention. On top of that, the language style matches her exactly. She's got this emotionally immature way of blurting things that makes her come across a lot younger than she is and all of those comments read like that.

  • The only big TikTok creators I like are KallMeKris and CelinaSpookyBoo. They’re unique and have talent

  • I’m sorry this happened and I was late

  • They recently found more children on the property of that residential school. Thank you for covering this.

  • Im so sorry that she did this to you. I don't understand why she would, i have watched a few of her videos and when she did mention you, she was always saying very positive she would say how cool she thought you were abd smart etc.. Its really crappy that she didn't just come to you privately and tell you she had some sort of issue with you and was upset for whatever reason. This is why i am not currently taking applications for any new friends.

  • Im sorry for u having to deal with this..

  • I always got weird vibes from her. She would complain about the most random stuff sometimes. I should have followed my instinct!

  • I'm so so glad people are coming out. I don't think Shannon/creep show art has addressed most/none of the allegations against her Shannon is MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM- *how do I say this in a relatively nice way* She's- Um- Not the best person... *from all of the EXPOSING CREEPSHOW ART or THE TRUTH ABOUT CREEP SHOW ART video I've seen so far*

  • When the text on the thumbnail isn't white, you know something's up.

  • Im so sorry this happened. Having a friend you are close with hurt you in such a personal way is so complicated and awful to go through. You handled the situation with a lot of maturity and i really respect you for it. I wish you a quick healing process

  • 💖

  • if you google creepshow art you can get a link to her channel since she’s hiding it. searching on youtube will not yield results for her channel/videos.

    • link:

  • ok i'm 6 mins and 2 comments in, IRL internet frenZ you share your drama with LOL you're gonna get stabbed in the back.

  • Why didn’t she just put some of her MLM essential oils on her husband …should’ve fixed him all up, right ? 🤦🏻‍♀️ If you choose not to vaccinate, I won’t debate it, just please give all workers in the medical field credit that we have to be vaccinated for everything’s, (many annually), in order to be/stay employed.

  • psychopaths' exist only because you believe it stop manifesting psychopaths' ffs

  • drama is cancer don't spread it.

  • Hey Glare, I just wanted to point out that this bitch has a pattern of "love bombing" (new term to me btw lol) her victims. So, the flowers she sent you were nothing but her trying to manipulate you and saying "Hey! If anything happens, JUST IN CASE It wasn't me! It wasn't true! I love you okay? Don't you ever doubt me!". And yeah, I'm so sorry that such a dirty trick happened to you :/

  • Fun fact:Ariana’s brother is gay

  • Can you please stop waffling on so much and get to the point!!!??? For the love of pepperoni 🤨

  • the ex husband need to be roasted for standing beside her and the one not to divorce her

  • 💚 🤗

  • I'm really sorry this happened to you but anyone can change. It's always better if it's for the better but it sounds like she became a worse person. I think the roses were sent as a cover up so that you wouldn't think she actually posted those things. I just watched Emilyartful's, what is essentially a documentary, video, and, considering she's done this to multiple people, she needs more help than I thought, which was a lot to begin with.

  • The stuff with this person has early to mid 2000's 4chan/deviant art/livejournal drama vibes. So weird that someone in 2021 would still be acting like that.

  • It was a mistake in judgement dude. At the end of the day we always want to believe in our friends if they say they didn’t do something you want to believe them cos you care about them. However when your presented with evidence of there wrong doings you can then correct your judgement. Dont beat yourself up about this dude you made a mistake in judgement happens to everyone it’s only human! The main thing is you learned from it Hope ur all good my dude love your content!

  • What is Ip spoofing? Sorry I'm kinda dumb when it comes to online lingo 😅

  • This happened in my friend group a few years ago - the person in question lied about speaking multiple languages, being a victim (of SA, of Gamergate, you name it) and about having MS. Behind closed doors she was abusive, extorted tens of thousands of dollars, and never had a job. The fallout was so so awful. I hope that you are able to find the space to recontextualize your memories of her and to heal from the hurt she caused to you and to others 🥺

  • i think the term trigger warning is my trigger. what kind of heads up am i supposed to get now? tf, i'm sensitive too, you know...

  • I heard somewhere on ESmain that he taught a class on how to apologize. Maybe it was a joke, but it showed a clip of him standing and speaking too a group of ppl all serious. Now that I think about it, it is funny, too. It was real...

  • I'm sorry this happened to you and Emily Artful. But how strong you both had been during this situation is inspiring!

  • Wtf was this recommended to me I have no care for ESmain make up tutorials

    • None the less stay strong and keep your head up. Work on your life afterwards and don’t dwell on the past. Try and make your future better

  • its so sad but the reason..... This is the social media generation.... i hope she gets help with her loss

  • Exactly, who needs that? If you can spoof IP, I would prefer this skill for something more lucrative than just hurt you. I believe she is bluffing.

  • I rarely watched her videos because she always had an off vibe, and I felt like she was always yelling at me when she would talk about issues. Her method was just sort of aggressive to me, and I felt bad for not liking her because everyone else seemed to really like her. I’m glad I’m not crazy and that my instincts weren’t wrong. She seemed toxic

  • I used to respect Shannon! But nope! Not anymore

  • I feel awful about creepshow.. new sub! I didnt know who you were before this, but im glad i found out about you! I hope you feel better ❤️

  • *sing this in the lost woods ocarina of time theme* Call the cops, call the cops, this is wrong. Help him out, send her to the chair.

  • Bitch what- at 11 i was playing with toys still

  • Unfortunately, this sort of thing seems to be normalized in Brazil.

  • Did u just say transphobia doesnt exist?

  • At this point I feel like no one in ESmain is safe to watch anymore. I guess gotta watch everyone with the reminder that they can be hiding a disgusting past that can be revealed anytime now. The world is such a crappy place.

  • I don't know anything about this drama and I don't wish to be involved why does youtube recommend me this things...

  • I'd just like to add that the point of trademarks is so people don't get confused between two entities, aside from the general protection of intellectual property.

  • I grew up in the prairie Lands of Alberta and our Social class covered Residential schools extensively for over seven years before we finally moved onto another topic. The younger generation in the country side is definitely getting the Indigenous history taught to them, but I’m unsure if it’s in the big cities yet. The atrocities are well known in most of the central provinces.

  • Nothing is worse than a friend you trust betraying you. I understand that completely. A girl I've known for over 10 years and considered a friend turned out to be fake. She was talking shit behind my back and only wanted me around for money, basically. Then after my father died she suddenly started hating me, I still don't know why. True friendship is really hard to find, but you have your fans who love you and support you. Not to mention your family. Keep your chin up! Sending you love.

  • Thank you for using your platform to cover this. There is only going to be more bodies found, and it's absolutely devastating.

  • Is that lazlo on her shirt?

  • If you can't take the 8mternet get off if the internet.

  • Thanks for the trigger warning! Srry can’t watch ur video these things do get me wanting to watch but I just can’t do still borns 😭

  • So sorry you’re going through this. You have our support and love. ❤️❤️

  • You are basically an angel and didn't deserve any of that foolishness. We love you!

  • I had my own experiences with CreepShow Art, and it wasn't good as well.

  • damn, i liked shannon's videos, and now i'm like... i don't even know. people say a lot of shit about me on those types of websites, and people who i thought were friends ended up believing them, which really hurts, but it's not compared to your situation. i think people should just stop doing channels where they talk about people and cause drama. i don't understand why people enjoy hurting innocent people. well, i'm most likely not going to watch her videos anymore...

  • I don't comment on many videos, but this one seems unfair... It's impossible to know why a grieving mother does what she does- and if you read through the comments below, you can educate yourself about different grieving processes and ways hospitals aid in allowing parents to get through such things- including allowing the parents time alone with the deceased child to hug, hold, bath, etc. If tiktok is sensoring the content, and she's not past the unhygienic point of holding her child (the "corpse" to some less-than-sympathetic commentors who care more about honesty than sympathy), then who's to decide how she memorializes that baby? Making it go viral gives this child a presence in the world that she couldn't have otherwise had. Is it kind of selfish? Sure, but the internet is inherently selfish and the news shows far more triggering topics to the general population than this mother did. With the additional step of tiktok censorship and the virility, as well as some introduction videos she made about her content, you'll have to actively choose to watch it knowing what you'll likely be seeing. She's not going against the rules, she's not intentionally harming anyone... she's memorializing her baby, and she's grieving. I hope those watching this, who see it as a problem, let it go and respect that this situation is, at worst, tragic and kind of cringy. At best- they realize it's beautiful if you genuinely just consider the idea of this mom finding a way to celebrate the existence of her child on a platform she enjoys, in a way that gives this kid a small bit of life outside of a name on a death certificate. I really, truly hope the backlash from drama channel judgement doesn't make an already painful grieving process even more unbearable for this poor family. Whatever her reasoning is- to assume she has any kind of mental issues and to assume this was some kind of cry for help seems ignorant without more information than a few sad tiktok videos. I don't know what I would do if it was my kid.

  • "Everyone except jake paul" jaclyn saying sus,tatis back and now that qote best day ever

  • I sleep

  • MAPs are the reason why aliens want to obliterate earth.

  • I had never heard of lolcow before this, I just checked it out. what a disgusting horrifying corner of the internet

  • I subscribe to creepshow thinking she was good and after seeing so many videos about what horrible stuff she did I unsubscribed and felt ashamed that I subbed to her. I'm so sorry that happened to you.

  • Okay you can tell and all of her videos that she's still actually at the hospital she may have held on to the videos and not posted them all at once but she obviously took them all while she was still at the hospital my aunt actually was having a baby for her sister who could not have kids because of some health issues when she was a teenager she couldn't but her sister could and her sister already had three kids of her own so she offered to carry a baby for her sister however at 8 months there was no heartbeat and at the time the doctors would not allow her to have the baby then they made her wait until she went into natural spontaneous labor and yeah needless to say she held her baby afterwards to say

  • If my lips were that thin, I would have put on a bold red lipstick. I'm looking, and I don't see any lips on your face. This is ridiculous.

    • No one wants big ol fish lips

    • Dude its her face

    • Why are you so mean to her? Really vapid to call out something superficial like someone's looks.

  • After everything that has come out about her and Emily, it’s clear to me that she invented the “Amy” character and story so that if she ever got backed into a corner she could “come out” and name Emily as “her stalker”. I’m so glad Emily beat her to the punch and told her story before that could happen.

  • After everything that has come out about her and Emily, it’s clear to me that she invented the “Amy” character and story so that if she ever got backed into a corner she could “come out” and name Emily as “her stalker”. I’m so glad Emily beat her to the punch and told her story before that could happen.

  • *it's crazy how manipulative a women can be* 😤😤

  • I can’t understand the pain and trauma that this mother experienced and she is within every right to grieve however she needs. With that being said, this feels extremely inappropriate to post on tik tok. I don’t feel like there’s any need to do this besides clout. She’s literally using the baby as a prop for videos…

  • Who’s Shannon?