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10:34I cannot believe Chris Chan
I cannot believe Chris ChanVistas 116 milHace un día
9:31We need to talk about Simone Biles
We need to talk about Simone BilesVistas 40 milHace un día
9:13I've realized something
I've realized somethingVistas 124 milHace un día
13:13This influencer agency is SCARY
This influencer agency is SCARYVistas 60 milHace un día
11:21This brand keeps stealing designs
This brand keeps stealing designsVistas 87 milHace 8 días
11:46We need to talk about Blizzard
We need to talk about BlizzardVistas 97 milHace 8 días
10:28Justice for Cameron Herrin? HUH?
Justice for Cameron Herrin? HUH?Vistas 120 milHace 8 días
9:06Disney and Nickelodeon stars exposed
Disney and Nickelodeon stars exposedVistas 113 milHace 15 días
9:29Chrissy Teigen makes people mad...again
Chrissy Teigen makes people mad...againVistas 103 milHace 15 días
10:38Millie Bobby Brown's "ex" exposed himself
18:33To the biggest coward I know
To the biggest coward I knowVistas 384 milHace 22 días
29:55James Charles is back
James Charles is backVistas 247 milHace 29 días
16:43Oli London comes out as transracial
Oli London comes out as transracialVistas 290 milHace un mes
11:47The Karen trailer   yikes
The Karen trailer yikesVistas 77 milHace un mes
1:43To the Devins family
To the Devins familyVistas 254 milHace un mes
9:58I found more weird communities
I found more weird communitiesVistas 183 milHace un mes
8:22We need to talk about Michael Costello
17:09Chrissy Teigen vs Michael Costello
Chrissy Teigen vs Michael CostelloVistas 127 milHace un mes
17:22About Creep Show Art
About Creep Show ArtVistas 1,3 MHace un mes
11:11This school in Canada is grim
This school in Canada is grimVistas 94 milHace un mes
11:10This TikTok is concerning
This TikTok is concerningVistas 249 milHace 2 meses
10:34Lori Vallow unfit for trial?
Lori Vallow unfit for trial?Vistas 72 milHace 2 meses
11:56Ofra Cosmetics...what is this?
Ofra Cosmetics...what is this?Vistas 74 milHace 2 meses
11:27TikTok's top creators are blank slates
11:26Is this tiktoker cringe or genius?
Is this tiktoker cringe or genius?Vistas 108 milHace 2 meses
19:32We need to talk about Danny Masterson
We need to talk about Danny MastersonVistas 177 milHace 2 meses
11:49Chrissy Teigen is a bully
Chrissy Teigen is a bullyVistas 198 milHace 2 meses
18:28The Sun & a hot take à la cosmo
The Sun & a hot take à la cosmoVistas 88 milHace 2 meses


  • I hope Barbara is safe and getting the proper care that she needs. And Chris admitted to it, so it’s not alleged



  • 500 to 2000 items/day is really scary

  • cringe

  • HE not she, you cant say one man identifying as a woman is any less of one than another, because none of them are. this is male violence, and you are spitting in the face of all women who have suffered male violence, the women locked with these males in prisons, and the women losing safety privacy, their identity in law and language, and all the harms that this misogyny in drag brings. i have watched awhile, but i cant support someone who supports the erasure of women, and the perpetuation of said violence to spare males gender feelings and sexual paraphilias.

  • This is normal in a black house or any house that does this Childrens skin are sensitive so it hurts like crap!

  • I noticed that she doesn´t look the same in different pictures, but i dont think she looks much younger than maybe 20 or something even in the shopped/ filtered pictures so i dont find it really alarming. Anyway still a very informative and well researched video of yours

  • So incest...🤢🤮 this is way too much.

  • I always wished Christine would get therapy. Now it’s just too late for that

  • This is really fucked up.

  • *he

  • People like this don’t deserve to have their pronouns respected please stop

  • guess he found himself a boyfriendfree girlfriend in the end. damn.

  • That's what she gets for supporting Jafar Starfish. That baby was ahead of her time periodt no choice but to stan 💅😻❤

  • Of the many stories that I've read thus far, how come no one asks them how they got their black eyes so like. Can I please use your phone? No you can't could you please tell me what you are and how the hell did you get them black eyes???

  • *please put an “Elderly Abuse” trigger warning here also. as someone who cares for the elderly, this feels especially disturbing*

  • Shows you dont know shit about the Manson case

  • My grandma had dementia. In the last few months of her life she could only remember my grandpa and dad. The thought of anyone doing what Chris chan did is disgusting

  • This man cannot respect his mother and probably other vulnerable women for that matter. I do not have to respect his pronouns.

  • The definition of insanity, according to Albert Einstein, is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

  • Oh i know quite a few priests that will give it to you.....oh you mean that kinda holy water...muh bad

  • Damn that wig is hot girl, you should come by and you can pretend to be stuck in the dryer sis -winks-

  • He was *spoiled* when it came to his treatment as he was out on bond. At least he got to have some time to come to terms with the fact that he's going away _temporarily_ . He was allowed to go to college and there are loads of pictures of him having a good old time with his family. Lilian and her Mother didn't get time to do all of those things and there is no "Release Date" on Death. I hope this sentence teaches other people that you *WILL* be locked away if you speed/race etc and anyone is hurt because of your foolish behavior.

  • If he really felt so in the right about it he wouldn’t need to write a rambling justification.

  • jUsT aSkInG qUeStIoNs

  • Wait are they drinking dirty wishing fountain water? Ew

  • I feel the same way currently, and really wish I can move in an area that makes me feel less anxiety. I wish I can move to the city I go to visit because there are more things to do in that area and the apartments are spacious enough to do my art and VA in. The longer I stay at home especially with family, the more I feel anxious and angry, as I told my therapist. I can't wait for this virus stop be gone, so I can get a job and start saving to get out soon.

  • I don't condone hitting your children in any way, but I'm not surprised or moved by this. Kids get beat at younger ages for less. That doesn't make this okay but it's not something monumental or outrageous either.

  • I’ve had a few teachers that I’ve had a crush on, but I never acted on it. I knew that they were in a position of power and that could turn into something malicious. Plus, they were older than me so…

  • How is this person interviewing this sick sociopath in such a calm and matter of fact way yet not be completely alarmed and repulsed?

  • Kind of curious about the mention of your time in China. You said it was toxic, and bad for your mental health. Did you experience any issues with racism towards you? I heard rumors that some people in china are really racist

  • Blaire White just posted a video on the same topic and I will leave the same comment here that I left on her video I work a full time job as a nurses assistant in a dementia unit. People with dementia CAN NOT CONSENT! This is rape.

  • I hope this man never sees the sunlight again. It also makes me wonder how often our elders are taken advantage of...

  • You clearly did no research, you absolute and total hack. I hate Chris Chan but I'm also disgusted by your minimal effort and your monetization of this tragedy. Unsubscribed. I hope others do the same.

  • they try so hard to erase us, its such a shame not even the police care. #nomorestolensisters

  • Animals can't speak! Animals can't consent!!!

  • Haven't seen the video yet and looking at the comments, I see I'm about to go deep down a dark journey

  • It’s actually Preety normal in some Asian countries. Like my mom would act like she’s trying to eat my genitals. But nothing sexual really. It’s a cultural difference. Anything culturally different happens, Americans : and I took that personally.

  • I've followed chris chan for years now and this news like physically hurt me i actually get like.. pain in my chest if i think about it too much...

  • I feel like people are naming things that have always existed just so they have a way to tweet about things 😂

  • she doesn’t have a nose piercing it’s fake she wants one tho

  • I followed Chris’s story for a bit a year or so ago, this is discussing. Part of me is shocked and part of me isn’t.

  • Thats fucking disgusting

  • That is a man, and people who insist on using female pronouns are deluding themselves

    • Be careful. They'll call you a transphobe for stating a basic fact.

    • Yup

  • I honestly wish someone stepped in way way before this. It doesn't feel real that sonichu comic dude became this. The boundaries and really most common knowledge has been lacking in Chan. If you watch even a few episodes of the Chris Chan documentary you can see the groundwork sadly. No defense for them, but just reflecting how sad the whole situation has been for many many years. The fact chan mentions fanfic is so so messed up but also is so on brand it's scary.

  • She is talking about how her husband never hit her g spot........her husband was your dad!!!!!!!!! This makes me sick to my stomach

  • The lovely multi gold metal winner Ms. Biles has nothing to prove to anyone. If she wants to prioritize her mental health over winning more gold metals, then let her. The people who are bad mouthing her probably couldn't walk across a balance beam without falling, and should really learn to stay in their lanes.

  • When you change your gender to have better access to prey on women then no that pos isn't a female. At this point not even male but a monster

  • idk the entire case surrounding chris chans gender identity but some of you are way too eager to misgender a trans person (even if you believe theyre faking it). pronouns are not something you get to take away just because someone did something horrible and unforgivable. U WOULD NOT DO THAT TO A CIS PERSON. WITH THAT BEING SAID people make this case way too much about her pronouns when we should be focusing on the case itself. what chris did was disgusting and horrible and its sickening that this happened. luckily she was arrested.

  • No.. someone with cognitive problems cannot consent. Period. Never.

  • thank you for sharing the stuff about your grandpa. that’s very personal and i feel like i understand dementia and the state Barbara may have been in. we appreciate that :)

  • Oh god its chris chan again//

  • been following chris chan and honestly i dont know how we didnt see this one coming. hes been beyond help for a long time

  • quick reminder that referring to chris-chan as a she not only fuels his delusions, but fuels his autogynephilia. you are supporting this man via your shoddy morals.

  • I had no clue who this person I wish I hadn't clicked on this video. Good lord.

  • Is this person trans?

  • does anybody know who was taking the interview?

  • Most grown adults don't know right from wrong lol. I would never hit my kid for a dumbass selfish reason.

  • Hot take.. the girl in the first story wasn’t the protagonist. When a story starts with “barely talked to” it usually means he was somewhat lead on and is leaving that out. she knew he was somewhat disturbed and could’ve gone about the whole situation way better. She probably was friends with the guy and tried to drop him when she wanted to become poplar. and the whole school being against her is a bit cliche.

  • We living in the worst possible timeline

  • Those "moments of clarity where she'd remember her childhood" Chris' mom was recalling childhood sexual abuse with her dad, and Chris was bringing it up as some sick kind of justification. Chris also allegedly admitted that Barb had said 'no' at least once, but then she 'came around'. I was watching the Deadwing Dork stream when this info came out, and I heard a lot more than I needed to.

  • I can't believe how many people this has reached. It's so wild to hear "scandals" instead of "sagas".

  • i believe a recent survey showed over 80% of men prefer women without tats, wish I could find the link

  • who was he talking to in the voicemail ??

  • So deplorable beyond words what Chris Chan has done. Absolutely disgusting.

  • We need an updated tattoo tour !!