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13:49The Claudia Conway situation gets worse
16:11We need to talk about Armie Hammer...yikes
21:09We NEED to talk about Claudia Conway
We NEED to talk about Claudia ConwayVistas 230 milHace 5 días
11:43Stephen Bear: Up for worst influencer awards
14:22A TikTok pick up artist...
A TikTok pick up artist...Vistas 123 milHace 14 días
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10:53Amber Heard & the missing charity donations
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13:13The messiest case
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13:46I'm not doing well
I'm not doing wellVistas 145 milHace un mes
13:47Infidelity is self care, apparently
Infidelity is self care, apparentlyVistas 120 milHace un mes
9:25Nathan Larson got caught
Nathan Larson got caughtVistas 110 milHace un mes
11:53Amber Heard is being paid to talk about DV
8:56Bella Thorne is back at it
Bella Thorne is back at itVistas 153 milHace un mes
12:13Criminal starts an OnlyFans
Criminal starts an OnlyFansVistas 199 milHace un mes
8:30A whirlwind romance...with a doll
A whirlwind romance...with a dollVistas 98 milHace un mes
10:30This streamer needs to be locked up
This streamer needs to be locked upVistas 164 milHace un mes
9:53Gabi Demartino looks EVEN worse
Gabi Demartino looks EVEN worseVistas 177 milHace un mes
11:29Zoe Laverne is still at it
Zoe Laverne is still at itVistas 202 milHace un mes
10:29Gabi Demartino made a "mistake"
Gabi Demartino made a "mistake"Vistas 216 milHace un mes
12:37Dolls Kill is back at it
Dolls Kill is back at itVistas 172 milHace un mes
8:29Lab owner forged test results
Lab owner forged test resultsVistas 140 milHace 2 meses
9:56A TikTok Contrarian
A TikTok ContrarianVistas 151 milHace 2 meses
11:52A double standard on social media
A double standard on social mediaVistas 104 milHace 2 meses
19:09From beauty guru to prophet
From beauty guru to prophetVistas 271 milHace 2 meses
18:15Concealed Case: The Delphi Mystery
Concealed Case: The Delphi MysteryVistas 160 milHace 2 meses
10:44This viral TikTok romanticizes a mess
This viral TikTok romanticizes a messVistas 259 milHace 2 meses
10:46The Hinterkaifeck mystery
The Hinterkaifeck mysteryVistas 94 milHace 2 meses
16:22An OG goth is in trouble
An OG goth is in troubleVistas 255 milHace 2 meses
11:02Yet another TikTok mess
Yet another TikTok messVistas 301 milHace 2 meses
9:17This influencer is upset with me
This influencer is upset with meVistas 252 milHace 2 meses
10:14One week in jail for this?
One week in jail for this?Vistas 122 milHace 3 meses
10:06The worst advice I've seen
The worst advice I've seenVistas 109 milHace 3 meses
11:20Toxic positivity, a rant
Toxic positivity, a rantVistas 129 milHace 3 meses
10:16The TikTok "couple"
The TikTok "couple"Vistas 187 milHace 3 meses
10:06A new trend on tiktok - "shifting"
A new trend on tiktok - "shifting"Vistas 179 milHace 3 meses
11:44A troubling 30 year experiment
A troubling 30 year experimentVistas 134 milHace 3 meses
10:11Two YTers that got in deep trouble
Two YTers that got in deep troubleVistas 205 milHace 3 meses
10:53We need to talk about Fashion Nova
We need to talk about Fashion NovaVistas 164 milHace 3 meses
14:05Clothes suited for the circus (very ugly)
13:27The YTer who clickbaited their SO's passing
10:09A satanic panic...again?
A satanic panic...again?Vistas 133 milHace 3 meses
14:17Purity Balls: unusual ceremonies
Purity Balls: unusual ceremoniesVistas 151 milHace 3 meses
12:37We need to talk about Jeffree Star
We need to talk about Jeffree StarVistas 296 milHace 3 meses
13:53"Don't date women who take medicine"
"Don't date women who take medicine"Vistas 175 milHace 4 meses
9:56Is this a sentence or a vacation?
Is this a sentence or a vacation?Vistas 140 milHace 3 meses
9:42This Danish TV show is...interesting
This Danish TV show is...interestingVistas 109 milHace 4 meses
15:31"Tattooed women shouldn't be dated"
"Tattooed women shouldn't be dated"Vistas 143 milHace 4 meses
9:40Another (f) teacher & student mess
Another (f) teacher & student messVistas 135 milHace 4 meses
10:35A follower unlike others...
A follower unlike others...Vistas 186 milHace 4 meses
12:27"Women can't be criminals"
"Women can't be criminals"Vistas 120 milHace 4 meses
15:36The weirdest apology online
The weirdest apology onlineVistas 223 milHace 4 meses
19:34Veil Lifted: The Circleville Letters
Veil Lifted: The Circleville LettersVistas 173 milHace 4 meses
12:55I watched 'Cuties"
I watched 'Cuties"Vistas 638 milHace 4 meses
19:05Stories about weirdos
Stories about weirdosVistas 282 milHace 4 meses
12:47This footage changed me
This footage changed meVistas 429 milHace 4 meses
14:42This TikTok "couple" is CRINGE
This TikTok "couple" is CRINGEVistas 248 milHace 4 meses
1:04:48Tana Mongeau's "apology" video
Tana Mongeau's "apology" videoVistas 238 milHace 4 meses
10:25This website is now down, but not for long
10:25This TikTok trend is...unbelievable
This TikTok trend is...unbelievableVistas 359 milHace 5 meses
9:41Things I've not told you
Things I've not told youVistas 210 milHace 5 meses
10:18Influencers get their power shut off lmao
16:12More terrible pick up artist    "advice"
More terrible pick up artist "advice"Vistas 216 milHace 5 meses
10:27The "Cuties" movie on Netflix...yikes
The "Cuties" movie on Netflix...yikesVistas 475 milHace 5 meses
9:29Things that should not exist in ~fashion~
8:32A couple who "helped" a stranger
A couple who "helped" a strangerVistas 187 milHace 5 meses
14:21This pick up artist advice is...a lot
This pick up artist advice is...a lotVistas 181 milHace 5 meses
19:25Starseed people are a thing?
Starseed people are a thing?Vistas 321 milHace 5 meses
12:00Troll Dolls...We need to talk
Troll Dolls...We need to talkVistas 276 milHace 5 meses
11:48Jake Paul is at it again
Jake Paul is at it againVistas 275 milHace 5 meses
10:10The Twitter policy that protects predators
19:20How to dress MODESTLY as a ~woman~
How to dress MODESTLY as a ~woman~Vistas 613 milHace 5 meses
11:54MORE supremely weird tiktoks
MORE supremely weird tiktoksVistas 225 milHace 6 meses
11:35A DISTURBING video was posted
A DISTURBING video was postedVistas 86 milHace 6 meses
13:38Cosmo teaches us to overthink
Cosmo teaches us to overthinkVistas 149 milHace 6 meses
11:53A community centered on eating to extremes
13:49These influencers...A rant
These influencers...A rantVistas 158 milHace 6 meses
10:16YET ANOTHER female teacher is a mess
YET ANOTHER female teacher is a messVistas 128 milHace 6 meses
7:57This man served  0.7% of his sentence
This man served 0.7% of his sentenceVistas 115 milHace 6 meses
12:06This CEO had 13,000 "files"
This CEO had 13,000 "files"Vistas 174 milHace 7 meses
9:32Dogs signaled in Joe Exotic's zoo...
Dogs signaled in Joe Exotic's zoo...Vistas 175 milHace 6 meses
10:16These fashion trends...yikes dude
These fashion trends...yikes dudeVistas 146 milHace 6 meses
10:45This app lead to an abandoned suitcase
This app lead to an abandoned suitcaseVistas 236 milHace 6 meses
10:13Another weird tiktok situation
Another weird tiktok situationVistas 343 milHace 6 meses
11:23A man waiting under her bed
A man waiting under her bedVistas 216 milHace 6 meses
10:03We need to talk about Lovely Peaches
We need to talk about Lovely PeachesVistas 255 milHace 6 meses
24:59Did this guy confess on TikTok?
Did this guy confess on TikTok?Vistas 493 milHace 6 meses
11:24There's a weird 'group' on Instagram
There's a weird 'group' on InstagramVistas 335 milHace 7 meses
16:05This TikTok fboy took it to a new level
This TikTok fboy took it to a new levelVistas 542 milHace 7 meses
13:32A case similar to the movie "Jennifer's Body"
12:31Great hacks that don't hurt my brain
Great hacks that don't hurt my brainVistas 165 milHace 7 meses


  • Oh. Ehm. Gee. This poor girl, I’ll take her

  • shout out to cps (who were called by an outside party because my dads behavior was so concerning) for sending an inexpirienced worker to my house, who then ignored everything my mom said about my dad, and left it at that. my mom then endured more physical/emotional abuse, and emotional in me and my brothers case, causing me to develop ptsd 😀

  • Could be that she did make those videos on her own accord to a degree, like she genuinely does want to handle it privately, but after she's been manipulated by her parents.

  • Whether she "doesn't want us to contact the authorities" or not (when she's clearly being forced, but whatever.), a child was exposed, child porn was shared. This needs to be investigated to the fullest extent, and whomever is responsible needs to be put in jail.

  • Her family is full of shit. I wouldn't be surprised if that third video was coerced.

  • She seems like she's either being forced to act normal and "tell the truth" Or she has been manipulated enough to come to this point.

  • I really appreciate the swift reporting on this story about Claudia. I really am concerned about her being in that household, and that Tik Tik she made about her leaving SM was definitely coerced, that or she was manipulated by her mom to feel sorry for her. I hope she gets to leave soon.

  • This is an abuse situation. I know first-hand how far money and influence can go in covering up and enabling awful behaviour. I'm so glad Claudia has someone like Giulia covering this situation. I hope she gets justice, or at least recognition and freedom. Be well, take care of yourselves 💙💜

  • "we fight like mothers and daughters" never have I EVER had my mom post (essentially) CP of me when we fight... no one's relationship is perfect but when you post videos of your mom verbally ab*sing you, people are going to make speculations.

  • I think that she's a young girl living in a pretty toxic situation but I really also believe that she has a bunch of emotional/mental issues(who doesn't right?) and she has a history of posting some pretty histrionic stuff(hence her mom leaving her job) so I really hope that there is some licensed therapist involved who has her back! Far too many of the people posting about this situation are using a very sad and possibly dangerous situation for clout and that's wrong, she is a young vulnerable human being and people need to keep that in mind. I'm curious why she doesn't go to live with her father is her mom is so insufferable......there is a whole bunch of crapola going on here that we aren't privy to it would seem so I'm not going to jump to any conclusions on way or the other but with that being said I actually hope that she does take a break from social media for her own sake because people have been real @ssholes to her in the past and although some genuine people are worried about her now more are just cruel tools using this situation to their own advantage.

  • those “statements” sound so so forced. i used to follow her on tik tok and she NEVER spoke well about her mother. she was the first one to expose her and call her out for anything. now the videos are deleted and claudia is saying that she loves her mom? no way.

  • I love her pink hair, I fucking need that

  • KA belongs in prison. What a monster to do that to her own daughter. Even if she was hacked, the verbal, emotional, and physical abuse is unacceptable! I hope karma slaps her hard.

  • that is not like mothers and daughters fight. She's been abused so long she thinks its her fault

  • She didn't call her mum which also shows she does have a relationship with her.

  • Bro she is 15 years old and this old as hag is harassing her own daughter is quite disgusting....I can relate to the verbal abuse that sometimes happen to me as well and I can say its quite distraught when you can't do anything....

  • ,,those videos of her are completely forced. they go against MONTHS of everything she's published and you can hear people in the background of the videos ,, i hope she's going to be okay

  • She does not at all seem like herself in that video of her saying she’s taking a break.

  • What if she took her mothers phone and posted that picture herself to get her mother in trouble? And now her mom is pissed for real and shit got serious enough for Claudia to finally succumb to her mother? Maybe her mom threatened to put her into a mental asylum or something? (Just a le wild theory?)

  • Unfortunately this didn't trigger me cause that's my life. I also records the conversations with my parents, but mainly for me - cause for most of my life I thought I was the crazy, exaggerated, one cause no one believed certain things actually happened/were said, including me, so listening to the records makes me at least know I'm not insane to think they are awful people who need help. My family also doesn't believe me, even now, at 32yo, but because they're abusive in their own ways themselves. Poor Claudia has to deal with all of that and her mother has a great amount of power so I can tell ya now, the situation won't get better. She'll need to leave her house, maybe her family. At most I'd recommend therapy. If only for her to have tools to protect her mind as much as possible from her mom and the rest of the family till she can leave the situation. And be very careful, verbal abuse CAN become something physical, cause the abusive person is not right in their head, so you never know what's gonna happen. Having a taser would be recommended. Hope she can leave her "mom" (having a kid come out of your vagina doesn't make you a mother) asap!. Bless Claudia, hopefully she can leave soon.

  • Was waiting for this one

  • Poor Claudia, Jesus

  • Love your vids and hair!

  • My thing is, Kellyanne Conway’s relationship to the Trump Presidency is pretty high ranking so naturally she would have some sensitive information in her correspondences to his people on her cell phone yet FOR SOME REASON hackers are only interested in a half nude photo of her underage daughter? Yeah okay.

  • Sorry but I just first have to say you look fucking magical in this hair 😍 Secondly, I love that you always talk about important shit society wants to pretend doesn't exist...

  • Also, kellly is a high ranking politician. She has to have some sort of compromising photos with information about herself or other politicians on her phone. Why would someone hacking her not post those or expose those? Someone hacking Kelly’s phone has the intention of exposing Kelly, not her daughter. If they wanted to expose the daughter they would’ve hacked Claudia’s phone instead.

  • giulia, on an unrelated note, your lace is showing

  • Guaranteed her mother told her, KEEP IT GOING AND IT'LL GET WORSE Cuz she probably has all her private photos and emails and everything.

  • Anyone else notice her long stares off camera like she is terrified?

  • Two things, first, my sister looks and acts like a meth addicted, crazy version of Kellyanne Conway to a scary degree. (Sister is a crazy, emaciated middle aged meth addict) that’s incidental though. Second, it occurs to me that Claudia can’t even run away from her abuse, as I did, many years ago, she can’t go live with friends, she can’t find a safe harbor. This is heart breaking. I hope they get counseling. That denial video sounds like already internalized abuse.

  • This poor girl. :(

  • Claudia honey blink twice if you need help holy shit

  • you don't have to forgive your abuser. your anger is justified, your pain is real.

  • i reported kelly anne to the child exploitation cyber tip line 🤷🏻

  • Someone help this poor little girl. It is NOT always better for kids to be with their parents, especially if they are like this girls parents. #justiceforclaudia

  • Another comment, that poor child Claudia does not know what normal mother and daughter relationships are like, it would be impossible with a narc mother like kellyanne. My mother and I never shouted at each other. Occasionally we might argue but not for long and we would apologize, this is not normal, Claudia is being severely abused.

  • Definitely not hacked. I know enough toxic mothers to know about their tactics. She was planning to blackmail Claudia with that picture. I'm so scared for this girl

  • this utterly bizarre that a mother would do this to her own daughter. wouldn't this hurt kellyann's reputation as well?

  • My heart is so sick for her

  • Comment for algorithm

  • A previous video "I will never leave social media willingly, no matter what I say it won't be of my accord." Recent video "I'm leaving social media..." So someone needs to get her and help her out.

  • We, the internet, got to get this girl out of there

  • so sketch. i still can't believe this all happened in front of everyone and no one in the position to help did a thing to help that poor girl.

  • This girl can't get away from her mom quick enough

  • not so fun fact- this video is shadowbanned. (according to the YT glitch Derek Van Schaik posted about)

  • not so fun fact- this video is shadowbanned. (according to the YT glitch Derek Van Schaik posted about)

  • Something to keep in mind is she looks off camera a lot in all of her videos. HOWEVER, in the videos we know 100% aren’t scripted her eyes do not dart around and she’s looking up to her right or slightly off camera. Peoples eyes both naturally go up to the right or straight when they’re thinking. The difference is in the videos saying she’s taking a break her eyes are a lot more erratic and darting around. She’s looking off to the side not up like she’s thinking of what to say. People also tend to look to their left when thinking of a lie which she does often. She keeps looking in the same spot off to her left or darting her eyes around. Something is not right, I feel so bad for her

  • i follow claudia on tiktok and i was watching as this was all going down and it’s insane

  • Run Claudia RUN

  • I really don't think she was alone when making those new tik toks. Not only was she tense and looking over, but if you look at her face talking in the recent ones vs when she gave the warning, its different. The warning one was more relaxed, she spoke clearly, etc. you can clearly tell she is alone and as comfortable as she can be given the situation. In this new one, its like she was stiff. She didn't want to make the wrong move. Even if someone was not in the room with her, she knew they were listening. I really hope she gets out of that house as safe as possible.

  • You can tell this is narcissistic parenting, when the young daughter is more “adult” than the mother.

  • my mother is very abusive... those first videos she posted (that were in your prior video) reminded me so much of my mother. I don't trust any of this... i hope everyone comes together to help this poor girl

  • Yet again, I hate this world

  • Arm & Hammer is a brand lol I just say the & in Spanish 😝😝😝

  • #kellyanneconwayforprison2021

  • I think truth is always more grim we don’t know even near enough what she went thru since child

  • When you have to repeat that "we love each other" and "this isn't forced" in a broadcast while looking around erratically I gotta say, that's suspicious.

  • Ppl need to learn to separate the person from their politics. Narcissists thrive off of being two-faced. In the public eye they're a perfect saint meanwhile the target od their abuse is labeled as a "trouble maker". It's sickening.

  • Hopefully she's able to get out. Seeing how powerful her parents are, her battle will be harder than most.

  • I believe the mother may not be a great person but... I also have a feeling claudia is most likely a chip off the old block... friends with tana? that girl is soooo not innocent🤣

  • The longer she is there, the more trauma will happen. Stay strong Claudia. This is going to be a challenging time. Gaslighting is terrible but gaslighting by such a powerful mama, sorry shouldn’t even say word mama. Emotional LEEACH , is so mindfucking.

  • I hate this world

  • This is so triggering. It reminds me of my relationship with my mother at her age. The only different is that my mom didn't have that much power. Yet, when I told her that I wanted to move out due to our arguments ( her abusive behavior) she said it was fine and I started the procedure. At the end, when I was almost free she manipulated me and the assistant. Me, by telling me she never really gave me permission because she didn't think I would go trough with it. Her 3 last video's sound like me trying to take back all my accusations. I imagine that I must have sounded like this to the social assistant. Now at 27, I wish that I had continued with the procedure or that someone would have stopped me but there is not much we can do than hope she doesn't get damaged too much and that she leaves quietly at 18. Unfortunately Narcists find a way to manipulate reality even your own perception, even with evidence.

  • kellyanne is a monster, that poor child. Another brilliant video, thank you so much for bringing awareness of this abuse. I am absolutely horrified. Claudia should be removed from kellyanne, poor child should not be exposed to that poison. Thank you for your courage in bringing up these difficult issues, I really appreciate it. God I am so disgusted.


  • Don’t stop talking about this stuff. When people stop talking, it gets swept under the rug.

  • She literally keeps glancing to the side. Thats very suspicious.... I’m almost 98% sure this was probably forced....

  • This is yet another example of why the whole American idea of law enforcement needs to be changed. People who actually know how to deal with these types of situations should be the ones responding to calls regarding potential child abuse. People who have education and experience on the subject. Not guys with more guns than sense - at least in this situation - who spout off terrible advice.

  • As someone that goes trough a really abusive "mother and daughter relationship" can understand where she's coimg from. First, a victim of abuse are AFRAID that things will only get worse if they call authority and others to invastigate or other things that will put their family in a hard position, and are afraid that they will only get more shit for it (from their abusers). At the same time they probably don't want anything bad to happen to their abusers as well, because even how horrible that person might be they still love them, but it comes from a place of fear as well. Although they have the wrong take on what "love" really means, because they don't know better, so the smallest act of "love" can change the victims whole mind and even wanting to "take back" their aligation they previously had on them... She dosen't know what's really for her good in the long run.. She aren't aware that what she really is living trough isn't "normal", like what a child really don't need! She might know at times when the mother starting her abuse, but as soon as things calms down a bit for the moment, they'll "forgive" them... Maybe something like that is going on.. Abusers are the master manipulators, so I don't doubt for a secod that the mother place a part in this. So no I don't think they are "forcing" her to say all this, but that there is an act of manipulation from the mothers part that makes her do this. I guess she rellay is tired of all this ,understandably, so she wants to take the "easiest" way out of it by kinda take back all she have said.. even if that means the abuse will continue. She might think its easier than try to end this all by doing whats really hard (which is to let her mother getting held accountable for her actions.) I hope you kinda get what I mean.. And sorry for "no perfect english" xD <3

  • Is this mother literally playing dirty politics...with her own child?! Because that's almost what it sounds like. Wtf is wrong with this woman? I know the child keeps saying she doesn't want any "drama" with her mom, but enough is enough. It's past time for her to now be in a safe, secure, loving home. I'm so very worried for her, and her mental health. I know it sounds mature, but this is so unfair ☹️

  • if this claudia situation leads to a murder i won't be surprised

  • This girl needs justice and help

  • Her daughter embarrassed her by posting her abuse online so she got her back by posting that trying to embarrass her back.

  • Even if she did get hacked, she’s still admitting to possession of CP

  • can i just say that i love your hair omgggg

  • Blood is thicker than water, but remember that water could be turned into blood.

  • I ABSOLUTELY think her mother shared the nude as revenge for Claudia outing the abuse. Despicable. 🤬

  • I haven’t finished the video, but the hair is 🔥 lol Julia is always so cute, it can be distracting to the actual story 😂

  • It would not surprise me if kellyanne sent her to one of those “troubled teen” abuse centers and people need to keep an eye on this

  • Off topic, but your hair is lit today.